The adventure, unpredictable nature, and amazing graphics of video games have helped them become one of the most popular around the world today. Although initially played against the computer itself or other players, video games are starting to incorporate gambling, a step that has been welcomed by millions around the world. Video games take after movies and real-life adventures, and like gambling movies and real-life casinos, you can now gamble too while enjoying your favorite games on HyCasino.

From Lucky Ladies to Double Joker, Call of Duty, and Virtua Cop 3, there are a host of gambling video games to choose from for the most thrilling experience. Let’s discuss each of them.

Lucky Ladies

Lucky ladies is one of the most popular video games today. Its popularity spans far and wide, with video game players from around the world engaging in their preferred variety of blackjack. The game is based on blackjack, with an additional side bet that may win odds depending on the player’s first two cards equaling 20 or not.

Lucky Ladies can also be combined with other side bets like the 21 + 3, lucky ladies progressive, or burst bonus. These are also popular side bets in the game of blackjack. Lucky lady’s progressive side bet is arguable the most commonly combined among the three. At the beginning of the game, you make the progressive wager in addition to all existing base game wagers. After the player and dealer receive their cards, the lucky ladies’ progressive wager initially made is evaluated. However, note that the progressive wager exists for both the dealers and players to learn, and it has no effect on the base Blackjack game.

Double Joker

Double joker is a gambling video poker game that finds a middle ground between normal joker poker and the popular aggressive Deuces Wild forms of poker games. Basically, you play the game with two jokers that act as wild cards in a 54-card deck instead of one of four wild cards in the deck. The outcome of this is that the game finds a comfortable sport between the popular wild card heavy game and another that operates the most basic forms of video poker.

Joker poker is one of the two major forms of video poker, with the other being Deuces Wild. It is basically a poker game that incorporates gambling video games. Deuces Wild differs from Joker Poker in the sense that it keeps the deck at a standard amount of 52 cards; on the other hand, Joker Poker adds an extra card to the 52 card deck, which is called the joker. This card makes the total cards in deck 53 and is also designated as the wild card.

Double joker finds its feet in-between, adding two extra cards to the standard 52 card deck, both of which are jokers. Therefore, you have a 2 in 54 or 1 in 27 chance of drawing a joker from the deck at any time during gameplay.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a game that requires no introduction, as it is regarded as the best ever first-person shooter franchise to ever exist by many players today. First released in 2003, the game rapidly gained popularity, becoming a household name, and new titles have dropped every year since then. The gambling aspect of the video game started initially with a dynamic competitive multiplayer platform. Call of Duty transformed into a multiplayer franchise, allowing fans to play against themselves from around the world. With this advancement, it wasn’t long before gambling began to set in.

There are currently Call of Duty esports tournaments with millions to be won at the cash price. The competition is a sweet attraction for gamblers as it features some of the greatest Call of Duty players in the world. Esports betting has become one of the major markets for the game, and you can place bets online in a bid to predict the outcome of matches as the tournament progresses.

At the moment, the two major games that serve as a foundation for gaming experts are the Call of Duty Vanguard and Call of Duty Warzone. Call of Duty Vanguard is the major multiplayer title today.

Virtua Cop 3

In Virtua Cop 3, you assume the role of police officers who are on a mission to clear the city from crime. It is a light gun shooter game that allows you to play in a variety of settings, including airports, casinos, and more. Originally, it was released far back in 1998 for arcades and developed by Sega’s AM3 division.

There are six levels in total, all set in different locations that are filled with destructible objects that contain hidden items to earn new weapons and open secret doors. The game follows the basics of shooting enemies with several weapons you’d come across during missions. Also, a second player is allowed to join anytime in the game. However, the character only holds a single-shot handgun that you can’t upgrade. On the bright side, you can pick up objects like chairs, tables, bottles, and more and throw them as an attack on enemies.

Just like other video games that incorporate gambling, you can bet on Virtua Cop 3 and win depending on the game’s outcome.