Looking to add a Kabuki Villager to your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island? Here’s everything you need to know about this unique character, including their personality, catchphrase, and more!

Who is Kabuki?

Kabuki is a villager in the 2020 Animal Crossing: New Horizons game. He is a cat villager with a sluggish demeanor that prefers resting and snacking. His house is furnished with elegant series furniture, which contains various objects with contemporary designs and vivid colors. “Meooo-wow,” his catchphrase, alluded to his traditional Japanese kabuki inspiration.

Kabuki is a laid-back character that may be seen daydreaming in his residence or roaming about the island. He enjoys listening to music, playing his guitars, and eating fruit, despite the fact that it sometimes causes him indigestion. He also has a thing for fortune cookies, which he can typically be seen eating on when he’s not playing music or dreaming.

Kabuki tries to be the finest musician he can be, therefore if you visit him at certain times on specific days, you’ll be able to hear some of his unique melodies.


In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a birthday is the day a player’s village inhabitant was born. Every villager in the game has a unique birthday, and you may send presents to other villagers on their birthdays. Birthdays are also an excellent method to keep track of when people will leave and join your town, since each villager can only live in one town at a time.

If a villager has lived in their town for 90 days or longer, they are more likely to receive presents from the player on their birthday. These presents might consist of any form of furnishings or apparel. It is also feasible to gift cake on birthdays, which can strengthen your bond with the community.

Villager birthday festivities may involve games, music, or partying with other inhabitants of your town.

Kabukis Personality

Kabuki is a sluggish villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He has an exuberant, passionate, and easygoing nature, preferring to explore and make friends at his own pace. He enjoys being outside and chatting more than anything else in the world. He’s also really adept at fishing, albeit he’s not so fond on bug capturing.

Kabuki is a social butterfly that enjoys meeting new people and can generally be seen outdoors with other villagers playing games or hanging out indoors with them. His ideal profession is to be a forest ranger, but he also enjoys going on long treks around his island in search of hidden treasures such as fossils and bugs. Although he is strong-willed most of the time, Kabuki often speaks before thinking and might seem childish at times owing to his inexperience.

Kabukis Appearance

In the Animal Crossing series, Kabuki is a sluggish Cat villager. He has a cheerful demeanor, which suggests he is kind and upbeat. His home is packed with Japanese artifacts such as a kotatsu, tatami mats, bonsai plants, and Modern Series furniture. He wears a Kabuki mask, giving him a distinct appearance that many gamers find alluring. “Meooooow” is Kabuki’s distinctive catchphrase. This fits with his slacker nature, since he is often seen resting or yawning throughout the game.

His body is orange with dark pink stripes and dark pink ears and tail tip. His eyes have an animated feel to them in both games he appears in, making him seem to be always on the lookout. He has unique clothing accessories available to further personalize him, such as the Kabuki Mask Furniture Set and Traditional Kimono top, to really set him apart from the other villagers.

Kabukis House

Kabukis House is a house in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that houses the Kabuki villager. The home is a visually appealing combination of pastel colors, vibrant tones, and traditional Japanese architectural features.

Inside, gamers will discover white tatami mats, fish wallpaper, and bamboo flooring. Players may also use a kotatsu table as a sitting spot for other villagers to relax around. Furthermore, the home has traditional Japanese furniture elements such as red pagoda lanterns and bonsai trees, which may be put for decoration on each side of a porch or deck.

The Kabukis House also offers an outdoor patio with hot springs, Japanese umbrellas, and paper shōji entrances that face out into wonderful natural landscapes.

Facts About Kabuki

Kabuki is a unique villager in Animal Crossing: New Frontiers. He is a member of the cube-shaped Octopus family, which has a distinct design that distinguishes it from other villages. Kabuki, like the other villagers, likes conversing to the player, fishing and insect capturing, and wandering about the island.

Kabuki has a smug disposition, which means he is full of himself and enjoys flaunting his abilities. He commonly utilizes catchphrases such as “ello there” or “oh my cod“. He also enjoys dancing and sometimes bursts into song. Even while conversing to him via conversation boxes in game, listening to him say gives you a good vibe.

Because of its emphasis on cartoon situations and characters, Kabuki’s house has a particularly distinct aesthetic when contrasted to many other villagers’ dwellings. It includes various pieces of furniture inspired by popular cartoon programs like Disney and Warner Bros. This gives it a lighthearted atmosphere that complements Kabuki’s cheerful demeanor wonderfully.

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