Get to Know Marshal: An Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villager Guide will help you learn everything there is to know about this lovable rabbit. You’ll find out his likes and dislikes, what kind of personality he has, and some fun facts about him. So, if you’re looking to get to know Marshal a little better, this is the guide for you!

Who is Marshal?

Marshal is a cute squirrel that initially appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and has now returned to our lives in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Marshal has a strong interest in fashion and enjoys dressing up in the newest fashions. He also has his own clothing shop where he offers a variety of items.

Aside from his passion for fashion, Marshal aspires to be a singer. He is constantly eager to learn more about music and enjoys playing the guitar. Marshal likes coffee-flavored treats and has a sweet appetite.

Marshal is regarded as being scholarly, kind, and cautious with strangers, yet he soon warms up to friends. Marshal likes projects that include outside activities such as fishing or insect gathering, but he will not perform any arduous work such as building or gardening. He may not be that good at it anyhow, given that he spends much of his time in-game reading books. Overall, Marshal is a charming guy who will undoubtedly add a lot of fun to your game if you decide to invite him over.


Marshal’s birthday is November 4th. A Villager’s birthday is a joyous occasion in which presents are sent from other Villagers in the game. Marshal will be hoping for beautifully wrapped gifts from his Animal Crossing companions on his birthday.

Each present is unique and may be purchased at Nook’s Cranny or manufactured using in-game resources. To make a unique present, combine:

  • Bug net captures
  • Flowers picked with a watering can
  • Tree branches chopped off with an axe
  • Fossils recognized at Blathers’ Museum
  • Furniture or clothes manufactured with recipes obtained by spending Nook Miles at the Nook Stop Terminal

Knowing Marshal’s birthday and getting him a really wonderful present will undoubtedly make his heart sing.

Marshals Personality

Marshal is a villager from Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He has a smug disposition, which means he enjoys gossiping about other villagers and may come off as rather arrogant at times. Marshal enjoys talking about himself, but he also enjoys hearing from others—as long as they remain on subject. Marshal is a diva at heart, and she loves luxury stuff such as clothing and furnishings. He also appreciates unusual products and is more inclined to purchase them than the ordinary villager.

Marshal is an intriguing guy to hang out with since he is well-spoken and bright. Though aloof at first look, Marshal has a heart of gold and is an all-around decent egg who simply wants to enjoy life when he has the opportunity. Overall, Marshal is an intriguing character that is likely to make you giggle during your Animal Crossing: New Horizons adventure.

Marshals House

Marshal is a cute squirrel villager that first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He is intelligent and lively, likes meeting new people and learning new things, and enjoys reading and collecting books.

His home is designed in a contemporary style, with book models dispersed about. His furniture is largely bookshelves and other library-related objects such as a study desk, shelf, bookshelf, globe, and so on. He also has some plants in the room to lend a natural touch. High-tech devices, such as his phonograph, are also there to demonstrate how current he is. His wallpaper is an elegant library pattern that fits along with his general theme of books and knowledge.

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