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Some high rollers couldn’t help but miss the days when they could still spin the reels of a slot machine as many times as they wanted. Now that online casinos have become the platform of choice for gamers, video slots provide the same thrill as playing a traditional slot game.

Finding traditionally-designed online slots can be quite challenging, given that most providers release games that follow different themes. But once in a while, you will encounter a fruit-themed slot that will reawaken your longing for days past in a land-based casino. One such game is CherryPop Deluxe by AvatarUX.

General Overview

CherryPop Deluxe is the sequel to the original CherryPop online slot developed by AvatarUX. The Deluxe version was released on June 1, 2022, and features a mainly neon and pink color scheme. CherryPop Deluxe has 486 ways to win on five reels. However, the number of rows could expand depending on the winning combination.


CherryPop Deluxe keeps everything traditional when it comes to its symbols. They are all presented in a comic-esque way. There are no wilds and scatter symbols in this game, but here’s what you can see while playing:

Low-paying Symbols

The low-paying symbols in CherryPop Deluxe are the playing card symbols from 9 to A. These symbols are presented in different colors and fonts. The 9, 10, and J pays a maximum of 1.2 times your bet, while the K, Q, and A symbols pay up to 1.6 times your bet.

Special Symbols

The special symbols in this game are the icons that will remind you of a slot machine in most land-based casinos. Each symbol also has different payouts if you land five of them in a pay line. The watermelon and grapes, for example, payout up to 2.5 times your bet, while the cherry pays the highest five-of-a-kind reward at 15 times your bet.

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Special Features

What makes CherryPop Deluxe better than traditional slot machines are the special features that give you additional rewards. Take a look at each of them:


This feature makes your winning combination disappear from your reels and get replaced by new ones. After the winning symbols are gone, the reels with the winning combination will expand by a few rows both at the top and bottom to make way for more winning combinations.

Free Spins

This feature can be triggered by having your reels expand to up to six rows during the base game. More winning combinations will further expand your reels, up to nine rows high. Unlike the resetting of reels during the base game, the expanded reels do not revert to their original size before a free spin. If the reels expand to their maximum, two free spins are awarded.


This bonus is also available during the free spins round. The multiplier will be set at 2x but it can increase up to 4x if you manage to expand the reels for every free spin you get. An additional 4x multiplier will also be activated if the reels are fully expanded and you get another win.

Gamble Wheel

The Gamble Wheel contains different numbers of free spins which you can gamble for even more free spins and an increased number betways. Get up to 16 free spins by having the Gamble Wheel point to the Golden Field.


What is The RTP of CherryPop Deluxe?

CherryPop Deluxe has an RTP of 95.96% which is slightly lower than the average online slot. However, the game makes up for it by introducing features that give substantial rewards.

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What is The Volatility of CherryPop Deluxe?

CherryPop Deluxe has a medium to high volatility, meaning you have to spin the reels a few more times than usual before you finally land a winning combination. Once you have triggered the bonuses, your bankroll will significantly increase.

What are The Minimum and Maximum Betting Limits for CherryPop Deluxe?

If you are using fiat money, the minimum bet for CherryPop Deluxe is $0.20 while the maximum bet is $40. If you are playing in a crypto casino, the minimum bet for this game is 0.13 mBTC while the maximum bet is 0.25 mBTC.

CherryPop Deluxe is an online slot that’s simple enough to play. The bonuses aren’t that rare, either, making it better compared to some traditional slot machines. See for yourself what rewards await you in this game, and relive the excitement of seeing fruits and lucky clovers in a digital setting.

Humans are very complex beings, and their mood depends on many factors. For example, our mood can depend on the ambient temperature, colors, smells, sounds, and other things that affect our senses.

When making the wager, with high stakes, there is tension, concentration, and hope that there will be many winnings. Making a bet and waiting for its outcome is an incredible thrill.

One of the factors that are very important for gamblers is music. It can evoke lots of different emotions. Everyone has their favorite song and type of music. Music is supposed to bring gamblers to some mood level where their senses make them believe that everything they do is the right thing to do, to help them make decisions much quicker, and it must not disturb them in any way because it could spoil the feeling of comfort and safety.

