With the release of the latest hot update for TOS, we found it so much easier to play the game and enjoy the content we love! Since it’s a catch-up week for all players, we’ve prepared three more days of the event, so the free content you get will be doubled! This is an event that we’ve prepared in anticipation of the hot update, and we’re really happy that you’re enjoying the game and the hot update in the past few days! Anyway, in order to thank you here in the in-game event, we’re prepared three more days of all-free content in the in-game store! If you’ve already finished the Goddess side story and the [Golden Weapon] [Cosmology] [

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the upcoming update that will bring the Goddesses to Tree of Savior. In fact, the update is scheduled to drop on 3/15. In this article, I will be going over the changes that you can expect to see in the upcoming update.

The Tree of Savior (TOS) team has announced that the Hot Week event will end in 3 days (on June 19th, 2017).

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The ToS Goddess Update was released on August 24, and with with it comes the Hot Week Event, which will run for two weeks, from August 24 to September 7. This event provides all players (new, returning, and existing) with a strong “end game light” character as well as level-appropriate gear. Any interested gamers should take advantage of this chance, since it only takes around 30 minutes to receive the prizes for a brand new character.

Here are some pointers to help you get up to speed:

  1. To level up and equip up, choose a new/old character. To clear this fast, do the early quests and earn at least 1000 silver, then go to town to get blessing from a buff store, obtain/use all +exp items from all current events (particularly the x32 tome), and then level up to 50 at Tenet Garden. You may receive the hot week prizes back in town after you reach level 50.
  2. The goddess gear system is very confusing at first, view - [Tree of Savior]: 3 More Days Until Catch-Up Freebies Ends (Hot Week Event - Goddess Update)so follow IMC’s step-by-step guide here: Link
  3. Builds: If you’re not sure which build to utilize, look at the top 100 here – Link.
  4. Obtain a gear score of 430 or higher. Enhance your goddess gear to +5, use magnifiers to obtain 4 colorful lines for each item, add ichors, jewels to weapon sockets, then enchant each item to get 8 distinct enchant lines. Awakening is a choice.
  5. Play the new material: Bounty Hunt and Saint’s Sacellum were the most enjoyable and fulfilling for me. It’s also relaxing to work on your reputation. Try them all and discover which one works best for you.
  6. By completing the right material, you may get more merc badges and gabija money (uphill, level dungeon, challenge mode, DCP, heroic tale, etc.). Many of the goods sold at the merc and gabija stores are essential.
  7. Cards. You may get cards by attending a card album party hosted by your guild/support guild, or by organizing your own. For summoner builds, the merc badge store also offers special cards like ignas.
  8. Silver Crisis: Finishing the main quest up to episode 13-2 will get you about 15m-20m total silver, which could last you a long time if you spend wisely. Consider creating a squire alt for repairs and using enchant shops to increase the durability of your gear. Sell essential commodities to increase your silver (scales, aether gems, etc.)
  9. Eventually, you should be able to achieve a 470+ gear score by improving your gear and achieving a better seal (irridian or better yet, boruta). This is the bare minimum required to get access to the new hunting areas, as well as the most challenging raid.

There are many more methods to increase your character’s strength, and remember that joining a genuine guild allows you to participate in large GvG tournaments. If you have any questions regarding the game, the ToS support group has a number of individuals that can assist you.

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You can read more about the Hot Week event in our previous article. Now, the event will come to an end in just three weeks. Yes, less than two weeks! To celebrate this occasion, the developers of the game have prepared several special in-game items for players to acquire. So, what can you get?. Read more about tree of savior review and let us know what you think.

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