In the upcoming Fallout 76, the Mentats drug will be a new item. It’s a powerful stimulant that can increase your perception and combat skills for a short time. The developers of the game say that it will be used to make players feel like they’re in an immersive world with real consequences.

The berry mentats fallout 76 is a blog post by a player who has been playing Fallout 76 for a while. They have decided to take their character to the Mentat Factory in order to make some extra caps.

fallout 7 - My new life as a Mentats factory.

As some of you may know, I chose to abandon my previous life below level 200 and embark on a new desolate existence. I’m currently out and about in the Forest’s lovely green woodlands, trying to figure out what the may be. Todd refers to the berries as “Fire caps,” “Firecracker berries,” and “Starlight Creeper berries.” I’ll visit our friends below after the woodland walk to load my basket with various Brain fungus and Starlight creeper berries. When I return to the surface, I’ll go over to the Palace to collect carrot blossoms while feeling the lovely air on my bald scalp. After that, it’s off to the sinkhole, Emmet mountain, and Big Bend to collect more Brain fungus. My final visit is typically the pylon, where I exchange a few words with my mushroom-picking friend on the concrete slab before riding the lift up to see if I can locate anything beautiful and simply take in the view for a little.

I receive enough material for around 100 normal Mentants and 80 Berry Mentats on a typical run of about 25-40 minutes. How much I receive depends on how much time I want to spend going through Arctic Pharma picking up Fire caps and Starlight berries that bloom there. Then I’ll cross the river and follow the mine’s trails to the overseers’ camp, then up to the lonely cottage. This provides me between 24-34 fire cap and 8-16 Starlight berries; the Deep, on a good run, offers me an extra 30 and 20 on average. I’ll pick up 46 carrot blossoms in a regular at the palace, and if that’s not enough, I’ll pick some up at the pylon. Depending on how much I want to run about, my Brain Fungus run from the sinkhole to Big Bend provides me between 95 and 150 Brain Fungus.

So far, the most consistent issue I’ve encountered is obtaining sufficient quantities of Brain Fungus. Other from the locations I mentioned above, where should I go if I want to harvest big amounts of Brain fungus? Also, is there a Fire Cap location I’m overlooking? I went to one of the ski lodges where there were supposed to be 10 or so people but only saw 2-4. Do you have any additional suggestions for places to visit? Finally, there are the Starlight berries. I’m still not sure where everyone is arming Arkos. Which makes it a chore to look for them all over the place. Is there anywhere I’m overlooking where there may be a larger number of berries? As previously said, I’m going to go along the rails, which will provide me with quite a few opportunities. However, it would be great if there were a few more.

Yes, I’ve looked at the wikis, and some of the information there seems to be outdated. It states, among other things, that a significant amount should be present at a disposal location. There were just a few of shrubs there.

Anyway, let’s wrap things up. I’ve generated approximately 600 Mentats and 350 Berry Mentats in the first three days of my new existence. It’s OK, but I want more, baby!

All of the numbers above are with the Green Thumb perk enabled.)

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For the game Fallout, write “My new existence as a Mentats factory.”

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The fallout 76 mentats recipe location is a blog post that tells the story of how one person became an expert in making Mentats.

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