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Kingdom Hearts is a game series that recently celebrated its 15th anniversary. That’s not a lot of time to create a lot of enemies to fight the main protagonists and enemies. The series is famous for its enemies and for being an action adventure RPG which allows you to have an experience with some of the most memorable characters.

The Kingdom Hearts series is famous for being a big ol’ nostalgic trip for players of different ages. Children love all the Disney characters that make an appearance in the game, while adults can relive their childhoods and reminisce about the Final Fantasy series that inspired it. One thing that should be noted about the series is that it is incredibly popular amongst video game masochists. Any fans-to-be of the series can probably agree with that, and are probably terrified by how many of the Kingdom Hearts series’ enemies are considered to be the most annoying. As a result, the series’ reputation is probably pretty solid in that regard.. Read more about kingdom hearts heartless and let us know what you think.

Kingdom Hearts is a joyous, nostalgic, and thrilling franchise.

It may cause you to experience a wide range of emotions, including anger. Throughout the whole series, there are a slew of terrifyingly tough (or just plain irritating) adversaries that may ruin your gaming experience.

This is especially true if you’re going for a critical or even a level 1 run.

There are a slew of additional adversaries that will terrorize and torment you, some maybe even more so than the ones on this list; there are so many different kinds of opponents in the series that I’m sure I’ve overlooked or forgotten some.

The degree of irritation varies from person to person, but I hope you’ll join me as we share some of our most traumatic KH experiences.


Assault Riders (No. 10) (KH2)

Assault Riders heartless enemy

These Centaur-like Heartless from the Land of Dragons kick begin their journey of hate.

The Land of Dragons is the first Disney world you visit in most Kingdom Hearts II playthroughs.

Sora is very susceptible without strong equipment and abilities thus early in the game, and the Assault Riders take full advantage of it.

When attempting to approach near to them, their spinning spear strike is very difficult to dodge, and their charge attack will certainly catch you off surprise in a bunch.

This, along with the need to keep your morale meter up to date, may cause major problems for novice players and those who are unprepared.


9. Magician (KH1)

Wizard heartless KH1.5 battle

The Wizard from Kingdom Hearts 1 Heartless are much more obnoxious in groups than they are on their own.

They can strike from a long distance, so if you attempt to face a larger foe, they’ll simply back him up with a slew of spells, including the excruciating Thunder spell.

You may assume you can simply hit them with their own medication, but that’s not the case!

They won’t be harmed by spells. As a result, you’ll need to get up close and personal.

But, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but If you try to strike them, they will teleport away from you. Isn’t that exciting?

It’s better to either concentrate only on getting them out of the way as a group, or to let your party members take them on individually.


8. The Unseen (KHuX)

Invisible fight from Union Cross

This irritation is less well-known than the others, but the Invisible Heartless were the worst in the early days of the Kingdom Hearts mobile app.

In most levels, your main objective is to complete the stage with a one-turn victory, which means destroying all foes in one turn.

However, if an Invisible appeared, you could kiss that goal goodbye.

They’re full-fledged tanks that strike like a truck.

Unless your medal pulls have been exceptionally fortunate, you’re in for a bad day.

Unfortunately, KHuX is closing down, making this irritation a thing of the past.


Undead Pirates is the seventh game in the Undead Pirates series (KH2)

Undead Pirates in Kingdom Hearts II

The Undead Pirates are one of the few enemies in Kingdom Hearts III that aren’t Heartless, Nobody, or Unversed.

They are simply ordinary folks who have been cursed.

But it doesn’t change the fact that they’re a nightmare to combat.

These men aren’t playing about with cutlasses, flintlocks, and straight-up explosives.

They’re usually not too difficult to beat, no more so than your typical foe. However, there is one little snag:

They can’t be harmed until they’re in the moonlight!

I hope you like waiting for opponents to slowly stroll over to where you need their assistance. It may be simple at times, but you may have to take a few bombs to the face before the pirate chooses to approach you.


