A Full Guide to Having Children in Bannerlord – How to have children, what they can do for you, and more!

How to Have Children in Bannerlord

In Bannerlord, having children is an essential component of the game since it affects your family’s destiny and the fate of your dynasty. To have children, you must first marry. With each successful seasonal transition, you have a chance to have a kid. It is crucial to realize, however, that having a kid every season is not certain. The strength of your connection with your spouse, as well as various other random elements, enter into the equation.

The character’s age is another feature that may influence when and how you may have children in Bannerlord. Because of their overall health, younger characters have a greater chance of conceiving than older ones. There are also some religious or cultural benefits that might raise fertility chances, such as certain cults offering fertility boosts while performing specific rites or having certain things in your inventory when trying for children. Taking all of these factors into consideration, you should be able to correctly plan out which form of family structure works best for your personality and family tree.

How to Make Your Child Your Heir

Making your kid your successor is a crucial and time-consuming step in Bannerlord, since it decides who will control your fiefdom in the future. The first stage is to find a partner and have a kid with them. After that, you must name your kid and raise him or her as the legitimate heir. This includes teaching them the abilities required to be a great leader, such as diplomacy, battle tactics, and the administration of justice. If you choose, you may also hire tutors for your kid.

Once you’ve completed all of these processes, you may announce your kid as heir by navigating to the Menu > Fiefs & Holdings > Declare Heir section in-game. You must pick which of your children will be called heir, based on one of their birthright characteristics that will provide them an advantage later in life while controlling their own fiefdom. Choosing a suitable successor is a crucial aspect of legacy management.

How to Have Children in Bannerlord | Full Guide