Online casinos are the same gambling establishments that we are used to seeing in our everyday “offline” life. Of course, the difference between them exists and can be seen, as it is called, with the naked eye. In a regular casino, all the action takes place in a certain room, and online casino gaming has a site where bets are made, distributions are made, and jackpots are broken. An online casino sites cannot be confused with any other; in their brightness and colorfulness, it is not inferior to the best representatives of traditional casinos.

All the game in online casinos are made through your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.) and special software, downloadable for free from the site of online casinos. Some online casinos send discs with distributions of their software directly to your mailing address, also for free. There are games that do not require the installation of special software.

And what games are played in online casinos? Yes, in fact, the same as in conventional casinos. Slot machines (slots), also known as “one-armed bandits”, card games (the most popular – poker and blackjack), roulette and many, many others. In well-known online casinos, such as Red Dog Casino, you will be offered more than 100 different games and their modifications.

Thus, having registered on the online casino site and, if necessary, installing special programs for the game, you can start your game. The good thing is that in order to get used to and properly learn the rules of the game, you can be provided with a demo mode.

How To Choose An Online Casino?

How to choose an online casino for a novice player. What you should pay attention to when choosing an online casino will be the deciding factor for a positive experience playing at an online casino.

So. How to choose an online casino. The question is quite difficult only at first. Visiting a dozen online casino sites, you will immediately note the main common features and sections, as well as see the most important conditions and features of each casino.

Online Casino Site

Before choosing anything, I always and everyone recommend that you first calmly inspect it. And examine the most visible parts of it. Usually this is enough in 90% of cases to decide whether to find out about this casino further, or not to waste time.

What should be on the site of online casinos? I list in order:Image3

  • Information about the owners and methods of communication;
  • the logo of the country in which this casino is licensed;
  •  the company logo of the game manufacturer (there are exceptions);
  • game preview page, help page, bonus info page.

The site should also have a nice user-friendly and fairly inexpensive design, easily accessible information about the terms and restrictions between the player and the casino, as well as easily accessible information about how to contact the support team.

Casino Gaming Software

The second important parameter when choosing an online casino is the type of casino gaming software. Depending on whether you are choosing a casino for regular play or for the occasional rare entertainment, the type of casino will be crucial.

Online casino gaming software is differentiated by two important parameters – the first is the type of software itself Downloadable, or not downloadable, and the second is who the company – the manufacturer of this software.

Downloadable Online Casinos

First, you need to download a casino downloader, usually 150-300 kB, then download the main program file installer. It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but usually in the size of 1.5 MB to 12 MB. After installing and unpacking the casino file, you need to register a casino account and log into the game client. Usually, only a few games are loaded by default in the installer itself. Blackjack, roulette, and a couple of slot machines. The rest of the games will be downloaded automatically in hidden mode while you play at the online casino.

To the disadvantages of downloadable online casino should be attributed – the need to download them, a fairly large size of the full set of casino games and the need to constantly download updates.

Non-Downloadable Online Casinos

Non-downloadable online casinos are usually made using Java or Flash technology. In many popular online casinos, non-downloadable versions complement the main version of the game software. To play, you need to register a casino account on the casino site, then log in to it in a browser window, either on the site itself or in a specially opened new window with a Flash version of the casino lobby, from where you can make deposits, withdraw money and choose games.


The advantages of downloadable online casinos are that at low connection speeds, you do not have to wait long to download the casino file and download a large number of games. It does not slow down the speed of your Internet connection, downloading additional games in hidden mode, and is convenient for irregular casino games when there is no need to keep the entire version on the computer.

Manufacturers Of Casino Software

Currently, the most popular online casino manufacturers are about ten. Only by playing in a casino with software from each manufacturer will you be able to choose what you like. For more information, please refer to the relevant section, “Manufacturers of online casinos,” which provides a brief description of the leaders of this industry and the main features of online casinos with their software.

Ways To Deposit/Withdraw Money From The Casino

Perhaps this is the most important factor for a positive experience of playing at an online casino. Before playing in the casino for real money, very carefully study the casino banking section of this site, as well as a similar section on the site of a particular casino in which you are going to play. This will save you from unnecessary waste of time and save you your precious nerves, which in the end will certainly affect your good mood.

Casino Bonuses

For a beginner player should not choose an online casino by the size of the free bonus. But still, if you decide to play for real money, and in addition want to get a solid bonus on your deposit, or just want to try casino no deposit bonus, then very carefully, very carefully, read the conditions and restrictions for each casino, for each bonus.

In most cases, casinos require the player to make a certain number of bets (wager) before you can withdraw the bonus and deposit made. In order for you to not be unpleasant news that after receiving a bonus, you can not take your deposit, although long ago bored playing in this casino, carefully read the terms of each casino bonus.