The Sea of Thieves secret treasure commendation is one of the game’s most sought after prizes. However, how many pirates are up to snuff on this quest? Find out here.

The “sea of thieves commendations list” is a list of all the possible commendations that can be obtained in Sea of Thieves. The “Hider of Secret Treasures Commendation” is one such commendation that can be received by completing a specific quest during the game.

In Sea of Thieves, the Hider of Secret Items Commendation asks you to bury important treasures for safety. You may check your progress by heading to your Pirate Log in the menu, choosing Reputation, Bilge Rats, and then Buried Treasures, and then selecting Reputation, Bilge Rats, and then Buried Treasures. On the opening page, it should be the first Commendation (top-left corner). Here are a few of the most effective ways to finish Hider of Secret Treasures.

Purchasing and Disposing of Merchant Resources

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All Crates sold or delivered by the Merchant Alliance are considered “valuable treasures,” which is good news for players with a lot of Gold. If you really want to do this Commendation fast, talk to a Merchant representative at any Outpost and purchase all of the available Crates under the Browse offerings, Resources and Commodities area (10 or 11 total, depending on whether you’re a Pirate Legend), then bury them on the Outpost.

Place important treasure on the sand with lots of area, then pick your Shovel from your Equipment Radial or Inventory, then hold Left Trigger (LT) to dig when the prompt comes while staring at the thing you want to bury. After each animation, you’ll have to release and re-hold LT until the object is totally covered up. Remember that you can’t purchase the Resources and Commodities Crates more than once, and you can’t rebury the same things to gain Commendation progress, so leave the server and join another, or sail to another Outpost to restart the procedure.

In Sea of Thieves, here’s how to acquire the Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot Commendation.

Merchant Voyage Items are being buried.

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If you wish to save money, the Merchant Alliance sells Trade Goods Voyages, which require you to transport certain goods to another NPC. Often, at least one of the products you must transport is an animal. If you talk with the Merchant who sold you the Voyage again, they will give you the essential Crate you need to catch this animal, and these Crates will count toward Hider of Secret Treasures if you bury them.

As a result, you may buy a Trade Goods Voyage, vote to start it at your ship, collect the Crate(s) from the Merchant, bury them, buy another Trade Goods Voyage, return to your ship, cancel the previous one, and start the new one to obtain additional Crates. Rep until you’ve completed the Commendation.

Reburying the valuables of others

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Reburying treasure found via Quest Board maps is another way to complete the Hider of Secret Treasures Commendation, and it’s the way we recommend you do it if you also want to complete the Seeker of Pirate Plunder Commendation at the same time for uncovering valuable treasures buried by other pirate crews. Each in-game day allows you to grab five maps, and we suggest focusing for the treasure on the islands nearest to you first.

Access a Quest Board at any Outpost, take some maps, use your Map Table to discover the islands, sail to each one, and dig up the loot. Simply rebury each piece when you’ve dug it up. If you want to take it with you and sell it, you may dig it up again. You’ll be able to advance in both Hider of Secret Treasures and Seeker of Pirate Plunder as a result of this.

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