Dota 2 is one of the biggest disciplines in the eSports field, averaging over 400 thousand players daily. It’s even more prominent in the eSports scene, grossing over $40,000,000 in pool prizes at 2021’s The International. The tournaments have been held since 2011, garnering momentum and gaining millions of fans worldwide.

The thrill and experience you gain from the tournament as a fan or player are unmatched. And all of these reflect in the everyday argument of eSports lovers on if DOTA 2 The International is the best eSports tournament. In this article, we’ll highlight five reasons why DOTA 2 might just be the best of all eSports tournaments.

What Is Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2)?

Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA) is the sequel to DOTA, released by Valve for Windows and Linus OS in 2013. Already popular among gamers, the game quickly gained popularity, rivaling another massive MOBA game, League of Legends (LoL). For years, millions of gamers have claimed DOTA 2 is the best and most prominent of the two, with statistics to back it up.

For instance, DOTA 2 averages over 400,000 players every day, whereas League of Legends (LoL) records significantly lower statistics. With these numbers, DOTA 2 is still gaining more popularity and solidifying its title as the biggest and best MOBA game in the eSports field. However, the claim doesn’t end with the MOBA genre as observed in the crowd and prizes pulled in its tournament, The International.

What Is “The International”?

Acclaimed as the best and most significant tournament in eSports, “The International” is the annual world championship event held for DOTA 2 by Valve. The International started in 2011 at Gamescom, hosting 16 teams to compete for a grand prize of $1,000,000. The first tournament was also the first time DOTA 2 was displayed to the public. The final event was won by Natus Vincere (NaVi).

Today, the tournament has grown beyond borders, consisting of 20 teams competing for a grand prize that’s unknown till the tournament starts. In addition, the pool prize now reaches tens of millions of dollars by crowdfunding, a huge contrast from the $1,000,000 at the first tournament. In 2021, The International broke the record for the biggest pool prize in eSports, grossing over $40,000,000.

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Why Is Dota 2 “The International” The Best E-Sports Tournament?

With the number of fans and the amount of prizes “The International” pulls, it definitely puts the tournament on the topic of what the best eSports tournament is. Although many still doubt that this title belongs to Dota 2’s The International, we’ve compiled a list of reasons that erases all doubt.

The Pool Prizes

Undoubtedly, the pool prizes that come with DOTA 2 are unmatched by any other eSports tournament. The massive pool prize started in 2013 when Valve announced a Compendium battle pass to those who allowed crowdfunding at the tournament. Since 2013, the pool prizes of Dota 2 have seen a gradual rise, reaching the peak of forty million dollars in 2021, TI10.

With this amount, it’s no surprise several pro gamers want to get into the DOTA 2 league with a team and hopefully win part of that money. The prize for the 1st – 8th positions for the contesting teams is life-changing money that cannot be earned in many other tournaments.

The Viewership

Although the viewership statistics is not the highest in eSports tournament, DOTA 2 still garners at least a million viewers annually. At its peak, The International recorded an all-time high viewership of 2.7 million viewers worldwide at TI10. It goes to show how the millions of people that follow the discipline and love to see their favorite teams in action. Very few eSports tournaments surpass Dota 2 in many of its statistics, reinforcing the fact that it’s the best tournament in the eSports industry.


With the numbers Dota2 pulls in fans and teams, it’s not surprising it’s one of the most lucrative eSports games to bet on. You’ll find several websites dedicated to Dota 2 betting with the best odds on upcoming TI tournaments. You’ll even get the option to bet on dota 2 live on some top eSports betting sites. These eSports accept Dota 2 international bets to include all Dota 2 lovers worldwide. If the sites offer them, follow the tips and guides they give in DOTA 2 TI betting. The millions of people partaking in these bets and cashing out steadily consolidate just how it’s the best in the eSports field.

The Suspense And Thrill

With the pool prizes and number of viewers, there’s everything to play. These teams of pro gamers go into the competition to display their skill and knowledge to combat the other teams. As such, the fans see unparalleled action, passion, and display of skills from the teams, unlike any other tournament. On the internet, you’ll see a myriad of footage of the best plays in DOTA 2 tournaments over the years, showing just how intense these events can get.

The Community

The large community of DOTA 2 that continue to spread the greatness of the tournaments is not seen in any other eSports discipline. These fans go out of their way to support their favorite teams by buying tickets, merchandise, and crowdfunding to ensure the tournament stays the biggest in the field. The activeness and constant show of support by the DOTA 2 community are why the game will always have the best tournaments worldwide.

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These are some of the prominent reasons why DOTA 2 has earned the title of the best eSports tournament and will continue to with its yearly tournament offerings. For fans and gamblers, its betting markets and several options for cashing out will be why it’s such a great tournament. Regardless, none other comes close to the extraordinary features of DOTA 2 The International.

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