And speaking of online casinos, in this era where they are becoming one of the most common sources of entertainment and fun, a great deal of attention has to be concentrated on background music, as it is supposed to be one of the essential elements that will lift gamers’ spirits up and help them make better decisions.

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How Music Affects The Game

Music influences our behavior a great deal. Sad songs can bring us down and then it is much harder to make decisions, betting ones included. The music is supposed to be a stimulating factor, not the one that will bring gamblers down. In online casinos the background music is supposed to positively impact players, for it has great power and influence on gamblers when they are making decisions. It should never affect the gamblers negatively, for it would discourage them in making decisions. So, as we can see it greatly influences the way people gamble. It will make gamblers gamble hard if the background music is heavy metal, for sound effects are strongly connected to the casino games gamblers choose.

Developers have a very important job to do, to choose the right music for a game, for it has to bring out the best emotions in gambles, so they continue playing the games they like so much. Additionally, it needs to make them keep coming back for more, due to the very positive experience that the music provided and the atmosphere it helped create.

The music does not necessarily need to have both vocals with lyrics and instruments; it is often possible to enjoy its singularity. Simple humming can do as much as can a guitar solo. But there are songs about gambling that can help make the atmosphere much better. They make gamblers feel at home whichever game they choose.

Songs like Elvis’s “Viva Las Vegas”, Lady Gaga’s “Poker face”, “The card cheat” by Clash, “The gambler” by Kenny Rogers, ABBA’s “The winner takes it all” can make gamers stay in game for as long as possible, and feel like winners. The right song can generate emotional response in milliseconds, and that is why it is very important to choose the best music for a casino. Music is supposed to make an impressive atmosphere and keep gamblers concentrated on the game.

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The Importance of Sound Effects

Online casinos have lots of excellent special features: visual effects – high quality graphics, nice interface, and of course they pay so much attention to music. These are the features that influence and improve the gaming experience. Amazing music themes together with visual effects are of the great importance to attract gamblers to the game

But there is another very important feature: sound effects. Upon entering a casino, it is good to have gentle and unassuming music playing. It is important to make it harder consequently, as the game culminates to make the player’s emotions culminate and push them more into the game, but they must not feel forced.

Sound effects of a win on slot machines are supposed to keep reminding them of how big their success is, and that it will become bigger and bigger the longer they play. Effects have to keep them concentrated on how much they wish to win and never leave the game, until they reach the top, and then make them confident that they can make even better success starting new games over and over.

Online gamers need to have the experience of a real casino hearing bells, chimes, booms as their wins get bigger, which will all increase their winning excitement. All these effects in online games are made to take you away from your armchair straight into a live casino to have the unique experience of hitting the reels in real life, with all the “noises” they make. These background effects are made to catch all gambler’s attention and concentration. They have to make them feel as a part of the living game.

Music’s Connection to a Casino

Music removes stress in our life, and it does the same while playing games. It also influences gamers’ decisions, making them quicker. It brings motivation, excitement and entertainment, creates a good atmosphere where the time stops and there are no worries. There are different kinds of music in different online casino games, which encourage different moods in gamers.

The music played will make gamers feel relaxed and encouraged to play more and more. And it is always very important to choose the right beat, rhythm and number that will be played with a certain game. Music in the background is of a great importance, for it adds positive tension and boosts the gamer’s mindset. It is supposed to entertain the gamers, as well as to add the flavor to betting, and make gamers want to play more, knowing that the winner takes it all.

Gaming keyboards are considered a necessity by many gamers. They provide the extra edge that can be the difference between winning and losing. Various gaming keyboards are available on the market, from budget-friendly models to high-end options. So, the question is, are gaming keyboards worth the investment?

Of course, yes. These keywords might be costlier than regular keyboards, but they have many features that enhance your gaming experience. Here are the few benefits of getting a gaming keyboard:

Increased Accuracy

Gaming keyboards are designed to provide gamers with maximum precision. They feature high-quality key switches that offer a fast and responsive keystroke. This means you can execute your commands more accurately, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

The Anti-ghosting and N-key rollover features are also often found in gaming keyboards. These technologies prevent keystrokes from being lost, ensuring that the game registers all your commands.

