Looking to add Judy the Villager to your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island? Here’s everything you need to know about her, from her personality to her catchphrase.

Who is Judy?

In the immensely popular life-simulation computer game Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Judy is a particular villager character. She is one of 392 recruitable villagers in the game, but she sticks out due to her distinct attitude and flair.

Judy has a cheerful nature, which means she enjoys interacting with both villagers and gamers. She has a positive attitude, appreciates fashion, and enjoys discussing issues that interest her. She also enjoys gossip, so speaking with her may be both interesting and educational. Judy’s characteristic hue is turquoise, and she like the flashy style. Judy’s home has numerous stylish objects as well as pieces that demonstrate her distinct taste in art.

In conclusion, Judy is a happy-go-lucky villager whose vivid energy makes Animal Crossing: New Horizons come to life. She enjoys gossiping with other villages and gamers and enjoys fashion, so speaking with her is always an entertaining experience. Her home décor reflects her sophisticated side while also showing her eclectic art choices. Though she may not be present on every island at any one moment, meeting this rare villager may be a rewarding experience for any gamer wishing to spice up their island.


Judy the Villager’s birthday is on July 24th in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This implies that you must play before you can engage with Judy and convince her to become a resident of your island.

There are a few customs that locals follow when it comes to commemorating Judy’s birthday. For instance, on Judy’s special day, it’s usual to offer her a present or cake. For an extra festive atmosphere, you may also opt to adorn your island with flower bouquets and balloons.

Furthermore, organizing a party is the ideal method to ensure that everyone celebrates Judy’s birthday in style. In addition to offering food and beverages for attendees, consider including entertaining games like as karaoke or charades to give a little more excitement.

Judys Personality

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Judy, a sweet pink hippo villager, made her debut. She has a pleasant, lively nature and enjoys staying busy and assisting her friends and neighbors. She is also noted for being incredibly nice and getting along with almost everyone she encounters.

Judy is often spotted swimming in the ocean or river in search of new marine critters to watch. She also likes to gather furniture and furnishings for her island house. Judy gets along well with the majority of the villagers, but she may suffer when it comes to arguments or severe rivalry amongst players. However, if given the opportunity to speak things out calmly and collaborate, she is more than willing to do so.

Judy will also always go above and beyond to provide a helping hand or say something pleasant when it is needed. Overall, Judy is a wonderful villager who brings joy and happiness into the lives of everyone she meets.

Judys House

Judy’s home is one of the most unique structures in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It’s on the junction of Main Street and Meadow Road in a residential neighborhood. It is furnished with a variety of items, many of which are tied to Judy, a beaver villager, and her hobbies and interests. Because Judy loves nature, her home is filled with plants and flowers. She also has a vast collection of fossils that she enjoys showing off and trading with the other villagers.

Various furniture items may be found in her home, including the Beetle Chair, Honeycomb Dresser, Sloppy Bed Set, and Daisy Rug. Judy has various artworks that she has gathered throughout the years that are displayed in her house. Her wallpaper is pastel-green Conifer Wallpaper, and her flooring is a combination of yellow-brown Bamboo Flooring and Pastel-Grey Carpet Flooring.

Facts About Judy

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Judy is a crucial character. She is one of two jock villagers that may relocate to your island. She is noted for her trendy and sophisticated demeanor, as well as her willingness to try new things. Judy is a vivacious villager, which means she enjoys talking and being around others, making her a great island buddy.

Judy enjoys gossip and often tells tales to the other villagers. She also enjoys fashion and often wears bright colors and patterns to stand out from the crowd. Judy enjoys singing, playing games like hide-and-seek and painting, going long walks in nature, playing sports, and photographing her friends having fun on the beach. She may even persuade you to participate in some activity. Judy constantly encourages others to have fun whenever possible, and her infectious energy brings out the best in others.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Judy Villager Guide