Looking for Lucky Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Check out this guide for tips on how to find them!

Who is Lucky?

The question “Who is Lucky?” is often asked by Animal Crossing: New Horizons gamers. Lucky villagers are an exceptionally uncommon form of villager in the game that has a rainbow-colored aura around them as well as their clothing, furnishings, and route patterns. Lucky villagers are distinguished by their rainbow aura, and some are more interested in activities such as gardening or fishing than other villages. They also have more vibrant personalities than the other locals.

Although finding a lucky villager is challenging, there are certain ways players may employ to boost their odds:

  • Players may look for additional villagers on Mystery Islands, or they can read internet tutorials for tips and tactics on how to acquire more lucky folks in their communities.
  • Additionally, contributing money to Saharah or purchasing stuff from Nook’s Cranny may boost the probability of randomly seeing a lucky villager during a vendor visit.


One of the most crucial variables in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is birthday. Each villager has a birthdate, which affects their personality and may have a significant influence on your games.

A villager born on the first will have a regular disposition, whilst someone born on the second would be cheerful. On the third, the villagers are smug; on the fourth, they are jock; and so on.

You should pay careful attention to birthdays if you want to locate lucky villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Villagers born on days ending in 8 or 9 (8th, 9th, 18th, 19th, etc.) are deemed to be luckier than others and to bring extra wealth to your island. This might contain goods like uncommon bugs or pricey furnishings that are not available from typical villagers. When looking for a lucky villager or two for your own paradise, it helps to pay attention to birthdays.

Luckys Personality

Lucky is one of the most well-liked villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with a kind, easygoing demeanor. He enjoys conversing with the player, cracking jokes, and telling anecdotes about his previous exploits. He also gets along well with his neighbors and is often seen arranging group activities or throwing parties.

Lucky’s friendly and carefree demeanor makes him popular with players of all ages, particularly children; which is perhaps why he’s so sought after when it comes to gathering villagers for the game. His straightforward yet appealing personality makes him an instant buddy for any player who visits his island house.

Luckys House

Lucky’s House is a location in Animal Crossing: New Horizons where you may locate the Lucky Villagers. When you engage with these locals, you will get unique gifts and incentives. The book includes tips and tactics for identifying them since they don’t appear like typical villagers. It also offers helpful tips on which villagers to engage with, which points to pay attention to, and even a list of all Lucky Villagers that can be located throughout the game.

Players may simply identify the lucky ones using these tips and recommendations in order to obtain special prizes for their Animal Crossing experience:

  • Identifying Lucky Villagers
  • Which villagers to engage with
  • Points to pay attention to
  • List of all Lucky Villagers

Facts About Lucky

Lucky is a Villager kind exclusive to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He has a green and white striped shirt on, a dark purple nose, and an upbeat, effervescent disposition.

Though luck-based events are not present in the game for regular villagers, this fortunate one has exclusive access to various rewards such as fortune cookies, exclusive items from Nook Shopping that can only be purchased using his special currency – Lucky Tickets – as well as unique reactions and dialogue.

Lucky has a low spawn rate, with just 1-3 odds of randomly arriving in players’ villages throughout their gameplay. His schedule is still random, although some trends may be detected, such as his only arriving when a villager moves out or when an event, such as Bunny Day, is taking place at the moment. Finally, before he emerges, players must have at least 7 people in their town to guarantee that he is not displaced by the entrance of a new villager.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Lucky Villager Guide

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