Gone are the days when people sent Wordle clusters to their group chats. No more competing against each other to see who guessed the daily word the fastest or in the fewest tries. Wordle had mostly joined the ranks of everyday crossword puzzles—ones you will play whenever you remember but not as excited when you first discovered it. With the hype dying down, people are going back to dealing with online casino real money instead of virtual puzzles and guessing games. 

But unless you are a word game enthusiast, online games like Wordle will not satisfy your appetite. And luckily, you won’t have to stick to just Worlde in the least bit. Josh Wardle recently suggested the game Knotwords. The puzzle game was developed by Zach Gage and Jack Schlesinger. 

Breaking Down Knotwords

Knotwords’ gameplay is simple, yet the game may be challenging. Each game may appear challenging at first, but it will become clearer as you advance. Each move inevitably leads you to the answer. When playing for free, you can select between two choices: daily classic or starting a 30-puzzle monthly puzzle book. The complete edition of the game, which costs $4.99 a year or $11.99 one-time, includes puzzles, clues, your own stats, and themes.

The essential gameplay for all Knotwords puzzles is the same. Consider it a one-person Scrabble game—each puzzle is composed of several intersecting anagrams. And the player, in turn, has to organize each anagram so that the entire board is readable and makes sense. For instance, in the lesson, the player must type the word in two linked, jumbled pieces, OW and RD, so that they form the word WORD.

The daily classic can only be played once per day, and it provides a more condensed version of the word charts found in the monthly puzzle section. At any rate, the puzzle answers were pretty consistent across all of the free Knotwords boards.

But you do not have to take time out of your hectic routine to play Knotwords. The majority of the free monthly puzzles take one to 3–5 minutes. Like Wordle, how often you can disentangle a Knotwords arrangement is governed by two things. First, how creative your brain is, and second, how much you like solving trivial issues.

Solve Infinite Puzzle For a Fee

While Knotwords is free to play, the complete version requires a membership or a one-time purchase. Paying for Knotwords grants you access to its history and personalized metrics. Also, it most impressively advances you to hard mode via twist puzzles and tricky monthly challenges.

The twist puzzle version was quite enjoyable—it is a board with numbers that indicate how many vowels are in a segment. When you insert a vowel in that column, the amount of vowels decreases until it reaches zero. Your objective is to reduce all vowel numbers to zero by utilizing the right number of vowels while forming legitimate words.

Premium Knotwords also allows you to alter the color of your word bank to a Bright pink, which was very welcomed. The same applies to the white cartoon bunny that appears at the bottom of your screen and exclaims happily after you win. The latter is also accessible free of charge.

You definitely won’t be missing out on the most enjoyable or key features of Knotwords if you simply choose to play for free. But in any case, the more personalized and harder premium edition may be enticing to the most dedicated word puzzlers. Nevertheless, whether you’re a seasoned word gamer or a newcomer seeking a fascinating daily game, you will appreciate the simple ingenuity of Knotwords.

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