6. Neo-shaded areas (KH:CoM)

Neo-shadows in KH1.5 screenshot

Many consider Chain of Memories’ fighting style to be the series’ black sheep.

It may take a long time to become accustomed to card combat, and building a deck can be a pain.

What contributes to the annoyance of this system? Of course, there are neo-shadows!

Because they have such a large number of cards, card breakage are extremely frequent.

Not only that, but they also hide under the ground and become impervious to assault.

When controlling a large number of them, you must either be fortunate with your AOE strikes or concentrate on one at a time. Otherwise, your cards and you will be shredded.


Berserkers (#5) (KH2)

Berserkers heartless from KH2.5 HD

Berserkers, as their name implies, go completely insane.

They’ll take you down a notch with their massive claymore blade and continue to beat you until you’re dead.

They’re ready to battle as soon as they’re summoned, and they attack you right away.

Not only that, but when they work together, they unleash a devastating laser-like attack that will obliterate you if you are caught in the crossfire.

Fortunately, if you’re in a small group and don’t have to worry about other opponents, you can take care of these people with the Berserk command.

It’s the thrill of slashing them with their own blade that makes these foes a little more bearable.


4. Customized Hot Rod (KH2)

Hot Rod in Kingdom Hearts II HD

When it comes to the topic “who is the most despised Kingdom Hearts enemy?” the Hot Rod is undoubtedly one of the most frequent responses.

These vehicles have a lot of HP for a typical opponent, as well as good protection.

They struck quite forcefully, as one would expect from a vehicle.

They can usually be dealt with with adequate distance, but if their HP drops below a certain threshold, they become crazy. That’s right: greater damage and lightning-quick mobility.

Good luck attempting to strike this fast bullet with some magic, since you’ll be mincemeat under their tires before you know it.

You will greatly benefit from being able to dodge and reflect fast. Just work on perfecting your timing.


Mandrake is number three (Birth by Sleep)

Mandrake in BbS screenshot

These tiny jerks won’t be shouting, despite their name; instead, they’ll be making you cry for mercy.

They’re hidden in plain sight, yet you can’t see them.

While battling other opponents, you may sneak and scamper across the edges of the screen.

They suddenly strike from halfway across the battlefield, slicing you to pieces.

And their blades can cut through solid things, so don’t think sheltering behind that boulder would keep you safe.

They may be your worst nightmare on a level 1 or critical mode run, since they can appear out of nowhere and deal a lot of damage if you’re unprepared, just repeating the same spinning technique over and again without giving you a chance to recover your breath.

If you approach too near, they may poison themselves and fly far above you, out of your grasp.


Dancer No. 2 (KH2)

Dancer in Kingdom Hearts II

For critical mode runners, the Dancer Nobodies may be a nightmare.

Consider how much fun you’re having battling wave after wave of enemies while doing respectable damage.

That is, until someone performs their grab move and kills you in one hit, no questions asked.

This random enemy’s strong assault has no rhyme or reason, it simply does.

Good luck if you’re accustomed to mainly utilizing melee attacks.

They can’t block their grab moves, and if you attempt to fight back, they’ll simply grab you again.

This opponent shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you utilize magic like magnet or reflect, as long as you maintain your distance.


Sniperwild is the first game in the Sniperwild series (KH1)

Sniperwild KH1 HD heartless battle

This callousness may be summed up in the expression “monkey see, monkey kill.”

It’s all over if this adorable little monkey even looks at you.

They’ll send in reinforcements as soon as they notice Sora, ruining your whole day. They strike hard and don’t offer much in the way of exp or prizes, so it’s better to simply get out of there.

But what if you really do want to murder them?

Your best chance will be to sneak up on them before they notice you (or until they escape a throng).

Stop spells may also come in handy if you’re skilled at targeting and shooting quickly.

What’s worse, if you want the KH1 Ultima weapon, you’ll have to attempt to farm these strange monkeys.

There are many instructions on how to do it, but it’s still a major hassle.

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