In a conflict, alliances are formed between different groups of people with the purpose of the alliance being to destroy a common enemy. In EVE, alliances are formed between players to take down a single target. (See: S39 Alliance War.)

In the world of game development, the team that develops each game usually works alone. This is because the developers have to be able to ship their game and make the necessary updates without taking a huge amount of time away from their day jobs. Because of this, it is standard practice to work in small teams and have each team member focus on a specific aspect of the game. In other words, a single developer may not be able to handle all the work needed to develop the game. This is where alliances can be handy.

A gaming alliance is a way for friends to get together and play online games as a team, but why. Most people know the benefits of playing with friends, whether it be at a LAN party or online, but the in-game community is where true alliances are made, made up of like-minded gamers who are willing to lend a hand to one another.

In Final Fantasy XIV, an Alliance is a group of 24 people. Alliances are technically made up of three separate 8-player Full Parties, and they’re mostly utilized to complete Alliance Raids.

In the first fifty hours or so of playing FFXIV, there is a lot of information to take in.

There are many gaming elements, as well as fleshed-out side activities such as the Gold Saucer and a variety of opportunities to interact with other players.

You’ll be gradually exposed to multiplayer content, starting with a few simple four-player dungeons and progressing to eight-player Trials.

Prior to Patch 5.3, it was possible to complete Final Fantasy XIV without ever coming across an Alliance. To advance from A Realm Reborn to Heavensward, you’ll need to complete the whole Crystal Tower Alliance series, so let’s start with a short tutorial on Alliances.


What Constitutes the Composition of Alliance Parties?

To set the stage, let’s go through the many kinds of parties.

Light Parties are made up of one healer, one tank, and two DPS and are utilized to tackle dungeons and certain early trials.

Full Parties, which are often utilized in trials, include two healers, two tanks, and four DPS.

Alliances aren’t the same as friendships.

They essentially increase DPS in each party at the expense of one tank — one tank, two healers, and five DPS positions.

That’s a total of three tanks, six healers, and fifteen DPS for an alliance.

You’ll need them, believe me.

Coordinating two tanks may be difficult enough at times, and I shudder to imagine how difficult a scenario requiring six of us would be. Shirking would never come to an end!

Don’t worry if you don’t have 24 buddies roaming around Eorzea. Through the Party/Duty Finder, you may join Alliances.

Obviously, there will be a diverse group of players with different degrees of expertise (and patience), so pugging material may not always provide a clear result.


Ridorana Lighthouse 24-man raid FFXIV screenshotAll Rights Reserved. Image source: MTQcapture / SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.


Alliance Raids: What Are They?

In Final Fantasy XIV, there are two kinds of raids.

It’s eight player Full Party content if it’s referred to be a “Raid.”

The biggest raids are Alliance Raids, which may accommodate up to 24 people.

These are thrilling challenges, but they may be intimidating when faced with them for the first time. Many players have done this before and will not wait to explain mechanics to newcomers.

Before you begin, I recommend getting ahead of the game and reading up on Alliance Raid mechanics.

The Crystal Tower will most likely be your first Alliance Raid.

Between A Realm Reborn and the first expansion, Heavensward, it’s in the interim.

Previously, completing The Crystal Tower was not required to continue the main scenario questline, but the Reflections in Crystal patch made it so last year.

The plot is crucial since it lays the groundwork for the rest of Shadowbringers. So, if you’re engaged in the narrative, I’d recommend blocking out some time to take it all in.

In addition, each expansion features its own Alliance Raid.

The Shadow of Mhach, a thrilling sky pirate adventure, is available in Heavensward.

Return to Ivalice, which combined XIV with the rich world of Final Fantasy XII, was featured in Stormblood.

With YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse, Shadowbringers delved into the weird, gorgeous universe of the Nier series, which was probably most exciting (at least for me).

Because this is a Final Fantasy game, everything has a backstory to justify its existence (albeit in the case of Nier, it’s essentially simply because Yoshi-P likes Nier, which is fair enough).

So you get more of that Final Fantasy mythology deliciousness, as well as some particularly difficult material and prizes.

It’s dramatic, emotive, absurd, and emotional in different degrees.

As an MMO, XIV is in a really unique situation in this regard. It may make references to other games outside the Final Fantasy series and still make sense as a whole.

Personally, I’d be thrilled if every Alliance Raid alluded to previous installments in the series.

Give us another opportunity with Tidus and Yuna to defeat Sin, or give the Empire some Sephiroth-style super warriors.

The inhabitants of Eorzea, on the other hand, have probably seen enough meteors to last a lifetime.


Is It Possible To Use Alliances Outside Of Raids?

No, not really, is the plain response.

Sure, you can make them outside of the Duty Finder.

However, they are mostly utilized during Alliance Raids, and there isn’t much else in the game that supports their usage.

You’d think they’d be a logical match for Hunt targets, but they haven’t been used in that manner yet.

In late 2017, the WoW community witnessed a massive shake-up in the realm of World of Warcraft, as the game’s developers, Blizzard, announced that they were taking a major step towards improving the World of Warcraft player experience, and that was to form an alliance. They announced that they were forming a player-driven collaboration called the “Alliance”, that would unite the players of WoW in a group of independent players that would henceforth be known as “allies”.. Read more about how to pronounce alliance and let us know what you think.

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An alliance is a formal agreement between two or more states to cooperate in some activity.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is an example of an alliance?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
An alliance is a group of countries that have agreed to work together for mutual benefit.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is an alliance quizlet?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
An alliance quizlet is a type of quiz that you can take with your friends.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an alliance in war?

An alliance is a formal agreement between two or more states to cooperate in some activity.

What is an example of an alliance?

An alliance is a group of countries that have agreed to work together for mutual benefit.

What is an alliance quizlet?

An alliance quizlet is a type of quiz that you can take with your friends.

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