Pekoe the cat is one of the cutest villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you how to get Pekoe to move to your island, what her personality is like, what her catchphrase means, and more!

Who is Pekoe?

Pekoe is a cub that is pale orange in color and has blue eyes, a yellow nose, and yellowish-orange inner ears. Her design was inspired by a panda bear cub, and her name reflects this. Pekoe’s first sentence, “pancake,” is another allusion to her animal kind. She has a cheerful demeanor, which means she enjoys being around others and is seldom harsh or snobbish. She, like other happy villagers, will frequently chat about herself and become thrilled if the topic goes to fashion or clothing.

Pekoe enjoys meeting new acquaintances and may often be spotted participating in outdoor activities such as throwing pebbles with a shovel or fishing at your island’s docks. She may sometimes ask you to assist her in locating certain products that she needs for DIY projects or for her house. She also enjoys receiving presents from you at any moment. Pekoe likes all things cute, so if you offer her anything lovely, she’ll be overjoyed.


Each villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a unique birthdate. You may express your gratitude and obtain unique goods by paying a visit to a villager on their birthday. When a villager celebrates their birthday, they will give you a unique present, such as a wallpaper or flooring motif.

Pekoe is one of the prettiest villagers in the game, therefore her birthday is worth remembering. Her birthday is on June 26th each year, and she will be celebrating with her lovely Tiger Print Wall. This item will complement any tiger themed area or just add a bit of flare to whatever space you select. On her big day, don’t forget to thank Pekoe.

Pekoes Personality

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Pekoe is a laid-back bear cub villager. Her name is most likely derived from pekoe, the immature leaves of a tea plant that are shown on the company’s emblem. She has bright yellow eyes and an orange snout with a white tip. Pekoe often dresses in bright colors such as pink or yellow, and her first piece of apparel is the Bright Tee.

Pekoe likes to take things slowly and converse with people rather than fighting or having heated debates. She enjoys chatting about food, particularly tea and sweets like ice cream or cake, so having some of these goods on hand might help you rapidly build up her friendship meter. She also likes gathering shellfish from the seashore and displaying them as decorations in her room. Pekoe’s tagline even notes how she enjoys napping to rigorous activity.

Pekoes Appearance

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Pekoes is a snobbish cat villager. She is a white and brown tabby with pink cheek stripes, a black nose and paws, and long, floppy ears. She is dressed in the Japari Jacket, a one-of-a-kind outfit accessible only to specific villages in New Horizons. Pekoes also wears spectacles that are pink at the bottom and clear at the top. Her eyes are crossed in an endearing manner. Her catchphrase is “pffffft,” implying that she might be arrogant or unimpressed while conversing with other villagers.

Her home is decorated in dark greys, whites, blues, and purples, and it is extremely nice and tidy. Inside her home, she has the Kiddie Stereo blasting K.K. Bossa. Pekoes may supply players with special things through her amiibo card; if you scan her card at Nook’s Cranny, she will give you the Japari Jacket as well as other items from the Fauna Set.

Pekoes House

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has Pekoe as a villager. When compared to the other villagers’ dwellings in the game, hers is one of the most intriguing. She has an eclectic combination of furniture, a one-of-a-kind wallpaper and carpet, and an outside pool that complements the overall tone of her interior design.

Pekoe’s home has pieces from the Mod Wallpaper collection, such as the Mod Wallpaper, as well as random goods such as a Classic Sofa and Fluffy Rug. Pekoe’s home, with its vibrant colors and varied furnishings, produces a welcoming environment that matches her cheerful personality. The outdoor pool adds a unique touch that only the most imaginative Animal Crossing gamers can achieve.

Facts About Pekoe

Pekoe is a villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. She has an orange and brown fur coat that gives her the appearance of a raccoon. She is wearing a white clover-shaped hat on her head. She has a Japanese accent and enjoys cooking.

Pekoe enjoys shopping and is often spotted roaming about the island looking for stuff she needs or desires. She’s quite personable and enjoys it when other residents approach her to talk. She also enjoys:

  • Composing poetry
  • Singing karaoke
  • Going on nature walks
  • Making paper creatures

Pekoe is renowned for having a strong sense of desire and tenacity in achieving his goals in life. She even has her own four-part “Life Plan” that she meticulously adheres to in order to fulfill all of her objectives on time. Pekoe often hosts parties for other villagers, typically providing them with wonderful meals that she has prepared herself, as well as interesting games for everyone to enjoy.

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