Bungie’s popular shooter Destiny has a competitive, PVP multiplayer mode that requires players to be more than just shooters. This is where the game really shines with its ability to create new experiences for players every time they launch the game. Because of this power, it can afford some changes later on in its life cycle as well.

The “destiny 2 pvp reddit” is a subreddit that has been created to discuss the game’s PvP. The posts on this subreddit are usually about how to improve your PvP, or what you should do in order to make sure you’re not getting destroyed by other players.

destiny2 1 - The Life Cycle of Destiny's PvP

  1. The top 1% of players, individuals who are carried by those players, and cheaters make up the whole population of the mode.
  2. Bungie needs to make the PvP mode more accessible to boost the audience, especially with such a tiny demography.
  3. Bungie pays attention and makes some significant adjustments to PvP.
  4. After the adjustments, players who would not ordinarily play PvP begin to dip their toes into the playlist.
  5. For a few weeks, the PvP player count skyrockets.
  6. The new players become cannon fodder for the top 1% of players and the players they brought since there is no general skill ranking to base matchmaking on. It’s “the finest weekend of crucible in years,” according to the top 1%.
  7. Bungie receives valuable input from these new gamers. They appreciate the new adjustments, but they won’t play weekly if it means getting farmed by people on their 10th or 20th perfect card of the weekend.
  8. Bungie is experimenting with a variety of matching methods in order to keep games fair and the weekly population high.
  9. The 1% of players get enraged since they can no longer go flawlessly with no effort numerous times a weekend under the new system, and they must now compete against people of their own level.
  10. The top 1% (typically with significant platforms to talk about the game) begins to argue that the new modifications are terrible for the game, despite the fact that the only individuals who do not gain from the changes are the top 1%.
  11. After weeks of attempting to find a happy medium, Bungie finally gives up and returns PvP to its original state in order to keep the 1% engaged.
  12. New and casual players begin to abandon the PvP playlist entirely, and the PvP population plummets until…
  13. Return to the first step.


The Flawless pool and the new system based on total victories aren’t ideal answers, but I believe Bungie’s transition from a card-based to a more holistic statistic is a step in the right direction. The point issue, I believe, is that the matching “rating” should be based on a variety of factors, not simply victories or whether or not a player has been faultless this weekend.

There has to be a system in place to ensure that matches are fair. Trials is basically the ranked mode in Destiny. The fact that the game’s top players are continuously grumbling about having to play against guys of similar ability in what is meant to be the most competitive playlist in the game is insulting for both these “high level” players and the community at large. What’s worse is that we’ve been stuck in this loop for over a decade with no end in sight.

Trials should be a competitive mode with extremely competitive and evenly matched matches at all levels. People who are outraged that they can no longer improve their stream views by providing carries to the Lighthouse should not have any say in the matter.

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The “rage of the warmind” is a new event that has been released with Destiny 2. This event will last for 3 weeks and will reward players with special gear, including an exclusive armor set.

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