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Who is Roald?

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Roald is a villager. He is a penguin with a jock personality, which means he enjoys sports and physical activities and can be extremely competitive at times. He has brown hair and yellow eyes, and he is dressed in a yellow snorkel vest. He has many catchphrases, such as “d-d-d-deluxe” when he is delighted or “chilly” when he is depressed.

Roald adores swimming, fishing, and diving in the water, and he is often seen on the beach throughout the day. His favorite interest is collecting seashells, which he uses to adorn the inside of his house. Roald enjoys foods such as fruitcake, crepes, and ice cream, which may influence the furnishings in his house. Furthermore, since he is a jock, he prioritizes sports-themed furniture such as basketball hoops and soccer goals while designing his house.


Roald is a villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons who was born on August 20th. He enjoys the basic pleasures of life and, as his personality implies, prefers to go at his own speed. His favorite interest is fishing, and he enjoys listening to K.K. Slider’s music to unwind. Roald has pink skin, yellow eyes, and an orange beak atop a white headgear with slicked-back black hair, giving him an elegant appearance.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Roald celebrates his birthday on the same day every year. You may offer him fruits or furnishings from the Nook Shopping Catalogs as presents on this day; he’ll be happy and really appreciate anything you chose for him. He also likes being invited to parties and being visited by the player and any other villagers that may accompany them. Make sure he has a fantastic birthday celebration, and consider throwing him a surprise party.

Roalds Personality

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Roald the Villager is a jock penguin villager. He has a calm lumberjack demeanor and likes fishing, working out, and participating in athletic sports. Roald is a cheery and enthusiastic character who may be pretty frank at times. He’s a free thinker with strong beliefs, yet he’s also easy to get along with.

Roald might be spotted conversing with other residents on the beach or at the pier. He enjoys exploring new locations and activities and often tells people about his encounters. Roald is also renowned for his interest for fishing, and he often encourages gamers to join him in catching some fish. Despite his emphasis on physical activity, Roald has a strong respect for nature and its beauty.

Roalds House

Roald Dahl‘s home appears in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He is an elderly bear villager that enjoys chatting and exploring new locations.

Roald’s house is a brown, one-story house on your island’s far west edge. He has a little furniture collection that includes two rocking chairs, two desks, and plant shelves, as well as a cute puppet show set up in the corner of the room. His walls are coated with blue wallpaper, and his floor is made of wood. He seems to have a favorite hangout spot: an outside seat adjacent to his front entrance.

Roald usually has something fascinating to say, so if you encounter him about your island, don’t be hesitant to start up a chat with him.

Facts About Roald

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch, Roald is a villager. He is an eagle villager that initially debuted in Animal Crossing: Wild World, the game’s precursor. Roald has brown curly hair, large beady eyes, and a yellow beak. His signature word is “tootoo,” which he says when he’s enthusiastic or joyful.

Roald has a jock personality, which indicates he enjoys physical activities such as exercising and participating in sports. He also enjoys discussing his physical health and urges you to do the same. Roald likes fish, beetles, and fossils but hates fruit and customizing furniture. When you offer him a present, he generally responds with gratitude or a joke at your expense, but always in good humor.

Although not a very complex character, Roald will keep you smiling during your trip in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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