There are many different Pokémon in the world, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. However, some of these can change drastically after a few levels – making it worth leveling them up as fast as possible. Here’s my list of 12 Pokémon that evolve very quickly!

The “pokemon go best legendary to power up 2021” is a Pokémon that has been evolving at an incredibly fast rate. The top 12 fastest evolving Pokemon are listed in this blog post.

Evolutions are inextricably linked to the Pokémon franchise.

It’s you and a slew of your creature pals on a quest to develop, get stronger, take down criminal gangs, and battle gods. It’s standard ten-year-old behavior.

Looking back over the years, there have been a few Pokémon that have evolved at ridiculously low levels, either to expose new players to the idea or to assist you early on in your trip.

In this list, we’ll examine at some of the Pokémon that evolve the quickest, which includes any Pokémon from Generations I through VIII.

Some of these entries could surprise you. I’m sure I did.


Level 7: Weedle/Caterpie/Wurmple

Pokemon Lets Go Caterpie screenshot

This post should come as no surprise to anybody who has ever played a Pokémon game.

Weedle, Caterpie, and Wurmple all develop ridiculously rapidly, even when compared to the other initial bug-types in the series.

In fact, practically every other Pokémon in history will reach stage three evolution before these men do… since they have reached Stage 3 at the level of ten

In reality, this article covers not just these three, but also their second-stage evolutions.

By any length of the imagination, that doesn’t imply they’re worth utilizing.

However, you can’t disagree with hard facts and data.


2. Pikipek – 14th level

Pokemon Pikipek screenshot

Between our first entry and Pikipek, there are a few problems, but if I included them, this would be a top 12 bug Pokémon list…

Instead, I’ll pick and select from among the different early-evolving Pokémon to emphasize those that I find intriguing or unexpected.

Pikipek and Starly are the two earliest emerging flying types.

While I like the Starly series, I believe Pikipek and its evolutions are among the most underappreciated Pokémon ever created.

Toucannon, the stage three Pokémon, is a monster.

To get Pikipek to level 28, all you have to do is get him to level 28.

To be fair, this means you’ll have to endure 14 complete levels of Pikipek’s stage two, Trumbeak. However, the agony will be well worth it once you have one of the greatest early-game Pokémon we’ve ever seen.


Level 14 – Cyndaquil

Pokemon Sun / Cyndaquil screenshot

Before compiling this list, I assumed that all starters from each generation progressed at the same rate.

That assumption proved to be incorrect.

There are a few significant instances of starters developing through time, but none are as noteworthy as the following two entries.

Let’s start with Cyndaquil.

Because of the significant level disparity between it and its predecessors, Gen II’s fire starter, which evolves at level 14, is an oddity.

Chikorita develops two levels later, reaching level 16, the same level as the majority of starters.

Totodile, on the other hand, develops at the age of 18.

That’s a four-level difference.

Sure, it doesn’t sound like much. However, in any Gen II challenge run, it may make all the difference.


4. Chimchar – 14th level

Pokemon Platinum Chimchar screenshot

Game Freak is a huge fan of fire starters.

Because Chimchar is the only other one that develops below the level 16 mark.

Chimchar is a cute fan favorite who still finds usage today, despite being the initial stage of probably the finest beginning evolution line of all time.

While it’s not my favorite Gen IV character (Turtwig for life), I can see the attraction, particularly with its stage three, Infernape.

Given how strong Sinnoh’s fire starter is, you’d expect it to develop later rather than sooner. The Pokémon developers, on the other hand, definitely disagree with me.


Level 15 of Bidoof

Pokemon Sword Bidoof screenshot

In certain areas of the Pokémon fanbase, Bidoof is considered a cult hero.

This otherwise unremarkable’mon has become a meme because to its comical looks and status as one of the series’ finest HM slaves.

Bidoof, on the other hand, develops. Unfortunately.

It transforms into Bibarel at level 15, specifically. That means you won’t have much time to enjoy Bidoof’s splendor. Unless, of course, you elect not to let it develop.

Given that the only reason you’ll ever run this guy is for HM compatibility, that trade-off could be worthwhile.


Shinx – 15th level

Pokemon Sword Shinx screenshot

Shinx is the third Sinnoh’mon to join this list, following in the footsteps of Chimchar and Bidoof.

Shinx, on the other hand, is a monster in combat, unlike Bidoof.

Don’t be fooled by its cuteness or dog-like appearance. You’ll have one of Gen IV’s greatest Pokémon on your hands after Shinx develops into its stage three Luxray.

The Shinx line will be operated by almost every tale playthrough crew.

Its electric typing feature comes in helpful, particularly if you start with Chimchar.

It is not only very powerful, but it also evolves quite early, with the first evolution occurring at level 15 and the last one occurring at level 30.


