Looking for the best tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Raymond in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Look no further than this ultimate guide!

Who is Raymond?

Raymond has been added to New Horizons’ Animal Crossing series. He has white fur with pink highlights and a stunning striped tail. His distinct look has helped him become one of the most adored characters in the Animal Crossing world.

According to the official Animal Crossing website, Raymond is a “hipster”, which means he likes to keep ahead of the trends and isn’t afraid to wear daring fashion choices. He is also well-known for his quick wit and intellect. He isn’t hesitant to engage in lengthy discussions with other locals, whether about philosophy or trivial trivia questions. At night, Raymond may be seen enjoying games with other villagers or roaming about your island.

Raymond is a fascinating villager who will undoubtedly add charm and flair to your island.


In the hit video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Raymond is a villager. As part of the festivities for Raymond’s birthday, you have the opportunity to offer him presents. Raymond is happiest when he receives gorgeous goods that reflect his trendy aesthetic, such as furniture and clothing accessories, as a gift for his birthday. You may also gift him fruits, flowers, and other goods that are unique to your island and may not be found in shops.

When it comes to Raymond’s birthday presents, it’s crucial to remember that he enjoys being surprised. Surprise him with a meaningful present from your home, or make something unique using DIY recipes or craft items gathered on your island excursions.

Raymond’s birthday is an excellent opportunity to express your gratitude and ensure that he feels cherished on his special day.

Raymonds Personality

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Raymond, a smug cat villager, made his debut. He has heterochromia, which means he has two distinct colored eyes. His fur is a light purple tone, and he has blue and green eyes.

Raymond has a distinctive approach, being self-assured, kind, and well-spoken. His catchphrase “mrowrr” depicts his chilly demeanor, which at first seems haughty or pompous, yet he is genuinely gentle and caring to the people. He enjoys fashion and refers to himself as “stylish” on a regular basis. When the athlete pays a visit to Raymond at home, Raymond often comments on his sense of style.

While he is self-centered, he may consider others and be nice to them. He also likes being with individuals who understand him and having chats with them when they share tales or secrets.

Raymonds House

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Raymond, a smug cat villager, is one of the most sought-after characters. Raymond’s home has a distinct appearance and design, with a contemporary aesthetic and trademark striped roof. A big screen dominates the middle of his house, with what looks to be a star-shaped light bulb above it. Teal, lavender, and pink are among the hues on his walls and carpeting.

There are other elements in his house that contribute to its appeal, such as an acoustic guitar opposite the giant monitor and a plant in front of the entryway. Raymond’s house stands out among the other villagers’ dwellings on your island, so spend some time today to look around.

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