In-depth guide to Kiki the cat in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, including personality, birthday, catchphrase, and furniture.

Who is Kiki?

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Kiki is a villager. Kiki is quite famous among gamers as one of the kitties. She has a smug demeanor, which means she always looks to be confident and in charge. Her slogan, “kittenish,” aptly depicts this mindset.

With white stripes, Kiki has a light gray base fur color. She also has bright yellow eyes and a ribbon on her head, which adds to her charm.

Whether or not other villagers are chatting about them, Kiki enjoys gossiping and talking about them. She’s also quite giving with her items; she often gives away furniture and clothes that she’s produced but no longer needs.

She enjoys:

  • Nature
  • Video games
  • Fishing
  • Bug collection
  • Stargazing with the player at night
  • Surprising the player with random Snooty or Uchi villagers on special occasions such as Toy Day or Bunny Day.


Kiki is a rare character that visits your island on her birthday in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. On that particular day, she’ll ask you to assist her with numerous activities. If you finish them successfully, you will be rewarded handsomely. The game will build a little birthday area on your island with balloons and decorations to honor the event.

Kiki will also offer you a special item as a birthday gift in addition to the benefits described above. Birthday cake recipes, pink piñatas, and a birthday signage furniture set are among them. She may also send an invite code that allows you to share these gifts with others online.

On Kiki’s birthday, keep an eye on your Nook Phone because she could have given you something special. One guaranteed method to make her special day even more memorable is to assist Kiki and participate in the celebrations.

Kikis Personality

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Kiki the cat is one of the many endearing animal inhabitants. Her feisty demeanor and effervescent personality make her a popular character among gaming enthusiasts. Kiki is incredibly headstrong and enjoys being in charge, as you’ll soon discover.

Strong-willed and organized, Kiki is a peasant. She likes things to be nice and tidy, but she also prefers her own space and will not tolerate anybody disturbing it. She likes music and playing musical instruments such as the guitar or drums, but she gets tired soon if pushed too hard to perform.

Kiki is a kind character who doesn’t hesitate to speak out when she has strong opinions about anything. She is devoted to and passionately protective of her closest friends, so always treat her with courtesy and respect, as she has little tolerance for rudeness or ugliness. Kiki is a fiercely loyal friend who will stand by your side through thick and thin once you’ve gained her trust.

Kikis Appearance

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Kiki is a haughty cat villager. Her body is orange, and she has a cream-colored face, tail, and ears. Her eyes are emerald, and her long black whiskers. She also dresses in a blue outfit with white stripes and a head ribbon that changes color depending on the occasion.

Kiki’s home is furnished with Jolly series furniture, which includes a variety of vividly colored furniture pieces ranging from brightly colored couches to brightly patterned coffee tables and wallpapers. Her flooring is checkered wood, and she has a colorful garland wall as her wallpaper. In addition, Kiki has a collection of gyroids in her home, as well as different plants, including flowers and shrubs, dispersed throughout for décor.

Kikis House

Kiki the cat owns Kiki’s House, which is a place in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. On the island, players may engage with Kiki and fulfill chores such as giving her presents, exchanging stuff with her, and more. Kiki’s house sits on the highest level of the island, near to the museum.

Inside her home, you’ll discover a variety of furnishings, including an orange chair and a neat bed. Kiki is a pleasant cat that likes exchanging stuff with people and advising them on how to best decorate their islands. She also enjoys getting gifts from the villagers and has some unusual emotions when she gets something she likes or dislikes.

Consider visiting Kiki’s House if you want to meet new acquaintances on your island.

Facts About Kiki

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Kiki is one of the cats. She is dressed in a blue dress with a pink fur design. Her bright nature sets her apart from the other kitties.

Kiki enjoys collecting and giving stuff to people she gets along with as gifts. She also likes listening to music, playing hide-and-seek, and receiving praises on her appearance. Kiki is a very inquisitive person, and she is often seen conversing with other villagers or watching the things going on around her.

Kiki’s favorite color is yellow, and her favorite animal season in New Horizons is the cherry blossom season. Her birthday is on February 13th, which also happens to be Mardi Gras in many parts of the globe. After a long day of sightseeing, Kiki likes to have ice cream sundaes.

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