Counter-Strike 2 continues to keep players on edge with its realistic gameplay and iconic arsenal of weapons. The AWP remains the flagship sniper rifle, capable of taking out an enemy with a single shot. In 2024, effective use of this deadly weapon still requires special skills. Bettors who place bets on individual player performances often prefer snipers (depending on the map pool), and such a strategy is usually justified. For esports betting, the bookmaker Melbet Philippines offers favorable conditions – a wide variety of bets, high odds, and attractive bonus programs.

Check out our detailed guide to unlock the full potential of the AWP in the new gaming season.

AWP Specifications and Cost

Before delving into tactics, let’s consider the key characteristics of the AWP in CS2:

  • Price: $4750, available to both teams.
  • Damage: 115 (lethal when hit in the torso).
  • Rate of Fire: 41 shots/min.
  • Reload Time: 3.7 sec.
  • Magazine: 5 rounds, 30 spare.

Mobility and Aggressive Gameplay

Despite recent balance changes, the philosophy of using the AWP remains the same – staying one step ahead of the enemy. The skill that will set you apart from other snipers is activity and unpredictability in positions.

Too often, AWP players stick to familiar angles and spots, missing the chance to seize the initiative. It is recommended to constantly move around the map, changing viewing angles. This will throw off enemies and provide more chances for successful shots.


Moreover, in certain rounds, an aggressive forward style can be the key to victory. Well-organized “slow pushes” catch opponents off guard and open access to their positions. However, exercise extreme caution: with the AWP, you are very vulnerable to grenade attacks, so covering allies is essential.

Aiming Secrets

In a sniper’s arsenal, there’s no skill more important than aiming. Counter-Strike masters hone it for years, perfecting it. Here are some proven tips to help you master this art:

  • Learn to peek. By periodically peeking out of cover, you can track enemy movements and analyze the situation without risking your life. Skillful peeking helps prepare shots in advance and identify the moment for a counterattack.
  • Resist the temptation of a follow-up shot. Often, after a miss, players try to finish off the target with additional shots. However, such tactics only reveal your position – the enemy will regroup and become the hunter.

Instead, try changing the viewing angle after a miss. The enemy will expect you from previous positions, and a new angle will catch them off guard.

Resource Management

Masterful play is impossible without proper management of ammunition and finances. Experienced CS2 snipers excel in conserving ammo and preserving the valuable AWP in unfavorable rounds.

The reality is that sometimes, even if you go all out, you’ll witness the death of the entire team after the bomb is planted. In these cases, it’s better not to engage in a hopeless battle against superior enemy forces and save the AWP for the next round.

The value of this weapon cannot be underestimated. At a price of $4750, a significant portion of the team’s budget is at stake. Even with only one AWP while allies have pistols, a well-placed shot can tilt the round in your favor.


In the final stages of the round, with minimal remaining participants, transitioning to passive play to preserve expensive equipment is entirely justified. Depleted ammo and lost numerical advantage put a damper on victory prospects.

Positioning Question

Choosing the right firing point is another critical aspect determining the effectiveness of the sniper rifle. To maximize the potential of the AWP, you need to meet two main requirements:

  • Freedom of view and high probability of hitting the target.
  • Difficult access for enemies to your position.

The first condition largely depends on the map and the selected sector. Open spaces and long corridors create favorable conditions for the AWP – here you can freely aim and fire. In tight, intricate locations, the effectiveness of the sniper rifle sharply decreases.

The second factor is mainly determined by the distance to the enemy. The farther away you are, the less chance of receiving lethal damage if detected. Moreover, at longer distances, it’s much easier to target the head of an unsuspecting enemy. Therefore, it’s preferable to choose positions away from expected enemy movement paths.

The universal recipe for successful AWP gameplay in CS2 is a combination of practiced skills, cleverness, and team spirit. Train your skills, build tactics around the nuances of your style, and you’ll become a formidable force in the cyber arena!