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Enhanced Durability

Gaming keyboards are built to withstand the rigors of intense gaming sessions. They feature durable construction that can withstand the wear and tear of constant use. This means you won’t have to replace your keyboard often, saving you money in the long run.

Customizable Options

Many gaming keyboards come with a variety of customization options. This means that you can tailor the to your specific gaming needs. For example, you can program certain keys to perform specific in-game actions. This can give you a significant advantage over your opponents.

Improved Ergonomics

Most gaming keyboards feature an ergonomic design that helps to reduce fatigue during long gaming sessions. This means that you can play for more extended periods without experiencing discomfort. Their design has a distinctive feature set that improves your gameplay.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Gaming keyboards often feature unique and eye-catching designs. This can help to give your gaming setup a more professional look. In addition, some keyboards come with LED lights under the keys that can create a calm, gaming-themed ambiance.

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 What to Consider When Buying a Gaming Keyboard

If you’re considering buying a gaming keyboard, getting the right one will ensure you get the best outcome. Here are a few things to remember to ensure you buy the best model for your needs.

 1. Price

As with any purchase, the price is vital when buying a gaming keyboard. There are a variety of options available at different price points. Therefore, it’s crucial to find a keyboard that fits your budget. However, it’s also essential to remember that cheaper models may not offer the same level of quality as more expensive models.

 2. Features

When choosing a gaming keyboard, it’s essential to consider the features that are important to you. Some keyboards come with various customization options, while others focus on providing a straightforward gaming experience. Finding a keyboard that offers the right balance of features for your needs is necessary.

3. Compatibility

It’s vital to ensure that the gaming keyboard you choose is compatible with your computer. Most gaming keyboards use USB connections, so checking that your computer has a USB port before making your purchase is critical.


There are many different brands of gaming keyboards available on the market. Therefore, it’s vital to research to find a brand you can trust. There are a few things to look for when researching brands, such as customer reviews and warranty information.


Once you’ve narrowed your options, you must read reviews of the gaming keyboards you’re considering. This can help you get a better idea of the quality of the keyboard and whether or not it’s right for you.


Gaming keyboards are superior to standard keyboards in many ways. They offer increased accuracy, durability, and customization options. They also tend to be more comfortable to use and can enhance the aesthetics of your gaming setup. If you’re looking for a keyboard that can take your gaming to the next level, then a gaming keyboard is worth the investment.

Space-themed video games are a popular genre among gamers. They offer players the chance to explore the vastness of space, battle aliens, and travel to different worlds.

In this blog post, we will look at some of the best space-themed video games available today.

Mass Effect

Mass Effect is an action role-playing game that lets players explore a vast and detailed universe while completing missions and engaging in combat.

The story is captivating, and the gameplay is very smooth. Therefore, Mass Effect is highly recommended to any gaming fan looking for a tremendous space-themed adventure

Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars is another excellent space-themed video game perfect for fans of the Star Wars franchise. Star Wars has impressive graphics and allows players to battle it out in iconic locations from films like Hoth and Endor.

It lets you take control of some of your favorite Star Wars ships and fight in epic battles across the galaxy.

Elite Dangerous

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Elite Dangerous is one of the most comprehensive games available today that allows players to experience the dangerous and exciting life of a pilot. Players can choose their path in the game and become either a trader, explorer, or bounty hunter.

Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program is a space flight simulator praised for its realism and attention to detail. Players must build and fly their spacecraft to explore the Kerbal solar system in the game.

Many challenges exist to overcome, such as building a stable orbit around Kerbin or landing on an alien world. Therefore, it helps in boosting the players’ engineering skills.

The game is also highly moddable such that it contains a large amount of community-created content to keep players entertained for hours on end.

Universe Sandbox

Universe Sandbox is a space simulator that allows players to create and destroy planets, stars, and galaxies. It is an incredibly detailed and complex game that will appeal to gamers who enjoy strategy and simulation games.

Universe Sandbox is also one of the scientifically accurate space games. Therefore, it may also enable you to learn more about astronomy and physics, and it is just a lot of fun to play.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is also a space exploration game and it is one of the games featured in this Vietnamese Article we found. In the game, which was released in 2016, players take control of a character tasked with exploring the universe and cataloging the planets and creatures they encounter.

