In the modern world, where esports disciplines are gaining increasing popularity, Dota 2 holds one of the leading positions. Millions of players and fans worldwide eagerly watch the intense battles between the best professional teams, fighting for prestigious titles and impressive prize pools. In 2024, the attention of the esports community was captured by the swift rise of Team Falcons – a formidable team from the MENA region, which literally stormed to the top and became one of the main favorites in competitive Dota 2. Currently, bookmakers consider this team one of the strongest and rightfully rank them among the favorites. Betting on Dota 2 tournaments can be done at the bookmaker Melbet MN, which offers a wide variety of bets, high odds, and generous bonuses for new players.

Dominance at Dreamleague Season 22

With their triumph at the prestigious DreamLeague Season 22 tournament, Team Falcons loudly announced themselves as a new force to be reckoned with. In an intense grand final, they crushed the renowned Russian team BetBoom Team with a score of 3-0, demonstrating truly overwhelming superiority. This victory was particularly impressive after their previous success against the same opponent in the upper bracket final, depriving the Russians of any chance of a comeback and revenge.

Impressive Unprecedented Winning Streak

The triumph at DreamLeague S22 marked a new milestone in Team Falcons’ swift ascent to the heights of esports.Image2


Their impressive winning streak reached an incredible mark of 23 matches in a row at the highest level, which is a testament to the team’s remarkable stability and immense potential. In addition to the prestigious championship title, the Falcons also received a significant prize pool of $300,000 and 4200 invaluable EPT points, ensuring their automatic participation in a range of future ESL tournaments of the highest level, including the prestigious ESL One Birmingham 2024 Major.

Retrospective of a Swift Rise to Glory

Although Team Falcons themselves are relatively newcomers to the Dota 2 esports scene, their lineup is far from inexperienced and consists of seasoned veterans of this discipline. On their way to current heights, the team has demonstrated truly exceptional determination, skill, and perseverance, particularly shining at one of the previous major tournaments – BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024. Starting their performance rather modestly and struggling to advance to the playoff stage of the tournament, it was precisely at these decisive stages that the Falcons were able to truly unleash their incredible potential and left no stone unturned against a number of their most illustrious and renowned opponents.

Origins of Phenomenal Success: A Unique Talented Lineup

The phenomenal success and swift rise of Team Falcons can be attributed to their truly stellar lineup, consisting of a constellation of outstanding talents in modern Dota 2. Among them are such iconic figures as Andreas “Cr1t-” Nielsen, Oliver “Skiter” Lepko, Wu “Sneyking” Zhi-Jun, and other world-renowned masters of their craft. Each of these players brings a unique set of invaluable skills and rich experience in performances at the most prestigious tournaments, including The International World Championships, which collectively define the team’s dynamic, aggressive, versatile, and universal style.

Andreas “Cr1t-” Nielsen, after transferring from the Shopify Rebellion lineup, demonstrated simply phenomenal resurgence, unleashing his colossal potential in the position of the hard support (4). The legendary Oliver “Skiter” Lepko and the equally iconic Wu “Sneyking” Zhi-Jun, renowned for their outstanding performances among the champions of The International 11 Tundra Esports, add additional depth and incredible synergy to the entire team. And completing this truly stellar lineup are the versatile and extremely talented Stanislav “Malr1ne” Potorak and Ammar “ATF” Al-Assaf, known for their domination at the highest level of pubs.

Prospects And New Challenges Lie Ahead

As Team Falcons continue to establish themselves in the elite ranks of the competitive Dota 2 scene, their recent triumph at DreamLeague Season 22 marks only the beginning of the journey for this formidable collective.


With the approach of the next Elite League season, the “Falcons” team is preparing for new massive trials, potential rematch matches with old opponents, and the opportunity to defend their champion title.

The emergence of such a formidable force is yet another testament to the constant renewal and evolution of the Dota 2 esports scene. Teams whose lineups have united talented but previously unimpressive individual players can turn into truly powerful and dangerous combinations. And as they prepare for future decisive battles, it is Team Falcons that embodies the new formidable giant that opponents must defeat.

It will be very interesting to see how other top teams accept this thrown challenge and attempt to overthrow the newly emerged “formidable falcons” from the esports Olympus of Dota 2. Undoubtedly, we are in for even more spectacular, tense, and unpredictable battles for dominance in this incredibly popular esports discipline. And Team Falcons emerges as one of the main favorites in this upcoming battle for the throne.