The best new world PvP servers are popping up everywhere, and it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. But what makes a server worth your time? Here is a list of criteria that you should use when deciding which one will work for you.

New World Servers are a type of server that is designed to be more challenging than the standard servers. The population of these servers can vary depending on how many players are in the game world at any given time.

Best New World Server for PvP –

PvP in the New World is a fascinating subject. Despite the fact that PvP activities, such as business and faction-based fighting, are integrated into the game’s fabric, it’s been mostly disregarded since its introduction. 

This may be seen in the absence of dedicated PvP community servers. Because there is no official place for New World PvPers to call home, the community has resorted to designate various servers as unofficial PvP havens. 

There aren’t many PvP servers in the New World. In reality, just two major ones guarantee a reasonable amount of PvP action. You should play on either Valhalla or Helheim.

We’re going to speak about the two greatest New World PvP servers in this article. So, if you’ve been itching to play PvP in the New World, we’ve prepared two separate areas for you to do so. 

Valhalla is the best PvP server in the US New World.

Valhalla is without a doubt the greatest of the very restricted New World PvP servers available. Even if you’re not in the US East area, it’s worth playing on if you have internet access.

Valhalla quickly became the “de-facto” server for PvP gamers when New World was released from Beta and officially launched. Both open-world PvP and organized tournament play are included. 

For the PvP community, Valhalla has been designated as a “mega-server.” This is due in part to the efforts of a number of large corporations devoted to PvP gaming. 

/* */ is among the names on this list. Outside of New World, all of these names and more are well-known in the MMO world, therefore their presence on Valhalla lends legitimacy, activity, and a significant number of PvP players. 

All of these businesses got together to become Valhalla the new home of New World PvP. 

We mean it when we claim we’re the home of New World PvP. Valhalla, as already said, hosts organized PvP. It’s more than simply a “PvP-friendly” server; it’s a community. For anybody who has been famished for New World player against player content, not having to depend on open-world PvP or rag-tag spontaneous PvP engagements means a lot. 

You have a timetable that you can work around, so you don’t have to waste time or depend on luck to get your dose. It also allows you to meet and compete against other PvP-focused gamers. 

Helheim is the best EU New World PvP server.


Valhalla is the New World’s largest PvP arena. Unfortunately, since it’s an American server, European gamers may have trouble maintaining a consistent connection. 

There are PvP options in the European New World, mostly in the shape of the Helheim server. While Helheim is your best hope for steady PvP activity in Europe, it is still a long way from Valhalla. 

The PvP scene in Europe isn’t as established as it is in the United States. While numerous large North American firms joined together to make Valhalla the PvP paradise it is today, no equivalent effort has been made in Europe. 

This is due to a combination of linguistic challenges faced by European players and a notable absence of big-name MMO groups predominantly active in European areas.

Having saying that, Helheim can still be a fun for PvP gamers if you are fortunate enough. It doesn’t have as much open-world PvP as Valhalla, and it lacks Valhalla’s unofficial structure, but it is significantly more active in the player vs player department than any other EU New World server.  

Helheim has an edge over Valhalla in terms of wait times. Due of the vastness of the line, getting inside Valhalla may be a nightmare. Players have reported waiting several hours for a spot on the server at peak periods. 

Because Helheim isn’t as established and doesn’t have as many content makers, you’ll have to wait a lot less time to connect to it. 

Other PvP Servers in the New World

There aren’t many alternative servers for PvP gamers to flourish on, particularly in non-American countries, because to how strongly PvE-centric it is. 

In actuality, the SA East and AP Southeast areas have neither Valhalla or Helheim counterparts. For the time being, any players from these locations who want to participate in PvP must join either the European or American servers. 

However, West Coast US gamers have an option to East Coast Valhalla and European Helheim. Celadon and Camelot are also US West servers with thriving PvP scenes, but not to the same extent as the main two. 

US West gamers are encouraged to play on Valhalla if they have the necessary connection. If you’re only able to play on servers on the West Coast, you’ll want to play Celadon or Camelot. 

You won’t find many open-world PvP players on either of these servers, as you won’t find them on 99 percent of New World’s servers, but you could get to partake in more PvP activities than you would on the other servers. 


We wish we could give you better news, but we just don’t. After the initial enthusiasm has worn off and casual players have stopped playing, New World is presently at the stage of its existence where it is attempting to retain a robust player base. 

This leaves little time for the developers to devote to a specialized interest like PvP, which is unfortunate. The elements are in place for what could be a tremendously engaging player vs player experience in New World. However, the great bulk of the player base is uninterested in it. Everyone wants to play PvE, therefore that’s where the devs’ attention and resources will be focused for the foreseeable future. 

Perhaps dedicated official PvP servers will appear in the future, after New World’s geography has stabilized. Because of how well the game fared at launch, it’s probable that it’ll continue to get support for years to come, so there’s still potential for new PvP content; we just have to wait. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does New World have world PvP?

A: Yes, it has. You can fight people in the world, or on your own private island.

What server does Asmongold play on New World?

A: Asmongold currently plays on the New World server.

What server does shroud play on New World?

A: I dont know, but you can find him on the NA server.

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