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The game features procedurally generated worlds, meaning that each planet is unique, and players never know what they will find next.


Space-themed video games allow players to explore the universe and battle aliens in exciting ways. Many different space games are available today, each with unique features and gameplay.

Whether you want to fight in iconic Star Wars battles, build and fly your spacecraft, or destroy planets and galaxies, there is a space game for you.

Pay N Play is the latest and the most popular technology innovation established by Trustly in the online gaming industry. It allows for all-in-one and quick deposits and withdrawals without following the tiresome verification and sign-up process. This service is quick, safe, and secure, and it’s the right way of funding your casino account and starting gaming immediately.

Therefore, choosing a safe Pay N Play casino is imperative to ensure that you don’t lose your money. Given that this method has become popular amongst Finnish players, you need to consider various factors when choosing it as the safest online gaming platform. Some of the fundamental aspects include:


Reputation is one of the most fundamental factors that players need to consider. Most online casinos have defrauded their clients of their cash, and this is a common practice. So, this is the main reason it’s critical to check the online casino’s reputation before depositing your money.

The perfect way of examining the PnP casino is by reading other players’ reviews. The internet provides a reliable platform where dissatisfied customers can air their honest opinions. Therefore, if you conduct your research, you can get a safe online casino quickly.

Free Play and Bonuses

Many Pay N Play casinos have a lot of free plays and bonuses for both esteemed customers and new players. They attract new customers through these welcome packages comprising the most incredible rewards and fantastic deals. Therefore, it is vital to check how various Pay N Play gaming platforms offer their bonuses before selecting one.

Some casinos offer bonuses and free spins depending on the deposit amount, while others provide bonuses making no deposit. The latter is quite helpful because it gives amateur players to play a few games without the risk of losing their money.

In addition, some online casinos might give their players cashback offers as incentives. They set aside some betting money to gift players in case of loss. Before you choose a safe Pay N Play online casino, ensure that you read and understand the terms and conditions of free plays and bonuses to help you This might enable you to know if they are suitable or not.

What Do you want?

Most Pay N Play casinos vary from customer service provision and site. The differences are highly significant, and also confusing. But if you want to know how to choose the safe Pay N Play casino, you need to think about what you want in the end.

First, what do you hope to benefit from gambling online? It depends on the player that you are, either seasonal or habitual player. If you are a regular gambler, then this type of online casino is best for you.

Second, what are the type of bonuses that you need to sort after? This depends on the games you play, which comes with either non-deposit or cashback bonuses. Once you know what you want, you’ll be able to choose the safe online casino effortlessly.

Does your Country of Residence Accept Pay N Play Casino Players?

The gaming industry considers Pay N Play websites the latest technology since its invention a few years back. However, very few countries can access them, while others might not license the operation of online casinos because of some obvious reasons. Therefore, if your country of residence restricts online casinos sites, do a thorough background check on the site to ensure it permits gaming transactions.

If you do so, you can avoid gaming issues while claiming your winnings. Some Pay N Play casinos might ask you to confirm your country of residence and verify your identity to prevent money laundering and scam.

It is essential to ask the online casino customer care support whether they accept players from other countries. Enquire if you can make deposits and withdrawals without unnecessary restrictions to avoid losing your money. Doing this can enable you to choose the safe Pay N Play casino.

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Bottom Line!

We hope that you have incredible ideas of what you need to consider while choosing the safe Pay N Play gaming website. It is essential to spend some time conducting your research to avoid the worst. You might wonder why we are not dwelling on security as one of the fundamental factors to consider.

Although you need to be extremely careful while sharing your private information with the internet, Pay N Play limits such information; you only need to use the ID card information. Enjoy your online casino experience and good luck!

No one will deny the fact that people adore video and gambling games, but in most cases, while giving preference to more complex and interesting. Now it is time to understand this behavior.

The Cuphead and Dark Souls fans are familiar with the feeling when we are bored with the game, but still can’t tear ourselves away from it. So everyday things and everyday problems are pushed to the background, because today you have to destroy virtual enemies by all available means. Many gamers cannot give a clear answer and explain why they continue to play at a time when the game annoys you already. Such behavior is also observed in fans of most popular pokies online and other gambling games, who decide to do 10 more spins and stop, but stay longer and longer. Examples of such situations can be observed at quality casino websites.

