One of the most widely publicized theories surrounding the universe is the Zodiac Age. There is some historical evidence that seems to suggest that the Zodiac Age is an actual process that happens in our universe. The evidence is not concrete, but it is enough to warrant some research. The Zodiac Age is a concept that divides the universe in 12 specific ages, each of which lasts for 1,000 years. Each of the 12 ages are split into 12 “zodiac” parts, each of which lasts for 100 years. The Zodiac Age is a time period in our universe that is determined by the position of our planet in space.

…the current version of the Zodiac Age is based on the current age of Chinese astrology, which is a combination of the sexagenary cycle, the lunar cycle and the solar cycle, forming an astrological year.

Of all the professions in the Zodiac Age, the machinist is undoubtedly one of the most versatile. Therefore, they are often combined with other professions to reinforce their weaknesses or to give the operator more variety. Part of their ability to do that lies in their unique combination of weapons: Pistols, calibres and hand bombs. And to help you get the most out of this strange profession, let’s take a look at the best weapons the machinist has in FF12.

10. Aldebaran

word-image-10637 As the least impressive weapon on this list, the Aldebaran remains a solid mid-range weapon. Plus, it’s always easy to buy because it’s sold in stores. It only beats the less powerful weapons in this list, because the more powerful weapons do better in their niche over the course of the game. How to get it: It can be bought or grown on the coast of Von, or purchased in Arhades.

9. Spica

word-image-10638 Machinist shares the license for this weapon with Shikari, so it is a weapon with a high trade value that is worth buying. Far from the best, but still perfectly usable at the time you can buy it. It’s also pretty easy to get, so if you need to upgrade your weapon, this is a good choice. How to get it: Get it at the port of Balfonheim. You can also find it in the Faywood – Edge of Mind treasure chest.

8. Volcano

word-image-10639 Hand bombs are an odd weapon in FF12, as they calculate their damage based on life force (which, in this game, affects the duration of the effect of the conditions). The only character whose survivability can’t keep up with the others is Bash (who probably has better options anyway). So if you want a relatively powerful and upgradeable long-range weapon for a class like the White Mage, the Vulcan is not a bad choice. How to get it: It can be obtained from the treasure chests in Serobi Steppe – North side or during the payback hunt, the catoblepas hunt.

7. Creator

word-image-10640 The first action on our list gives you the always handy haste upgrade by simply hitting your party members with this action. The problem with measurements in general is their unreliability. They don’t guarantee a buff on every hit. While this is largely true, there are other ways to get the haste upgrade (without taking up an entire weapon slot), which is why it scores so poorly. But because FF12 includes a counter, you can save mana for bigger, better spells or upgrade someone who otherwise wouldn’t be able to. How to get it: The quickest way to get this done is through the rodeo death hunt, which has a few requirements. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until you get it in the Serobin Steppe, north of the Liawel Hills.

6. Antares

word-image-10641 The fourth best weapon here has only one real drawback: This is the first weapon you can’t buy. If you find one, you’ll have a reliable weapon until you get to one of the machinist’s guns in our top 5. How to get it: Look for it on the road from Steppe Serobi to Old Elanis.

5. Makara

word-image-10642 This perfect handbomb performs almost the same functions as the Vulcan, but of course much better. In fact, it’s worth getting Makar, because once you can get to his unique spawning ground, you’re guaranteed to get him out of the vault. All in all, it’s worth it for the effort. How to get it: Once you have access to Hen Mines – Phase 2, loot everything around you. The appearance of the chest is guaranteed and it will always contain Makar.

4. Multiscale

word-image-10643 I would say Multiscale is a counter worth buying. It works the same way as all other sizes – Bap to Baffle – but gives an incredible Bravura buff. In case you don’t know how it works: Valor increases physical damage to 130%. And not only is the measurement one of the few ways to actually get courage, but the measurement itself is not painful to get, which is always a plus for me. How to get it: Another guaranteed chest appears and falls into the Mines of Lhusu – Site 3.

