Dex Armor is a new company that is developing an innovative range of armored smartphone cases. The company is now releasing its first product, the Dex Armor, and it’s one of the most innovative products we’ve seen this year.

Dex Armor is a material that, when mixed with water, can turn into a gel-like substance. This gel can then be molded into almost any shape you want. Thermoplastic polyurethane has a very wide variety of uses and its properties are very versatile. Dex Armor is more flexible than traditional thermoplastic polyurethane, is more elastic and is more resistant to heat and cold.

For years, there has been a common trend in the gaming community: stick with the best armor in the game in order to get the best results. Dex Armor in most games has always performed better than other armors. In fact, it was almost a requirement to use it until the newest patch. When the new patch came out, players expected a similar performance gain, but the performance did not improve. That prompted many players to start not using Dex Armor.

The real finale of every Soulborne game is, without a doubt, the fashion.

That’s correct, the term “fashion souls” isn’t a joke. Many gamers will be defined by the appearance of their favorite characters.

Today, we’re concentrating on dex builds!

A dex-based character would often use lighter weapons and prefer a more agile look, donning leather armors with minimal metal plate to remain light on their feet and hidden from their enemies.

Join us for a look at our hand-picked list of the greatest themed dex armors in DS1!


Set of 9 Hunters

Hunter Armor Set from Dark Souls Remastered

The hunter set is our first stop, an elaborate and light-armored outfit ideal for dagger-wielding and bow-wielding dex players.

The abundance of soft-looking puffy fabric on the shirt and waist doesn’t exactly scream “come at me,” thus this outfit doesn’t exactly scream “come at me.”

But it’s light, elegant, and has a certain ‘Robin Hood’ vibe about it that’s ideal for long-distance engagements!

How to acquire it: The hunter’s default gear, or the meandering route of Darkroot Garden.


Set of 8 Painting Guardians

Painting Guardian Set / Dark Souls Remastered screenshot

I wasn’t convinced on this set when I first saw it. But it has definitely grown on me over time.

The painting’s guardian armor is almost completely obscured by a mysterious white fabric that offers anonymity while still conveying a feeling of wisdom and elegance.

However, the few exposed parts of the outfit reveal the powerful but slim-fitting silver armor underneath, implying that the user is still prepared for a close-quarters battle!

Where to find it: In the painted world.


7. Create a shadow

Shadow Armor Set in DS1 Remastered

The shadow set hasn’t grown on me (and I’m still not a big fan), but it’s a major hit with dex-builders.

And I’m sure you can understand why with a closer look:

It effectively transforms you into a ninja.

The hood fully conceals the wearer’s face, and the black, shrouded textiles rest under tiny panels of thin armor.

Obviously, this is ideal for someone who uses a katana. You may truly turn into a sneaky and agile warrior if you combine it with rings like the dark wood grain ring and the ring of fog!

How to get there: It’s just after you enter Blighttown.


6. Set of Lord’s Blades

Lord’s Blade Set / Dark Souls Remastered screenshot

Ciaran’s signature armor is really gorgeous, and it’s ideal for dex builds who want to go for a more combat-heavy approach.

Even better, they naturally combine with the ‘tracer’ guns, which are among the finest dex weapons available!

This outfit includes severe silver armor plates encased in flowing blue cloth, creating a wonderful contrast between dexterity’s elegance and beauty and the jagged, cruel harm it can inflict.

How to acquire it: Ciaran drops it after he is slain.


5. Set of Wanderers

Wanderer Armour Set / Dark Souls Remastered

The wanderer outfit is a popular option for dex characters, and it’s made of tough leather that’s ideal for a mercenary on the go.

Its little metalwork makes it light for lengthy trips and allows the user to respond quickly to any unforeseen danger.

It’s also not only for lengthy strolls. The large, heavy cloak and veiled hood give a sense of mystery and stealth, which might be useful for executing some stealthy takedowns!

How to acquire it: Wanderer’s starting equipment, or discovered in Quelaag’s realm.


4. Leather Set in Black

Black Leather Set from Dark Souls Remastered

This thief outfit is essential for any player who want to remain hidden in the shadows.

Its stealthy look and dark materials make it perfect for blending into the backdrop and sneaking up on unsuspecting opponents.

But don’t be deceived; the thick leatherwork offers a surprising amount of protection, implying that even if caught, this burglar would fight back.

How to acquire it: Thief’s starting equipment, or discovered in the lower undead burg.


Set 3: Eastern

Eastern Set in DS1 Remastered

If sneaking around isn’t your style, the considerably heavier eastern armor is a lovely and complex outfit that’s ideal for dex playthroughs that carry a punch.

This set is particularly well-suited to more traditional weapons like spears, swords, and curved greatswords!

To top it off, it has a fair deal of poise and slash resistance, making it ideal for PvP battles.

Surprisingly, the set’s most attractive and high-defense component (the chest piece) bears the disadvantage of having less stamina regen.

I suppose excellent looks come at a cost!

How to get there: Found on a cliff in Darkroot Garden, beyond the large entrance unlocked with the crest of Artorias, past the big door opened with the crest of Artorias.


2. The Set of Chester

Chester’s Set from Dark Souls Remastered

Here’s an armor set that’s hard to miss, particularly if you’re a huge Bloodborne fan like myself.

Chester’s set (and Chester as a character) is often seen as a FromSoftware reference to Bloodborne’s development – a kind of easter egg.

And the set itself is stunning!

It includes a long, black trench coat that conceals a plethora of buckles, belts, and sheathes, as well as a deceptively beautiful corsage and a frightening veiled smiling mask.

It has the frightening look of an opponent eager to fight dirty, which is ideal for characters that have a lot of tricks under their sleeves.

How to acquire it: Chester drops it after he is slain.


1. Set of Hollow Thieves

Hollow Thief Set in DS1 Remastered

Finally, the hollow thief armor, which is my personal favorite outfit.

This drab and filthy ensemble, in my opinion, is ideal for a skulking assassin wandering the Dark Souls universe, coated in muck and with a mind for ruthless methods.

Its bare armored look allude to a long-forgotten era of close-quarters fighting expertise, as the wearer grew increasingly adept at dispatching enemies before they could respond.

The hood’s shadowy hood is the cherry on top, with a forced darkness incorporated into the garment that keeps the wearer’s face hidden at all times.

How to acquire it: Undead assassins will drop it in the lower undead burg.

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