Best quality casinos in Australia

So why it happens, why people like “torturing themselves “? Let’s find out!

The Experiment With Twins

Scientists from a London college are thinking seriously about this topic and therefore decided to conduct their own experiment. For the purpose of experiment, they’ve invited 8 thousand twins aged 16 years. During the study, experts tried to identify their interest in media content. We are talking about games (computer and gambling as well), movies, news, shows. The results showed that the “complete twins” preferred to watch the same content regardless of its quality or volume. The “non-complete twins” differed in their preferences. The environment of the two groups remained unchanged during the experiment.

Based on these results, it is worth to conclude that the addiction to computer games is inherent in humans at the genetic level. Besides, experts are of opinion that our hobbies are formed by genetics at 1/3 and imposed by society at 2/3. However, in this case, there is freedom of choice, and everyone decides for himself what to choose. Therefore, the human factor also matters.

Degree of Complexity

The developers of complex multilevel entertainment may not be as generous as the gamers thought. A prime example is the Dark Souls video game, in which you have a chance to defeat a horde of evil spirits, but then you have to face another two-story villain. It’s worth admitting that Dark Souls has a distinctive gameplay design, and the degree of difficulty builds up each new battle.

Difficulty in video games has also been assessed by conducting a separate study. Researchers proved that if the gameplay is too easy, the user will turn off the game after 20 minutes.

Why People Like Complex Games

If we talk about gambling, then, for example, in video slots (pokies) the presence of several levels is also not uncommon. When user gets certain combinations, he is transferred to a new location where the action takes place with new effects and types of rewards. All this attracts attention and makes the player to stay in the game for a longer time.

Generally speaking, the developers are doing everything to make the complexity appealing to users. It is in their interest to keep players in game as long as possible.

Social Phenomenon

“Demonstrative consumption” is another phenomenon that is taking hold in our society. It is about a person becoming the owner of something of value that other people cannot afford. Thus, his level of self-esteem and ego skyrockets. Exactly the same situation happens with videogames and gambling.

The gamer understands that if he defeats his opponent in a fair fight, he will become the owner of a valuable prize. As a result, the desire to possess something plays a significant role.

A Real Adventure

When taking part in video and gambling games there is a sense of real adventure, but in a virtual world. Dark Souls is a convincing example of the fact that the developers do not indulge the participants. It is about the fact that the central character is vulnerable and mortal. He will have to learn how to defend himself because numerous enemies attack from the front and back.

Discovered secrets and clues are sure to be the result of a long and tedious search. Thus, the gamer will already begin to believe that he is participating in a real adventure while at the computer. All these factors consume players and gamblers alike. So, gambling and video games can become not only a hobby but also an obsession.

Digital content creation is an incredibly lucrative activity. Many business sectors are gradually moving into the web segment. The presence of high-quality programs is a prerequisite for the full-value work of internet projects.

The appearance of the first gambling software (a decent Gaminator3 system, for example) was a real breakthrough in the global entertainment industry. The Gaminator team has prepared some interesting facts about content development for the gambling sphere.

The Main Characteristics of High-Quality Software

Good entertainment content is marked by the following features:

Impeccable Visualisation

Graphics quality has improved significantly over the past few years. Modern machines are characterized by the high brightness and dynamism of images.

An obligatory element of any entertainment is the presence of animation effects. They make any game more vivid and exciting.

The design of slot symbols also deserves special attention. Providers try to create vibrant, memorable images. Gamblers recognize their favorite characters and want to interact with them on the playing field.

Appropriate Musical Accompaniment

The interesting audio design makes the gameplay more exciting and enticing. Background sound should not be too distracting. At the same time, it does not have to be boring. Musical accompaniment should correspond to the general style and theme of a game.

Cross-Platform Work

Modern entertainment software can be easily run on almost every device:

  • PCs and laptops;
  • smartphones;
  • tablets;
  • smart TVs, and other gadgets.

