This is a tutorial for the game Deathloop, in which you are trapped with no power and must find a way to escape.

The radio silence deathloop is a game that can be found on Steam. In the game, players must power up a generator and open HZN doors in order to escape from the facility.


Arkane Studios created Deathloop, an action-adventure game. Juliana doesn’t want you to go inside the old power station because there’s something she doesn’t want you to see. When you get to the old power station and pick up Wenji’s letter on how to switch on the generator, you will be given the quest “Radio Silence.”

The quest’s beginning may be a little difficult, but after you figure out how to switch on the generators and route electricity to the stations, you’ll be able to finish it quickly. You’ll learn a lot about Juliana and how to break out of the loop at the conclusion of the adventure.

What Is The Old Power Station’s Deathloop Secret?

In summary, you must go to the ancient power station early in the morning and use a battery to switch on two generators by pressing a button. Ascend the ladders, then pull the first lever on the control panel. The HZN power station door will be powered up outside the control loop station in a complicated location, and you will get a highly secret file that will take you to UPDAAM in the “afternoon” where an Eternalist may have left the garage door open. You’ll discover a code to enter the RAK room there.

When you exit the garage door, look to your left for steps leading to the RAK room. To access the RAK room, you must divert electricity to various stations every morning and return to those stations in the afternoon to get the RAK room password. This mission will take you three cycles to accomplish. The essential crucial points you must accomplish to finish the quest are listed below.

Walkthrough for Deathloop Radio Silence


To begin, you’ll need to use a battery to power at least two generators. You may either locate the battery in one of the rooms below or utilize one from the nullifies’ turrets.


After that, pull the first lever to reroute electricity to the Tidevarv station, where you’ll find a secret file.


Then go to UPDAAM in the “Afternoon” and slip beneath the garage door to obtain a secret file that will take you to the RAK room; to get there, you must follow the marker hud.

You’ll discover a passcode in the Rak chamber that you may use to unlock additional levers and direct electricity to other stations. Simply follow the hud markers to locate all of the power stations. The positions of the power stations, as well as where to pull the lever to direct the electricity, will be depicted in the images.

The following day, restart the generator and enter the password to activate the second lever, which will direct electricity to the UPDAAM Yasen station. In the afternoon, go to Yasen station and look for the first code to unlock the RAK room.

Power up the generator in the complex’s old electricity station again the following morning, and this time pull the third level, which will redirect power to the FRISTAD ROCK sova station. To get to the station, go there in the afternoon and follow the hud marker. The second passcode may be found within the station.

Now all you have to do is divert electricity to KARL’s Bay’s Akkar station, where you’ll get the last password, then go to the RAK room and enter the passcode to finish the mission and discover how to break out of the loop. You will also get the achievement “Beyond The Horizon.”


The deathloop divert the power is a glitch in the game that can be used to open doors and power generators.

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