Looking for a guide on how to get Maple in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Look no further! This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Maple, including her personality, catchphrase, and how to get her to move to your island.

Who is Maple?

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Maple is a jock villager, one of 39 different species. Her body is orange-brown, and she has white fur on her face and hands. Maple has blue eyes and a dimple on each cheek.

Maple loves to workout and cheer you up in the game, so it’s easy to forget she’s also a lazy villager who likes to lie about in her own house. She likes creating art as well as other creative pursuits such as baking cakes and designing outfits.

Maple is gregarious and sociable, but when things don’t go her way, she might become angry or frustrated. Maple is the ideal person for you if you want someone who will always be there for you.


Birthdays are significant in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Each maple villager has a unique birthdate, which is shown on their personal page. The birthdate of a villager determines how players may engage with them and learn more about them as your relationship grows. Furthermore, people who have the same birthdate may become closer friends as a consequence.

As part of the “birthday trade-in” activity, villagers may offer you a present or request things from you on their birthday. As a result, knowing a villager’s birthday is essential if you wish to create a connection with them and participate in these events.

Each maple villager’s birthday is covered in The Ultimate Animal Crossing: New Horizons Maple Villager Guide so that gamers may plan ahead and capitalize on these important events.

Maples Personality

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Maples is a jock squirrel villager. She has an extroverted and happy disposition and enjoys discussing various outdoor hobbies. Maples is quite proud of her physical condition and enjoys being active. She has a competitive streak when it comes to games or sports, but she always plays fairly.

Maples may be spotted conversing with other villagers about town, typically speaking loudly and excitedly. Maples is quite productive, particularly when it comes to yard labor. She is also an avid cook who can create a variety of meals using items available on the island. Even when the weather is bad, players may often see Maple on their island exploring or fishing.

With her cheery demeanor and enthusiastic zest for life, Maple may be seen inspiring other villagers in the village square area.

Maples House

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Maple lives in Maple’s home. Maple is a sluggish cat villager. Maple’s House is a charming, intimate single-story structure with earthy tones and basic furnishings. Inside, guests will discover a small bookcase, a sofa, and an armchair, among other pieces of furniture. While her house may seem to be a little plain at first look, she does have a few unusual pieces of furniture that hint to her personality. The enormous vase in the center of the room, for example, says that Maple adores flowers and plants.

Maple’s home also displays her passion for apparel creation. Her closet is filled with sketchbook drawings and bright fabric samples. Finally, Maple’s kitchen has three coffee machines to accommodate her caffeine addiction.

Overall, Maple’s residence is a diverse but pleasant sanctuary for both gamers and townspeople.

Facts About Maple

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Maple is a joyful villager. She has light pink hair with a bow and is dressed in a green gown. Her catchphrase is Maple Story, a reference to the famous video game Maple Story. Shopping and being trendy are two things Maple enjoys. She appreciates candid feedback and likes hearing what people think of her dress style. She’s always eager to assist a fellow villager, even if it means foregoing her own comfort.

In addition, Maple enjoys exploring and discovering new hobbies, as well as socializing with other villagers and spending time outside enjoying nature’s beauty. She enjoys taking part in local activities such as bug-catching competitions and fishing tournaments. Maple may also be spotted about town chatting to locals or singing karaoke with pals at The Roost Café.

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