All about Poppy, the animal crossing villager.
Learn everything you need to know about Poppy, from her catchphrase to her favorite furniture.

Who is Poppy?

Poppy is a sweet and happy rabbit villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. She is likely to be a popular animal crossing villager with her black dots, bright pink fur, and blue eyes with white ♥s.

Poppy is a Normal villager, which means she like most things, but particularly adorable ones. Her lifelong ambition is to operate a shop packed with rare and one-of-a-kind products. She likes reading and loves clothes and accessories of all kinds. Her catchphrase is “Yee-haw,” and it reflects her lively nature.

Poppy likes playing the piano, swimming in the water at night, collecting bugs or flowers, singing karaoke with friends, and relaxing at the campground, in addition to fashion and literature. Poppy could be the right pick for you if you’re seeking for a villager that enjoys having fun and making everyone happy.


Poppy’s birthday is October 14th. Poppy will get a year older and celebrate her birthday on this day every year. Players who desire to present a gift to Poppy must do so by 12:00 AM on the 14th. The player may choose whatever sort of present they like, and if they give Poppy something she loves, she will be grateful.

Players may also invite Poppy to their home and throw her a party, complete with décor, cake, and fun mini games to earn some rare exclusive stuff. When the player has completed partying with Poppy, she will give them a special birthday item that can only be gotten via her.

Poppys Personality

Poppy is a cheerful villager in Animal Crossing: New Frontier. She is a pink rabbit with an orange and brown striped snout and a pink ribbon on her head. Poppy has a positive outlook and enjoys assisting her fellow villagers whenever possible. She enjoys discussing fashion, outdoor tales, and new trends. Poppy also enjoys shopping for clothes and is often spotted around town perusing apparel catalogs.

Poppy’s easygoing personality makes her a wonderful pal to have around town. She is constantly seeking for new ways to have fun and takes satisfaction in simple activities like stargazing at night or exploring for fossils on the beach. Poppy is certain to brighten the day of any villager by giving them presents or asking them out for coffee or tea. Her kind demeanor makes it simple for other villagers to come up to her and discuss their day, troubles, or dreams.

Poppys Appearance

Poppy is a white rabbit with a pink face, floppy ears, and two tufts of hair on its head in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Her eyes are wide open, and the tip of her tail has a cowlick-like curl. Poppy’s wardrobe normally consists of the Summer Tee, which changes colors according on the season, and those large fluffy bunny shoes. In the winter, she dresses in the Rainbow Sweater to be warm.

Poppy’s house is packed with adorable objects such as soft cushions and fresh flowers, some of which were given to her by other villages. Overall, she has a warm yet serene aura. Her easygoing demeanor shows through in her interior design and fashion sense. Despite her laid-back demeanor, Poppy enjoys getting out and about on her island, whether it’s meeting friends for tea or going for a jog along the beachside promenade.

Poppys House

Poppy’s residence in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a superb reflection of the character’s wild and bright nature. With a balcony to view the stars, cheery wallpaper and carpeting, and abundance of flowers and potted plants, Poppy’s home reflects her warm and caring personality. Poppy’s tropical-style furnishings adds to her warm and inviting aura.

Poppy’s home has a lot of fascinating touches on the outside. Passers-by are greeted with a patchwork-style sign with her name, and a cactus garden along the route to her home door. Pink shutters enclose her windows, and brilliant white exterior lights illuminate the entryway at night. Butterflies flutter at every corner, as is customary in Animal Crossing. All of these aspects combine to create a charming small house that anybody would be happy to call home.

Facts About Poppy

Poppy is a cute rabbit villager who first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. She has a typical demeanor and walks about town with a positive outlook. She enjoys being outside, frolicking in wildflower fields, playing her guitar, and catching up with friends.

Poppy’s home is packed with adorable goods such as a pink couch and flowery wallpaper. She is often spotted doing yoga or playing the guitar. She also likes advising other people on their relationships and life choices. Her signature term is “lilikoi,” which translates to “passionfruit” in Hawaiian.

Her favorite pastime is music, especially singing and playing the guitar. In terms of attire, she prefers light-colored dresses that make her feel like she’s constantly on vacation.

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