A new world is coming, and I’m not sure it’s as good as we think.

The new world will fail is a belief that Amazon’s new game, New World, will fail. There are many reasons why I believe this to be true.

Gamingtodaynews1b - Why I believe Amazons New World Is Trash

I played the closed beta for 195 hours and couldn’t force myself to play the open beta. I’ve been waiting for this game for over a year and have only seen a little amount of material prior to the closed beta to keep me interested in it. To say the least, the information I’ve seen about the game has me worried. I was nevertheless ecstatic; I and many of my friends have been searching for a new MMO game for years and are still looking for anything really groundbreaking.

I felt totally let down after playing the closed beta; I felt as W.T.F thought, that this was all AGS or the dev team could come up with after 6 years or more in development.

  1. When I first saw the game’s beginning during the closed beta, I said to myself, “F#$%, that was a terrible and lazy intro.” I was immediately let down.
  2. Character creation: Similar to W.T.F., it was sloppy and appeared to belong in the early 2000s.
  3. After that, I moved on to the first light and began to figure out where the quests/missions and/or how to level and where all of stuff was situated.
  4. For a game that has been in development for nearly six years, the best they can come up with is REGURGITATED mission/faction missions over and over again.
  5. Main plot: same lazy restricted design with no real substance to pull a player into this newly found universe. Then there’s this bit, something that struck me and I was wondering whether anybody else saw it or if it was just me. “Do you know why humans fall to corruption and the angry earth does not”? “because corruption’s power feeds the ego, your kind’s great weakness” LMAO, is this day and age with wokeness and C.R.T and men are the problem with this world junk being pushed down everyone’s ears in America, how can I not relate the two?
  6. EACH TERRITORY’S BUILDING DESIGN HAS BEEN REGURGITATED: Dang, I was burnt out to witness that, and I couldn’t be pulled back into this world with yet another disappointment.
  7. Due to a lack of armor styles, I’m concerned that the CASH store will become the go-to location for bling bling armor sets, while the game itself is complete garbage; again, after 6+ years, this is the best they can come up with, wow.
  8. Weapon variety and style: the same trend emerges with this game, with yet another utterly dull and sloppy design. There is no genuine originality. Everyone will have the same builds and look the same in the endgame and before that, which is simply boring LOL.
  9. Expeditions: Wow, that’s lame. Again, puzzles are tedious and have a sloppy design. How about battle mechanics and boss mechanics? It was just smash and grab and move on while I was in there. Also, any meaningful incentive for doing excursions, which is another another example of hurried, sloppy pve design that is obviously not what it claims to be.
  10. Possible faction takeover: I’ve seen this happen on many servers where one faction dominates; if this happens after launch, I see this killing the health of a server and people leaving; perhaps an EVE online vibe here with this game, and that game is dead except for the hardcore fanboys who keep it afloat.
  11. PVP is tedious, since you must continuously perform PVP missions to either declare war on a territory or oppose opposing players who are trying to declare war on your owned/faction-controlled area. In order to expand and or counter, this will necessitate a constant presence within the game world and a solid high player base per company/faction. Over time, this constant pvp mission running will burn most people out and leave behind the hardcore niche player base, and I see major issues with the health and longevity of this type of game. This is also owing to the game’s severely missing PVE component. There is no real equilibrium.
  12. In my view, player-run economies are garbage; eventually, bots will take over and farm out everything, wreaking havoc on the economy, followed by no-lifers and people who would purchase cheap and hoard, then resell high. One nice thing about New World is that everyone may craft and be self-sufficient, rather than relying on other people to do it for them.
  13. Cash shop: I suppose only time will tell how far they take this. Cash shops/microtransactions plague the gaming industry and have destroyed dev teams building MMO worlds where you really have to earn your armor and weaponry, rather of simply purchasing cosmetics from the store and looking bling bling or boosting yourself, as time will tell with this game.

Anyway, this is just my opinion, and I’m ranting about how disappointing this game was for me. After the most recent delay, it struck me how uninterested I am in the game; my enthusiasm for it has faded. And now that I’m over it, I’m interested in seeing this game whenever it’s out. I’ll wait till another MMO is released, or until they have other games in which I can invest. I simply don’t feel like a sucker for Amazon’s New World anymore; I supported them when the cash shop problems surfaced before to the closed beta, and people were vilifying the game. I even lost friends because of my decision to play the game in closed beta to see what it’s like. However, I tried it and found it to be at best average. How many games has AGS currently failed to win? Look at how they pushed back Lost Ark, a game that was completely finished and complete, with much more excitement to play than New World, and what did AGS do? They pushed it back for NW. LMAO, what a terrible choice. I get why they did it; trying to be successful with NW is a necessity for AGS’s image, which is already tarnished by all of their previous failures. Lost Ark would have obviously triumphed if they had released both NW and Lost Ark.

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