This feature allows gamblers to access their favorite entertainment solutions anywhere and anytime. Most games do not require pre-installation. They can be launched in a browser. However, many users prefer mobile apps. They have more advanced functionality than browser-based solutions.

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Innovative Content Formats

Developers are constantly experimenting with different technologies. The most relevant niches today are as follows:

  • VR and AR gaming;
  • social casinos;
  • gambling chatbots;
  • real dealer content.

Let us consider these popular formats in more detail.

VR and AR Software

To achieve maximum realism of the image and sound, creators use the latest developments. VR and AR games impress users with their unforgettable atmosphere. Such software allows players to find themselves in the famous gaming halls of Las Vegas, Monaco, Macau, and other world centers of the gambling niche in a matter of minutes.

Customers can become participants in poker tournaments and play roulette or spin slots. It is noteworthy that this format is not available to a very large number of users yet due to the high cost of VR equipment. However, more affordable options are constantly appearing on the market.

Social Projects

The main goal of such start-ups is to attract a new audience. Most of the services provided by these sites are free. Fees may apply for additional features: extra spins, game points, secret options, etc.

Free entertainment attracts the attention of gamblers who do not want to risk their finances. Bets are made in virtual currency. Such gaming solutions are allowed in many jurisdictions, prohibiting real money activities.

Chatbots in Instant Messengers

The fast pace of modern life has made instant messaging applications very popular. Casinos integrated into such programs let players place bets without installing any extra software. Registration and replenishment of gaming accounts in these online projects are carried out in a few clicks.

From the point of the operators’ view, the purchase of such software is a more economical solution than the development of a full-value web resource. Besides, the creation of an instant messenger start-up takes a minimum of time.

Live Games

This niche of software development deserves special attention. It has been in high demand for a long time. However, it has become very popular around the world after the pandemic. Professional croupiers, stylish furniture, and high-quality online broadcasts perfectly recreate the atmosphere of real establishments.

Honesty and transparency of the gaming process are controlled by:

  • simultaneous shooting from different angles;
  • reliable protection against fraud;
  • multi-level player authentication.
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The Main Things about Digital Content Development for the Entertainment Field

The creation of gaming programs is a promising and profitable niche. The demand for gambling applications has not ceased to grow over the past two decades.

Developers are constantly improving their technologies to make new programs more convenient for players. In addition, content designers are continuously working on enhancing the gaming experience.

Here are some of the most relevant branches of modern casino software creation:

  • chatbots for instant messengers;
  • social casino projects;
  • VR and AR gambling software;
  • games with real dealers.

If you are planning to organize and launch a profitable online business, we recommend you pay attention to the above niches. A reliable provider will help you open an entertainment start-up as soon as possible. The payback of projects created in these popular formats is impressive. You can return the invested funds to the full within 3–6 months after the start of your business.

Crypto, NFTs, and blockchain are all the rage these days and have made their way into a number of industries, including the multi-billion dollar gaming industry. And if you’ve read the latest crypto gaming news, you must have come across news of people making a substantial amount by playing crypto games. And there’s a reason for that.

There’s a lot going on around crypto games. They not only offer a unique experience, but they also provide players a chance to make money and even give certain games a chance to stand out from the traditional games in the market. But what is crypto gaming really? And how do you get started? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Crypto Gaming?

If you’ve ever played video games, regardless of the console you’ve played them on, you know that each game comes with the option of buying in-game items for real money. These items can be a number of different things, like a premium pack of cards in a card-based game, a collectible, a unique skin for your character, or a highly effective weapon in MOBA games.

Crypto games are not too different. These are built on blockchain and allow you to level up, buy items, and get access to premium things by using cryptocurrency. Some games involve NFTs too.

However, some things put crypto games ahead of traditional games. To understand that, you first need to understand the issues with traditional games.

First, if a traditional game developer shuts down its servers, you will end up losing all the things you ever bought. And even though you paid for the premium items you own, they’re never truly yours; they’re still the property of the developers.

Second, any amount that you invest in the money doesn’t really have any value outside the game. On the contrary, crypto games follow a play-to-earn model, which is where you, well, play to earn NFTs or cryptocurrencies.

Some games even allow you to earn rare items that you can sell outside the game in exchange for crypto or NFTs, like a unique player in a basketball game.

