If you’re still trying to get into Star Citizen 3.14 today, you’re in luck. We just added the Asteroid Hangar to the PTU, which gives you a separate landing zone to land your huge capital ships. Take your customized loadouts out for a spin, and see what it’s like to take down a dozen angry CR90s with nothing but one of your trusty Gladius light fighters.

Star Citizen 3.14 has been released to the PTU and will be live for all to play shortly. Out of all the recent updates, it is the one that has most changed the game since its previous release.

Star Citizen 3.14 is Now In Open PTU

Star Citizen News, 3.14 is in Open PTU, there is a new patch, the march to CitizenCon begins, we have a summary of the Star Citizen Live on Ships & Balance and a new hospital location.


Star Citizen Alpha 3.14 is currently available in Open PTU, with cloud imperium describing it as “last testing before release.”

“Jump in and give Alpha 3.14 a go before it’s released to the public. Explore Orison, a brand-new landing zone on the enormous gas giant Crusader, along with new features including volumetric cloud technology, missile operator mode, and more!”

Cloud Imperium has begun to promote CitizenCon 2021, a virtual event scheduled on October 9th.

“This event will be a wonderful experience for all,” CI stated, “from discussing our newest advancements to appreciating amazing cosplay, a plethora of community activities, competitions, and more.”

In the run-up to the event, there are a number of things individuals may do: Star Citizen cosplay and 45-second “inlore” films are both current contests.

Star Citizen Live last week had David Colson, Mark Abent, Yogi Klatt & Richard Towler discussing new features & balancing related to vehicles in Alpha 3.14.

They intended dogfighting to take place within 1.2 kilometers of the opposing ships, and here is where the S1-4 weaponry would be balanced.

A deeper more in depth balance will be coming in the future when we have physicalized components and the physical damage system. What they are doing currently is balancing towards what they see the intention of combat going.

3.14 is considerably more of a balancing overhaul and relaunch. When we have such systems in the future, however, they will require a major redesign in terms of balance.

They’re concentrating on making the game entertaining and playable for 3.14 without breaking the gameplay or combat for the cycle. 

Combat is no longer a 2 second PEW PEW and done affair (at least not when desync isn’t an issue).

Ships will be disabled rather than killed in the future when their components and connections are destroyed, crippling the ship.

They’re trying to break away from a single meta… However, I believe their aim of having players not run meta builds based on paper numbers is a little naïve.

Ballistics are strong and can penetrate certain shields; the weaker the barrier, the more they can penetrate. Ballistics’ current intentions are for high damage and low ammunition. They’re considering how ammunition reloading may affect them in the future.

Because GAME!, projectiles have a maximum range before they become ineffective and are eliminated.

Scanning Pings will be detected and have an impact on your signature in the future. Gas clouds will have an impact on detection in the future, but not right now.

The New Power and Capacitor Gameplay is much more of a stamina and timing oriented game, where using your capacitors and power triangle at the correct moment will enable you to get the damage on target. It appeals to me much.

This week’s sneak look was of GrimHex’s upcoming Clinic/Hospital, where outlaws may respawn but also purchase medical equipment… Later this year, we should see this in the game.


As I previously said, the Open PTU has brought with it a new Star Citizen Alpha 3.14.0n Patch:

There are a few more changes to the balance – Gimbal behavior for fixed and manual gimbal modes has been tweaked to restore typical range. The wing health of 300 series ships has been improved. The health of the Hornet’s tail has been improved. Decoys’ EM strength has been doubled. Gyro Mode’s default keybind has been changed. Fixes for major bugs

  • Another problem that caused gamers to get a 30009 disconnect message has been resolved.
  • When using the Starmap to specify a destination, a problem with the QT marker was fixed.
  • When fired, flares shot from different ships should now travel properly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the FPS AI to respond slowly to players assaulting them.
  • In the Greycat ROC vehicles, large FPS deposits should no longer be detectable from afar.
  • The animated maneuvering thrusters on the Hornet should no longer be stuck in position.
  • Anvil Carrack’s flying HUD should now show radar.
  • Due to the big font on the Crusader Starrunner and Star Lifter’s HUD, information should no longer be chopped off.
  • Fixed an issue where ships may be generated from the ASOP after being ejected off the landing pad, leaving them useless without a pilot seat.
  • After dying in Arena Commander Swarm modes, players should no longer get the error “Game begins at percent D.”
  • A memory leak in the Backend Service has been fixed.

There is a “Recently Discovered” Problem.

Quantum travel to Crusader will trap your spacecraft within the atmosphere, preventing you from going farther…

An improper obstacle radius around Crusader is the source of this problem. This will be fixed in the next PTU version (most likely over the weekend) so that it is closer to 150km above the planet instead of 750km. For the time being, exiting Orison’s environment may take considerably longer than expected. For the time being, spline jumps to Orison may be impossible.

From what they stated in Star Citizen Live, it seems like CI will be LIVE pretty soon, with additional balancing coming later.

We have put Star Citizen 3.14 into Open PTU this morning, and I am quite excited by a number of the changes. I will be updating the patch notes soon, but for now here are a few of the planned changes.. Read more about star citizen ptu greyed out and let us know what you think.

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