Looking for a complete guide to all of the villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Look no further! Our comprehensive guide has everything you need to know about each and every villager in the game.

Who is OHare?

O’Hare is a playable character in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He is a rabbit who landed to the island after purchasing the Nook Inc. deserted island holiday package. He wears an orange and white coat with a pompom cap.

O’Hare manages the Nook Stop, where you can buy tools and furnishings, convert Nook Miles for prizes, and even bank your Bells. In addition to his catchphrase, O’Hare answers to Kicks by saying “ohhhay“. O’Hare may also be seen within Resident Services at specific times of the day and will deliver unique dialogue when talked to. He often provides players new furnishings or recipes as a token of his gratitude for their efforts on their island.


A special event happens in the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons when one of your villagers celebrates their birthday. On their birthday, your villager will be surrounded by celebrating friends and family, with a giant cake in the center.

You may make them pleased by giving them gifts, which will considerably boost their degree of friendship with you. You may even obtain customized prizes such as furnishings or apparel dependent on the personality type of the villager. If you have satisfied the basic conditions for the villager’s Friendship Level increase prior to their birthday celebration, you will also be able to view a special sequence in which they thank you.

Birthday parties are a terrific chance to show your people how much you care for and respect them.

OHares Personality

O’Hare is a rabbit islander with a jock demeanor in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He has the same facial characteristics as the other Animal Crossing rabbits, such as white hair, heavy brows, and buck teeth. His first piece of clothes is a Reggae Tee, and he puts a green baseball hat on his head when he goes outdoors. His slogan is “shadow,” which reflects his fondness for dark activities.

O’Hare has a jock attitude, which means he’s competitive and constantly searching for a challenge, whether it’s via physical exercise or sportsmanship. He enjoys working out and being active throughout the day, participating in a variety of physical hobbies ranging from fishing to bug capturing. He enjoys displaying his power and talents, but he will also assist someone in need or offer them advice if they ask. He’s laid-back yet forthright, so he can be relied on for sound advice when it’s required.

OHares Appearance

O’Hare is a well-known character from the Animal Crossing video game series and one of the inhabitants of your island in New Horizons.

O’Hare’s look is distinct from other villager designs. He features a purple rabbit-like head with soft purple fur, huge yellow eyes, green whiskers, and buck teeth. He is likewise dressed in a bright blue shirt with white stars emblazoned on it and blue shorts with white stripes. His ears are somewhat larger than his head and have green insides, as do his paws, which have green insides and white polka dots on the rear. When he talks, his ears twitch as well.

O’Hare has a laid-back yet energetic demeanor, as he enjoys dancing and socializing with other island inhabitants. He typically comes off as kind and caring, yet he may be obstinate when it comes to adhering to his beliefs or way of life.

OHares House

The O’Hare’s House is one of the primary buildings in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and it is owned by O’Hare, the resident special character. This home may be found on every populous island in the game, right adjacent to the Town Hall. Inside, gamers will discover O’Hare’s Furniture Theme and DIY recipes, both of which are exclusive to his home.

It should be noted that the inside of O’Hare’s mansion cannot be altered. It has a kitchen on one side, a pool table and card table on the other, and a crafts room in between. Players should also be aware that altering any objects inside this structure may lead O’Hare to shift, necessitating extra procedures if they intend to trade with him later.

Aside from trade, O’Hare offers a recruiting board where all existing players may post messages for others to see.

Facts About OHare

O’Hare is a rare character in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that debuts as part of the Decorating and Feng Shui Update. O’Hare is a sloth villager that enjoys trading furniture, objects, and clothing. He is well renowned for his upbeat nature and his ability to brighten up any house with his interior design abilities.

O’Hare is constantly accessible at the airport, so players may quickly contact him if they need assistance with their decorations. Furthermore, he provides different personalization tips and tactics depending on the player’s tastes and game progress. Finally, O’Hare always carries unique and exclusive furniture items that cannot be obtained elsewhere, making him one of the game’s most essential characters.

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