What’s great about NFTs is that they function as assets with real value that don’t just involve bragging rights like with an in-game accomplishment in traditional games. Plus, you can use these NFTs on other platforms of your choice.

What’s so Good About Crypto Gaming?

The biggest and most attractive thing about crypto games is that they give users a chance to earn NFTs and cryptocurrency. And you don’t need to be a very skilled player to earn something.

Even beginners can do it. Players then have the option to sell the crypto they earn for fiat money or just store them in a crypto wallet. Other benefits of crypto games include:

You Can Own and Transfer Assets

Players now have the option to own whatever they’ve earned in a game. Previously, players did earn digital rewards, but they always belonged to the publisher. Plus, whatever you earn, whether that’s NFTs or crypto, is transferable.

This means that you can’t use them just in the game you’ve earned them in; you can use them on other platforms of your choice, too.

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For gamers, this means that the time they invest in gaming just got a lot more valuable. Plus, it opens up a lot of opportunities and completely changes the way people play games.

Ideal for Casual Gamers

Earning some bucks via gaming isn’t anything new. A lot of people have been doing so for a while now by going professional or by streaming. However, crypto games give casual gamers a chance to earn real money while relaxing after a tiring day at work.

Presents a Whole New Avenue for Gaming Studios

One of the most exciting things about crypto games is what they mean for the future of the gaming industry. While there are plenty of big gaming studios making traditional games, new indie studios have popped up that focus on crypto games. However, big studios (like Ubisoft) and AAA companies have also started to turn their attention to crypto games.  

Risks & Disadvantages of Crypto Games

Despite the attractive play-to-earn model and the unique opportunities that crypto games present, there are some risks we cannot overlook.

For instance, you need to invest a good amount of money to get started in some games. Some of the most popular games have access barriers, and you must have some game-specific cryptocurrency to be able to play.

In addition to that, attaching currency to the gameplay also affects the game’s health. For instance, you might remember when gold farming in some traditional games was replaced by companies selling gold. In terms of crypto games, there’s a high chance that competitive titles can end up becoming pay-to-win games, taking away the fun of gaming.

There’s also the risk of scams, especially since crypto games are not as regulated as traditional games. These games involve NFTs and cryptocurrency with high monetary value, and even a small scam can cost a lot of people their money.

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And finally, crypto is volatile, which means that its value keeps fluctuating. This means that the cryptocurrency or NFTs you own can quickly devalue. And it doesn’t take long – take Terra LUNA, for example, which crashed all of a sudden.

Getting Started With Crypto Games

To get started with crypto games, you first need to find a game you’re interested in. New games are released all the time; you just need to find one whose gameplay you like.

Once you decide on a game, find out the crypto wallet that it accepts. After all, you need a place to store the coins you earn from the game. Keep in mind that not all wallets work for all games, so make sure you research thoroughly.

Next, put the right currency in it. Some games involve unique coins while others don’t. Once again, you will have to do your research about the kind of coins the game requires.

Finally, make sure you fulfill all other prerequisites. This can be anything ranging from making an account to having a minimum number of coins. Once you fulfill all these steps, you’re all set to start playing!

Dice is one of the objects made synonymous with gambling, although it is a common item for all types of board games. What made this toy ideal for games of luck is how random a six-sided die can be, especially if rolled in pairs or three pieces. Thus, there are plenty of dice games at online casinos available for all types of gamblers.

Each of the games below uses dice in similar ways, so your understanding of one set of rules can help you adapt to another. However, a few nuances set them apart and attract different types of players as a result. Here is what you need to know about each dice game that you can play at online casinos:


The game ‘craps’ is one of the most complexes of the three games on this list, given its structure as a social party game. For the online version, you don’t need to learn how to shoot dice, as this role will always be played by the dealer.

You just need to know that there are two rolls in a game of craps. The first lets you bet on a pass line that wins if it rolls 7 or 11 and loses if it hits 2, 3, or 12. If the results are between 4-10, excluding 7, then it repeats the roll. Come bet follows the same rules as the pass line bet acting as a separate wager, allowing you to win twice in the same roll.

