Amatsu is a character from the video game “Dragon Ball FighterZ” who was recently revealed as an Echo fighter. The developers at Arc System Works thought it would be cool to have her moveset translated into three other characters, which they did by using their specific quirks and weaknesses against each other in both fighting games and tag team matches. This article investigates how Amatsu’s movesets were translated into Allmother/Narwa/Ibushi for those interested in catching up on the latest information about these DLC characters

The “narwa and ibushi offspring” is a result of the Amatsu’s moveset being translated to Allmother/Narwa/Ibushi.

how Amatsu's moveset was translated to Allmother/Narwa/Ibushi

MonsterHunterWorld4 - how Amatsu's moveset was translated to Allmother/Narwa/Ibushi

Amatsu, Allmother, Narwa, and Ibushi are all very similar characters. They’re all “storm” themed, and they float and move differently than any other Creature Hunter monster. Is it, however, more than that? In this article, I’ll look through Amatsu’s whole moveset to see whether there are any moves that are similar to Allmother/Narwa/Ibushi. If you haven’t yet played Rise, you should probably skip this.

(Pretty much) the same

The situation has shifted.

  • The Allmother tornado, which also suctions underneath her, is definitely inspired by Amatsu’s suction into tornado and the GU version, but there are dragonators whirling around the centre and a ball of electricity there that you must wait to disperse. However, the guy in this video is a complete jerk who simply wrecks everything with ACS.
  • Amatsu’s three-direction tornado throw is a stage-control move, and here’s where the Narwa belly flops: instead of three tornadoes, she launches four lightning pillars and a ring that stretches out from her at ground level. She does, however, erect ramps so that the player may travel over the ring and enter her belly from the rear.
  • The rapid laser of Amatsu and the laser of Narwa. Take note of how they both shoot them by aiming them towards the ground and then tilting their heads upwards.
  • Amatsu’s overhead laser from a different viewpoint. It’s worth noting that the laser, like Narwa’s, has an initial hitbox and then a secondary/lingering hitbox. This maneuver, however, seems to have been translated into the first phase of Narwa’s nuke, which does not employ that laser type. I believe it was also the inspiration for Narwa’s laser lightshow assault.

The unidentified

  • Amatsu slaps him in the face – a swift slap. This is something I don’t believe the Rise trio has. Narwa, on the other hand, has a little shoulder check.


I haven’t discussed any of Allmother/Narwa/other Ibushi’s moves since they don’t seem to be based on Amatsu at all. Some, like Ahtal-spinning Ka’s dragonators and Safi’s sapphire nuke attack, were directly borrowed from other monsters. However, the main purpose I wrote this piece was to find out whether Allmother/Narwa/Ibushi might be regarded an upgraded version of the Amatsu battle. Yes, I believe the answer is without a doubt. They’re essentially identical: storm-themed, large floating, siege weapons; and Amatsu’s entire moveset has been modified and included into the new monsters’ movesets.

I’m sure this will irritate individuals who genuinely want to see HD Amatsu since they like the aesthetics of Amatsu, including the armor and weaponry, the soundtrack, and the monster’s appearance. However, I find it strange when people say things like “I want to battle an updated 5th-gen Amatsu,” since that is precisely what Allmother/Narwa/Ibushi are, at least in terms of gameplay. People seem to believe it’s strange that Amatsu isn’t in Rise. To be honest, I’d be astonished if Amatsu showed up in Sunbreak, simply since we already have three floaty storm elder dragons. Who knows, however. We’ll simply have to wait and see what happens.

What are your thoughts? Is there still a gaming niche for Amatsu to fill? Should she just regain her stolen moveset from the new trio and face them again in a future game?

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For the game Monster Hunter World, write a post on “how Amatsu’s moveset was translated to Allmother/Narwa/Ibushi.”

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Allmother, Narwa and Ibushi are three characters that were created by Amatsu in the game “Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen.” Their movesets were translated to these three characters. Reference: allmother narwa reddit.

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