How to Unlock the Secret Ending in Far Cry 6 – A Step-by-Step Guide
In Far Cry 6, there is a secret ending that can be unlocked by completing certain requirements. This guide will show you how to unlock the secret ending.


Ubisoft created Far Cry 6, an open-world action game. Players assume the role of a revolutionary commander in the fictitious nation of Yara, fighting a brutal ruler and his army.

There may be some more effort required if you want to get the hidden ending in Far Cry 6. Fortunately, we’ve put up a step-by-step tutorial to help you find this secret conclusion. Before embarking on your adventure, ensure that you have completed all major plot objectives as well as any side tasks or challenges that may reveal clues to the hidden ending. Once you’ve completed this stage of your quest, go on to the following section for further information on how to find the secret ending:

  • Complete all major plot objectives.
  • Complete any side tasks or challenges that may reveal clues to the hidden ending.

Main Storyline

In Far Cry 6, the main plot is your normal action-packed adventure in a tropical paradise gone bad. As protagonist Dani Rojas, you will have to endure a number of challenges on your journey to the secret ending, when you and your crew will eventually defeat villain Anton Castillo and his father.

The primary plot includes various missions that will need you to complete goals, defeat foes, and acquire unique equipment. The Far Cry Arcade mini-game, which can be unlocked by playing at certain areas around the game, is one of the most crucial components of the main plot. Far Cry Arcade has difficult stages where you may earn prizes and access new narrative material.

There are also side objectives throughout the game that may be accomplished for bonus prizes that contribute to your progress on the main plot. Completing these tasks also grants you access to extra talents and powers, which will benefit you later on while attempting to achieve the hidden ending.

Complete the main missions

The main objectives in Far Cry 6 must be completed in order to get the hidden ending. Completing the primary tasks will enable you to access some of the game’s hidden levels and move farther in the game. If you want to see the hidden ending, you must finish each assignment.

To proceed through each adventure, you’ll have to fight various frightening foes and conquer a variety of obstacles. Additionally, you’ll need to gather various things as you go through the game, since they will all be necessary to unlock the hidden ending. Completing all of these activities as directed will ultimately allow you to acquire Lightning Bolt, which is required to reach the game’s hidden ending.

Unlock all the collectibles

Unlock all the collectibles in Far Cry 6 to unlock the secret ending. Cassette cassettes, post cards, maps, and other items are examples of collectibles. They are strewn throughout the game in different areas, and collecting all of them will reward you with an ending video. It’s not an easy effort, but it’s definitely worth it if you want to see Far Cry 6’s alternate ending.

To make your task simpler, you may use the map to see which items you’ve already located and what remains to be gathered. You may even buy some of the places from merchants or traders with your hard-earned silver bars, but make sure it’s something worthwhile. Unlocking all of the items is an excellent way to acquire a deeper idea of the Far Cry 6 plot and what is going on in Yara.

Side Missions

Side Tasks are optional missions located around the world of Yara in Far Cry 6. Completing side tasks will not only reward players with stuff and resources, but also assist players in unlocking the game’s hidden ending.

The complexity and substance of side missions varies, ranging from plundering a specific building or person to assassinating high-ranking figures. It is crucial to note that certain side mission goals may require players to first fulfill specified Story Mode objectives before proceeding to the side missions, since they have more challenging criteria.

Furthermore, many Side Missions contain incentives that make completing them worthwhile, like as new weapons or upgrade packs. These awards do not typically contribute to obtaining the hidden ending or influence how the player’s character grows, but they are still a fantastic bonus for those who love accomplishing extra mission goals in order to advance farther.

Complete all side missions

You must finish all of the side tasks in Far Cry 6 to get the hidden ending. These missions may be found throughout the game and include a range of activities such as rescuing hostages, destroying caches, and liberating captives. Completing these side quests grants you experience points, weaponry, and money.

In addition, finishing all side missions will provide you access to a new area where the secret ending quest will be accessible. This secret ending quest is only available after completing the other side missions and delivers a different finish to the plot of Far Cry 6.

Unlock all side mission collectibles

By collecting all of the items from the side missions in Far Cry 6, you may unlock the hidden ending. These goods may be discovered in a variety of locations around the game environment, including riverbeds, caverns, and other spots. You’ll need to utilize your exploring abilities as well as some luck to discover them. Search each location for little artifacts such as flags and artwork that do not ordinarily appear when playing the game. The hidden ending of Far Cry 6 will be revealed after all items have been gathered.

Collecting all of the side mission treasures is a difficult endeavor, but it is well worth the effort. You will not only get a wonderful award at the conclusion of your adventure, but you will also gain entry to a new region full with surprises. So keep an eye out for every detail in your surroundings since something worthwhile may be lurking around the corner.