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Sic Bo

The game Sic Bo is a lot simpler than craps, and it is more similar to roulettes. There are three dice rolled each turn, with outcomes ranging from 3 to 18. However, the biggest bets only count 4-17 in range bets, keeping 3 and 18 as the game’s house edge. You can bet on two-number combinations, three number totals, and small (4-10) or big (11-17) bets per turn.

The most popular bet unique to Sic Bo is single number bets. This lets you place a wager between one of a dice’s six sides, and you get paid 1:1. However, this bet can be multiplied by how many dice showed that side, so the same ante can be paid either 2x or 3x per turn.

Lightning Dice

While Sic Bo gives you range bets, Lightning Dice only lets you place wagers on specific sums of all three dice rolled per turn. Your options range from 3 to 18 with varying probabilities and payout. Sums 3 and 18 have a probability of 0.5%, making them the least likely ones to hit, but it also has the highest payout of up to 1000x.

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The lowest payout is already as high as 5x from sums of 10 and 11, with a 12.5% chance of hitting.

What’s more exciting in Lightning Dice is the random prize multiplier applied to several options at a time. These bonuses can boost your winnings between 5x to 1000x more on top of your expected winnings. On top of not requiring its players to learn how to shoot dice, it is also one of the most volatile games you can play right now to win real cash.


In recent times, we have seen the world of video gaming and gambling becoming more intertwined like never before. Although the inter-relation has been in existence for quite some time, video games now are increasingly getting into the mix of using gambling-related systems.

In addition, the gambling industry has begun to adopt livid examples of developmental gaming software into their craft, tailoring them to fit the purposes of gambling and suiting the tastes of all gamblers.


In this article, we shall discuss three ways the video gaming and gambling industries have become intertwined. The first way to be considered would be ‘esports betting’ as the gambling industry is becoming more and more revolutionized to take bets on esports games.

The second aspect is in terms of ‘fantasy sports’ with gambling platforms adopting related sport managerial themed video games to play to win real money.

Finally, the third case would be the use of ‘live streaming’ features to squeeze money out of the pockets of viewers of broadcasted live video games.

These cases show how gambling platforms try to be more expressive by utilizing video game ideas and the video game industry trying to make more profits by employing some practical gambling tactics.


The esports world has been wholly professionalized, with players or teams competing in competitions to win certain real money prizes. The winning prize pool can be worth more than a million US dollars. The most popular competitions would include League of Legends, Dota II, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, StarCraft II, Super Smash Brothers Melee, and Hearthstone, among others.

However, with the expansion in the esports gaming industry, a window of opportunity was made open to the gambling industry to explore by creating odds on esports events, bringing in more revenue into the industry.

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Several betting markets are available in the esports betting industry, and gamblers can stake on more specific events such as ‘what player would die next’ or ‘what player would run out of lives first.’

Likewise, the video gaming industry has adopted certain gambling tricks to bring in more revenue, such as the ‘wheel of rewards’ and ‘loot boxes,’ whereby players buy certain reward boxes containing unknown items with real money.


This avenue was made possible for gambling platforms in the states due to a loophole in the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) banning online poker sites in the US back in 2011. Fantasy sports platforms have individuals set up a team of athletes of their choice, with players winning or losing money based on the performances of these athletes in upcoming events.

However, this tactic to bring in more revenue is based on certain sports managerial video games that have been in existence for quite some time now.


The live streaming feature is commonly used in the video game and gambling industries. Nowadays, hundreds of video game players film themselves playing games to a specific live audience on common live-streaming platforms like youtube and twitchTV.

Some individuals use these platforms to incur several thousands of dollars and may even get generous donations from specific individuals viewing their content.

Likewise, live streaming gambling events are now possible in the gambling sector. For instance, some real money online casino Canada platforms now broadcast live games of pokers for hundreds to thousands of online watchers. Moreover, this avenue is another means for these platforms to incur even more revenues.

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The video gaming and gambling industries have become intertwined and almost entirely inseparable. However, both industries are growing hand-in-hand at a fast rate, which is undoubtedly good for the success of both initiatives. Furthermore, this relationship is also a win for video games and gambling lovers. They can gamble while playing video games and bet on video game-based events.