Level 16 – All Other Beginners

Pokemon Sword/Shield Treecko screenshot

Okay, maybe not all of them… But, without a doubt, the majority of them.

We’re talking about the three Gen I starters, as well as Chikorita, Torchic, Treecko, Mudkip, Fennekin, Froakie, and so on…

When it comes to starters, 16 is the magic number.

While a few will develop at higher levels, 99 percent of them will mature into their stage two forms by the time they reach level 16.

Otherwise, you may add or subtract a level.


Level 17 – Black and White Beginners

Pokemon Black and White Starters (Tepig) screenshot

The three Gen V starting Pokémon are the series’ most recent evolving starters.

They and Rowlet, for some inexplicable reason.

Gen V is generally considered to be one of the greatest and most challenging installments in the Pokémon series.

Personally, this is by far my favorite generation.

Because of the increased complexity and maturity, the starters may develop a little later than their predecessors, requiring players to struggle a little longer before seeing a power bump.

It may, however, have been a result of a careless design choice. After all, what difference does one level make in the grand scheme of things?


Level 18 – Rookidee

Pokemon Rookidee screenshot in Sword/Shield

Okay, I’ve gotten all of the starters out of the way.

As a result, we’re left with a slew of random mid-tier Pokémon to sort through.

I’ll be selecting and choosing my favorites from the forthcoming batch, so if a Pokémon you’re familiar with evolves at a lower level than these but isn’t featured, that’s why.

Rookidee, on the other hand, comes next.

The fanbase has gone crazy over this latest addition to the Pokédex.

Corviknight, its last iteration, is a popular choice for both casual and competitive play in SWSH.

Not only does it have a fantastic aesthetic, but it also has the facts to back up those good looks.

To take advantage of this, you’ll have to grind your way up to level 38, which is a long 20 levels as Rokidee’s second evolution stage — Covisquire.

Those that put in the effort, however, will be rewarded with probably the greatest original Pokémon to emerge from Generation VIII.


10. Magikarp – 20th level

Pokemon Sword Magikarp screenshot

The fact that Magikarp develops at level 20 startled me a little.

I anticipated more from this floundering fish, given its reputation for being worthless until it matures…

Gyarados, the evolution of Magikarp, is a giant of the Pokémon genre — and one of the most recognizable Pokémon in the series that isn’t a legendary or starter.

It utterly annihilates teams in any generation’s narrative mode, making it one of the most sought-after’mons for casual play.

The drawback is that you’ll have to deal with a near-useless fish Pokémon for 20 levels.

But, given the strength of the EXP share these days, I don’t think that’s that difficult.


Level 20 of Beldum

Pokemon Shield Beldum screenshot

The last two items in this list have one thing in common:

They’re Pokémon that evolve into their first evolutions rather early in the game, but don’t get to see their stage three forms until the very end.

The rationale is simple: they’re both very powerful.

Metagross, Beldum’s stage three, has long been a fixture of competitive gaming because to its fantastic type and stats.

It’s a tier-S Pokémon without a doubt. It seems to reason that in order to get it, you must not only level up your Beldum to level 20, but also level up its stage two evolution to level 45.

At the very least, you’ll be on Victory Road by then.

Furthermore, Beldum has one of the lowest catch rates in the history of Pokémon.

In fact, it has the same rate of catch as legendary Pokémon. So good luck to everybody who is attempting to get one.


Level 24 of Gibble

Pokemon Shield Gibble screenshot

Gibble is the last but not least.

I’ll grant that level 24 isn’t exactly “early.”

When you consider how strong Garchomp is (Gibble’s stage three), though, you can see why that level may be deemed low.

That isn’t to suggest that transforming your Gibble into a Garchomp is simple.

At level 48, it matures from Gabite into everyone’s favorite chompy-boy, ensuring that you’ll be in the Elite Four.

It’s also a good thing, since this person is capable of easily defeating legendary Pokémon. Having him any sooner would make the whole Pokémon experience pointless.

The “best pokemon to evolve with sinnoh stone” is a list of the top 12 fastest evolving Pokémon that are worth leveling up in the Sinnoh region. The list includes all evolutions from Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon and Leafeon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Pokemon gain XP the fastest?

A: Pidgey is the fastest Pokemon to gain experience in Pokémon Go, while Pikachu can be one of the quickest.

Which Pokemon takes the most levels to evolve?

A: The answer to this question is not easy, but the most evolved Pokemon after a long amount of time would be Mewtwo.

What is the most powerful evolved Pokemon?

A: That is difficult to say. There are many factors that may contribute to the most powerful Pokemon, such as if they were found in a specific region or with certain abilities. Some examples of some highly-powerful evolved Pokemon include Lucario and Mewtwo.

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