Bonus Missions

In Far Cry 6, bonus missions are additional optional tasks that enable the player to obtain the hidden ending. These bonus missions provide an exciting and challenging way to explore the world of Far Cry 6 and make progress on an otherwise hidden mission path.

To access these additional missions, you must discover three distinct task codexes distributed around the game and hidden within certain objects. Once you have collected all three codexes, you will then need to complete eight additional story-driven missions in order to unlock Far Cry 6’s secret ending.

Each mission has its own set of goals and tasks for you to fulfill, some of which entail discovering certain goods hidden about the globe or engaging in specialized side activities such as fishing or hunting. Exploration is essential for learning the mysteries behind these additional tasks, so take your time and investigate everywhere.

Complete all bonus missions

In order to unlock the hidden ending and make your kid your successor, you must complete all bonus tasks in Far Cry 6. Bonus missions are side goals located throughout the game that provide additional benefits like as weaponry, bonus XP, and cash. Although these missions are optional, they provide a crucial benefit: completing them will provide you access to a secret ending in which your kid becomes your successor.

To find these secrets and get the ultimate prize, you must extensively explore Far Cry 6 and complete all bonus tasks. Even if these chores seem tough or time-consuming at first, they are definitely worth it: completing them will result in one of the most memorable endings in the game.

Unlock all bonus mission collectibles

To get the hidden ending of Far Cry 6, you must finish every bonus mission items found throughout the game. These treasures may be located in particular mission-specific places and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The hidden ending can only be accessed by collecting all of them.

The Symmetrical Lance is the most hardest collectable to get, requiring some problem solving and investigation before it can be gathered. The riddles vary in difficulty from easy to complicated, but they are all required steps to reveal the hidden ending. As a result, if you want to get this ending, you must pay attention to every detail as you go through each mission and fulfill each objective.

Unlocking the Secret Ending

The secret ending of Far Cry 6 is a hidden part that you may access after finishing the game’s main plot. To get access to it, you must finish all side missions and achieve the highest rating in all challenge objectives. When all of these prerequisites are completed, you’ll be able to access an unique scenario with a different conclusion.

Make sure you’ve finished all side missions fully and have the highest grade in all challenge tasks to get access to this hidden ending. You will be able to reach the hidden ending of Far Cry 6 by achieving these prerequisites in order. This is a really exciting and exhilarating climax that varies from the standard one, allowing players to experience Far Cry 6 in its entirety in a different way.

Find the hidden Easter Eggs

To obtain the secret ending in Far Cry 6, players must locate all of the game’s hidden Easter Eggs. These Easter Eggs may be discovered all across Yara, including on signs, buildings, and banners. Easter Eggs are skillfully buried and may not be immediately obvious, so players should keep an eye out while exploring the game area.

Players will be able to access the hidden ending after all of the Easter Eggs have been found. However, it may take many attempts before all of them are discovered. The rewards for discovering these Easter Eggs will vary depending on how many are discovered, but they may include additional things or even an unique ending scenario that is only accessible if all of them are discovered.

Complete the hidden challenges

To get the secret ending in Far Cry 6, players must accomplish the game’s hidden tasks. These are airborne assaults that may be carried out with either a helicopter or a jet. During missions, players must find and destroy as many enemy targets as they can from an overhead perspective.

This is accomplished by releasing rockets or missiles from an airborne aircraft and precisely targeting enemy objectives on the ground below. This will move gamers closer to accomplishing these hidden goals, prompting cutscenes and other unique events that will lead to Far Cry 6’s secret finale. Completing these unique tasks earns players additional prizes, enabling them to explore more of Far Cry 6’s enormous open world.

Solve the puzzles

The hidden ending of Far Cry 6 can only be accessed by solving riddles. You will be given several riddles while playing the game. Some will be simple, while others will be more difficult. In general, puzzles include deciphering clues or symbols, traversing surroundings, and manipulating items.

It is critical that you answer each task when it appears in order to continue to the finish of the game. By doing so, you will amass equipment and information that will assist you in your journey to discover the hidden ending.


In order to obtain the hidden ending of Far Cry 6, players must accomplish specific requirements.

  • Collecting 20 golden statues
  • Finishing all three bonus missions
  • Killing a particular adversary
  • And more goals

Access to an extended sequence revealing the outcome of protagonist Dani Rojas’ journey is the prize for achieving the hidden ending. In general, finding the hidden ending in Far Cry 6 requires effort and attention. Completing these activities, on the other hand, will be well worth it since it will reward gamers with a satisfying finish to their journey. By following our step-by-step instructions, you should have no trouble accessing this secret material and witnessing the Far Cry 6 finale.

How To Unlock The Secret Ending In Far Cry 6