3. Arcturus

word-image-10644 Arcturus can be obtained very early – as early as the Ogir-Ensa Sand Sea, if you are willing to spend some time obtaining parts for the bazaar. Not only does this give you the third most powerful weapon you can carry to the natural end of the game (and possibly the end of the game), but it also means you can cut off a significant portion of the game with Arcturus’ status-independent damage. How to get it: The first strategy is to steal 2 wyvern wings from a wyvern fighter, which you can get after escaping from Leviathan (you can also get them from the rare enemy Aeros a little later). If you can’t kill it, you can steal it multiple times by running 2 screens away before trying again. The fins of the yensa and halcyon salamanders also protect the sand sea from poaching by the yensa and theft by the salamander entities. The non-early acquisition method is from chests in the mines of Lhusu – Lot 5 or in the steppe of Serobi – North Hill of Liawel.

2. Fomalhaut

word-image-10645 The Fomalgaut is a pretty powerful weapon by the end of the game, able to handle anything you want to do with a firearm. If you are willing to take steps to gain access to all Henne mines, they are also easy to acquire. Fortunately, if you don’t want to go to that trouble, you can do it with a little sanding. How to get it: This is a guaranteed find from the Henne Mines – Phase 2 excavation. Otherwise you can mine coffins in the Serobi steppe – Feddik river.

1. Mithuna

word-image-10646 Of course, the Machinists’ main weapon is also by far their best weapon. Mithuna is a powerful cannon that not only has the highest attack speed of all cannons, but also a dodge speed of 2.5x and a critical hit chance of 2x. Okay, that’s pretty hard to acquire. But it’s worth it if you’re at all interested in Machinist. How to get it: Prepare for a battle with a powerful opponent. The imperial scales needed to make a bazaar set for Mithuna, the Mud Slayer, come only from the Archeoaevis, located in the center of the Zertinan Caves. You need 2 imperial bowls, 3 silver liquids, 8 earth crystals and 120,000 gil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Final Fantasy 12 zodiac age a remake?

Final Fantasy XV is a role-playing video game developed by Square Enix and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game takes place in the fictional universe of the Final Fantasy series, featuring the main characters of the franchise, Prince Noctis, his three companions and their horse Gladio. The story follows the prince’s journey through a world of war, and his quest to defeat the empire’s king and reclaim his kingdom. Final Fantasy 12: Zodiac Age is a remake of Final Fantasy 12 that adds a new story, new characters, new areas, and new weapons. As such, it is a remake of a remake of a remade game. In this case, the remade game in question is Final Fantasy 12: Zodiac Age. The original Final Fantasy 12 was released in 2006 for the PlayStation 2.

Is Zodiac age turn based?

The Zodiac Age is an intriguing new game that came out on the Switch in November 2018. The game is based on the ever popular Japanese hit anime series – Zodiac Age – which aired in Japan in 2016 and which has been adapted and reimagined for the world home video game market. The game is a hybrid between a traditional RPG and a turn-based strategy game with a twist: each of the 12 Zodiac Age characters has a special “Zodiac Age” ability that can be used at any time during battle. In a world where “it’s a brand new day” and “what goes up must come down” has become the popular theme of the day, I consider it a great privilege to be given the opportunity to speak on a topic that I hold close to my heart. As a result, Zodiac Age will be an incredibly authentic and emotional experience that is sure to be a fond memory for many and will be remembered as a true beginning of something special. Much like the “new” Star Ocean series that is currently being developed by tri-Ace, Zodiac Age is a brand new beginning to a series that has been told in many ways before.

How long is Ffxii?

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (abbreviated as FFXII The Zodiac Age) is the upcoming enhanced re-release of Final Fantasy XII, a role-playing video game developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation 2 video game console. Square Enix has gone on record that the new version will be completely rebuilt from the ground up. The game is not expected to be released until sometime in 2018, after the release date for the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Nintendo Switch Edition has been announced. Final Fantasy XIII is a role-playing game (RPG) first released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in December 2010. That was a long time ago, and the game has been a hit for Square Enix, selling over 2 million copies. The original game was only just recently released on the PS4, but if you were like me, you didn’t buy it because you were waiting for the Zodiac Age. The Zodiac Age is a complete remake of the original, which was released in 2013. The Zodiac Age adds new content, but keeps the game generally faithful to the original.

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