With the recent release of The Sims 4, it has been a great time to get into the game. One of the most fun features in The Sims is the ability to create your own custom content for your game. This includes creating CC sets for your character or objects in-game.

The sims 4 clutter cc pack is a set of CC for the Sims 4. It has many items that are all free to download and use in game.

Clutter packs are one of my favorite kinds of Sims decorations since they’re the only way to make a Sims build appear genuinely lived in. Even locations far away from home, such as restaurants and department shops, may benefit from one or two clutter packs. Offices are no different. Those dreary white/grey cubicles require warmth and individuality just as much (if not more!) than a home office. Clutter packs are a great way to get both. Whether you’re using Maxis Match or Alpha, they may also make your construction seem a lot more realistic. Even if you have the best office furniture in the world and know how to use it, an office without pens, pencils, and paper isn’t truly an office. So, without further ado, here are all the clutter packs you’ll ever need to create your ideal workplace!

Leire Clutter in the Office


This is the CC for you if you’re searching for junk to place in a no-nonsense home office. It contains a lot of standard office supplies, such as binders and a printer, but it also has some artistic touches, such as abstract wall paintings and a few wall plants. Overall, this package is ideal for sims that work as freelancers. It’s crammed with materials (after all, freelancers have to handle a lot of things on their own), and it seems that whomever uses it is serious about their work! Even yet, it can’t seem to get rid of that somewhat homely feel.

Set of Office Décor

I swear I’ve seen a real IT worker’s office decorated precisely like this, down to the monkey on the coat rack and the corny (but extremely relatable) t-shirt. To be honest, disliking socializing is almost a rite of passage for IT professionals at this point. The main difference between this set and reality is that there are typically a lot more PCs and tablets – however this CC does come with an additional wall-mounted monitor! However, if you wish to utilize this set for a different kind of office area, don’t be discouraged. It offers a lot of flexibility.

Create Your Own Clutter


I believe we can all agree that clutter packs are ideal for infusing a room with individuality. However, some individuals (like me) are constantly yearning for more. If that describes you, this is the CC for you. Rather than providing a pre-packaged collection of things, this pack allows you to create your own clutter. It comes with four containers (each with a variety of color swatches) and a plethora of things to fill them with. The majority of the items, such as houseplants and pens/pencils, are ideal for a personalized workplace environment.

Time Clutter in the Office

This set is the ultimate in workplace decor. It includes everything you’ll need to set up a unique office for your Sim, from papers to a desk light. It isn’t the most distinctive clutter pack available. But in many respects, this is a positive thing. You may use it in workplace settings where you don’t need a lot of personality, or in other places where you don’t need a lot of personality. It’s a set that shouts “office,” but it’s also a highly personal representation of your sim.It’s also more comprehensive than many other cutter kits on the market, and it includes useful furniture for your workplace makeover.

Office Clutter with a Twist

Although it may seem to be backwards, the term “office” does not have to imply “professional.” It’s sometimes more essential to simply do what you want than than worry about looks. If that’s your (or your sim’s) life philosophy, then you’ll love this clutter pack! It’s a simple kit consisting mainly of books and a notepad. It also includes a comic book, gently demonstrating that personal preferences are equally as important as professional ones.

Daisy Office Clutter


You know how plants and nature are meant to improve work environments?

Soloriya created rustic wood and deep green office supplies and décor for a really distinctive appearance. If your sim has a natural need to interact with nature but is trapped in an office job, this set will allow them to do so without sacrificing functionality.

That piece of advise was taken and run with by this CC. This set’s clutter is the polar opposite of the chilly, contemporary clutter seen in most workplace clutter packs. Instead, Soloriya created rustic wood and deep green office supplies and décor for a really distinctive appearance. If your sim has a natural need to interact with nature but is trapped in an office job, this set will allow them to do so without sacrificing functionality.

Workplace and Office Clutter

This bundle contains things for professions other than office rats, as the name suggests. The work mess includes everything from medical to technological equipment, as well as what seems to be a taser. Yikes! There are also many phones and walkie-talkies available for usage. Even if this CC is Maxis Match, it doesn’t get much more realistic than playing phone games at work. I have to admit, I don’t believe phones that big would sell well in real life. However, they are enough for sims.

Maxis-Match Clutter in the Office

Because of how realistic they appear, many office clutter setups don’t function with vanilla Sims. This Maxis Match clutter collection, on the other hand, complements the game’s cartoony aesthetic.


It also includes other things that aren’t often seen in workplace clutter kits, such as a full water cooler. Larger objects like as these may assist you in creating an office atmosphere for your Sims that extends beyond the desk. While some cutter kits include a printer, it’s uncommon to come across one that also includes a janitorial cleaning cart! The main drawback to this CC is that it lacks color swatches, although cleaning carts often only need to come in one color.

Cecile Office Set

Another bundle for sims that wish to feel near to nature while trapped in a cubicle is the Cecile office set. House plants in The Sims 4 don’t need sunshine, which is a welcome relief. As a result, this set may be used in a windowless workplace! But don’t be fooled: despite its natural appearance, this clutter collection has many genuine contemporary features. It’s also very adaptable. There are various swatches for the wall posters, notebooks, and a few other things here, allowing you to customize your sim’s office environment to your liking. The sims 4 clutter cc folder is a free CC set for the Sims 4. It includes new items, furniture, and decor.