Dice is one of the objects made synonymous with gambling, although it is a common item for all types of board games. What made this toy ideal for games of luck is how random a six-sided die can be, especially if rolled in pairs or three pieces. Thus, there are plenty of dice games at online casinos available for all types of gamblers.

Each of the games below uses dice in similar ways, so your understanding of one set of rules can help you adapt to another. However, a few nuances set them apart and attract different types of players as a result. Here is what you need to know about each dice game that you can play at online casinos:


The game ‘craps’ is one of the most complexes of the three games on this list, given its structure as a social party game. For the online version, you don’t need to learn how to shoot dice, as this role will always be played by the dealer.

You just need to know that there are two rolls in a game of craps. The first lets you bet on a pass line that wins if it rolls 7 or 11 and loses if it hits 2, 3, or 12. If the results are between 4-10, excluding 7, then it repeats the roll. Come bet follows the same rules as the pass line bet acting as a separate wager, allowing you to win twice in the same roll.

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Sic Bo

The game Sic Bo is a lot simpler than craps, and it is more similar to roulettes. There are three dice rolled each turn, with outcomes ranging from 3 to 18. However, the biggest bets only count 4-17 in range bets, keeping 3 and 18 as the game’s house edge. You can bet on two-number combinations, three number totals, and small (4-10) or big (11-17) bets per turn.

The most popular bet unique to Sic Bo is single number bets. This lets you place a wager between one of a dice’s six sides, and you get paid 1:1. However, this bet can be multiplied by how many dice showed that side, so the same ante can be paid either 2x or 3x per turn.

Lightning Dice

While Sic Bo gives you range bets, Lightning Dice only lets you place wagers on specific sums of all three dice rolled per turn. Your options range from 3 to 18 with varying probabilities and payout. Sums 3 and 18 have a probability of 0.5%, making them the least likely ones to hit, but it also has the highest payout of up to 1000x.

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The lowest payout is already as high as 5x from sums of 10 and 11, with a 12.5% chance of hitting.

What’s more exciting in Lightning Dice is the random prize multiplier applied to several options at a time. These bonuses can boost your winnings between 5x to 1000x more on top of your expected winnings. On top of not requiring its players to learn how to shoot dice, it is also one of the most volatile games you can play right now to win real cash.

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