How to get Murakumo in World Flipper

World Flipper is a game where you roll a ball with your finger to dodge obstacles. You can collect power-ups and unlock new levels. The game has no in-app purchases, but it does have an energy system that limits how long you can play before having to wait for the next round.

How to get Murakumo in World Flipper

Murakumo is a five-star Wind unit that you can acquire for free in World Flipper. It won’t be simple to unlock this strong unit, but depending on the squad you want to put together, it may be worth the effort. New gamers may be familiar with this character but are unsure how to access him. As a result, we’re here to show you how to acquire Murakumo in World Flipper so that new players or those who aren’t familiar with the game may learn how to accomplish it.

Where can I find Murakumo in World Flipper?

Murakumo may be obtained in World Flipper in two ways:

  1. Murakumo may be purchased at Orochi’s Boss Coin Exchange.
  2. In the Orochi Boss Battle, you’ll get Murakumo as a prize.

Murakumo may be obtained in World Flipper by exchanging 500 Gold Orochi Denarius at Orochi’s Boss Coin Exchange. By beating the Orochi Boss Battle, you may receive Gold Orochi Denarius. Murakumo may also be obtained as a prize, although the likelihood of receiving it is very low (thought to be around 1 percent ).

How to get Murakumo in World Flipper

In World Flipper, how do you defeat Orochi?

Here are some strategies for overcoming Orochi in World Flipper:

  • Have a team with a Power rating of 4,000 or above.
  • Levitate may be used to prolong your combinations.
  • To get to Orochi dependably, use piercing.
  • Whenever feasible, break Orochi.
  • Make sure you have a healer on your squad.

You’ll need some units that give levitation first. You may use this ability to prolong your combos and boost your flipper strength. When you land those strikes, the greater your power flipper count, the more damage you’ll deal. It’s a simple concept that you may already be aware of, but it’s critical in this battle.

In the Orochi fight, piercing armaments are very helpful. Orochi generates objects to obstruct the route to the breakpoint, which is why you need piercing. You may freely navigate about these items until you reach the breakpoint, which takes us to the next step. Orochi’s Boss Coin Exchange is where you can acquire piercing weapons. Pick up the following items:

  • While Pierced, Serpentsbane grants a +17.5% Attack boost (Party)
  • Ame-no-Habakiri: +25 percent Attack boost when piercing (Party)

If at all feasible, shatter Orochi. That means you must strike Orochi when the crosshairs appear in front of him. You may say goodnight to your troops if Orochi gets off the flame breath. However, flame breath isn’t the only hazardous ability.

This fight has a lot going on, including poisons and different abilities that do area of effect damage. There’s no avoiding the fact that your troops will lose health. As a result, you’ll need a healer on your team. Phiria, the Wind unit, is a fantastic choice since it heals your team while also granting levitation, which is extremely useful in this battle.

In World Flipper, how excellent is Murakumo?

Murakumo, regardless of element, is an excellent unit on many teams. Murakumo’s Crescent Noon ability allows him to inflict massive damage against fallen enemies. You may anticipate huge numbers if this unit is the last to utilize their talent on a fallen opponent!

Murakumo’s World Flipper (Global) stats are as follows:

  • Crescent Noon – Calls upon ancient power to boost attack and damage dealt to fallen enemies.
  • Steeled Resolve – When the fight begins, get a 30% increase in Skill Gauge (Wind units) and a 40% increase in Attack.
  • Ability: 
    • When the fight begins, you will get a 60 percent attack boost for 30 seconds (Self).
    • Increases the success percentage of debuffs against self-enemies.
    • Give the party Levitate for X seconds when they have a fever.
    • Get +6% to Skill Gauge up to 3 times when he is set as your primary unit and he activates a skill (Wind units)

Murakumo’s grind will require hundreds of successful Orochi runs. You may get fortunate and receive one as a drop, but it will very certainly be a lengthy trip. It may be worthwhile for you to persevere, but only you can decide that.

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