Cold War Zombies is a new game mode that was added to Call of Duty: Black Ops this year, which is a prequel to the original game. It is all about surviving an outbreak of zombies. Zombies have taken over the capital city of Washington D.C. and are trying to take over the U.S. government. You play as a member of a special ‘VIP’ squad, which was sent in to save the day and stop the zombies from taking over the country.

The easter egg, or viral event, was a clever real world reference to the popular zombie shooter, Call of Duty: Black Ops. The easter egg was part of the first Outbreak map pack, and had players searching for a damaged CCTV camera. When picked up, Call of Duty fans were treated to a scene set in the treacherous Moscow subway. The easter egg featured a security guard with an assault rifle, two zombies, and a defibrillator.

Shortly after adding the first Easter Egg, the game’s main quest Outbreak in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Treyarc has announced that the new giant zombie experience will get an additional quest in the fourth season. That moment has arrived, and the studio has delivered on its promise by releasing one of the easiest and fastest Easter eggs ever in Zombies. Find out how to complete the second Easter Egg in the main quest of the game Outbreak in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

Before the start of the work

Honestly, this Easter egg quest is not very interesting compared to previous quests in the series. There are never moments in the game where you have to use a specific weapon or item, so choose what you feel most comfortable with. The fight against the nearest end boss at the end is really just a side objective to the normal horde of the Outbreak game.

Advance to the third round

The first step is to reach the third round. Make sure you complete all side missions and explore the map for resources that will help you become stronger. If you’re brave enough, you can skip the second round by shooting the beacon at the end of the first round when it activates to teleport you.

Find the red gate

Screenshot word-image-10877 When you reach the third round, there is a hidden red portal somewhere on the map where you arrived, unless it is the Sanatorium. When you get to the Sanitarium, you’ll need to go through a turn and into another area to continue this quest. Each card has a portal slot. These include:

  • Alpine mountains – Totmannklippe, fall from a cliff
  • Arch – Banker Hill, enter the round building with the crafting table and go down to find a portal in one of the side rooms.
  • The Church Council, upstairs in the building, in the side closet.
  • Main – Old farmhouse, in a small house on the right side of the farm.
  • Zoo – Wolf exhibit in the cave

Screenshot word-image-10878 The red portal teleports you into the air, as does the purple portal on the sides of the map. Once you are in the air, another red portal will appear that you need to reach. Fall down, and you’ll be lifted into the air to meet someone else. If you go through this second portal, you will be thrown into the air for the third and final time. Note that the third portal is always the furthest away or best hidden. So make sure you deploy your parachute at the beginning of the climb, so you have more time to find this portal. If you miss one of the portals, it disappears and you have to go to the next round to start the process again. Screenshot word-image-10879 When you reach the last portal, you will be hoisted into the air one last time. This time, however, you will see an object fall from the sky with a red trail and it lands with a yellow beam of light emanating from it. Approach this object and pick it up to get the headlight bug. Screenshot from Screenshot from word-image-10880 word-image-10881 After getting the Beacon Interceptor, go ahead and complete the main objective to unlock the anomaly. When he’s done, get on it and you’ll see a phone icon that allows you to communicate with Voronov. He’ll tell you to come to the sanatorium. Now select Warp and you will automatically switch to this map. Screenshot word-image-10882

Search for crashed helicopter

Screenshot word-image-10883 When you arrive at the sanatorium, you will find a crashed helicopter full of scientists. The location of the helicopter is in the southwest corner of the map.  The weaver and the crows start talking as you approach, and you are attacked by a large group of zombies. Kill them all and go to the helicopter with a corpse on the side with a recording on it.

Search ball

Screenshot word-image-10884 After completing the registration you’ll see a balloon somewhere on the map that you have to find. It looks like the purple balls you sometimes find on cards, but this one is orange. If you get closer, you can hear children’s laughter, as in the purple version. When you’re there, turn to the sphere with the bridge on the other side. Shoot the ball and it flies in the indicated direction. He will stop at several places along the way, so stay with him and pull him forward to the bridge. Along the way you will be attacked by many zombies, so don’t forget to defend yourself. Screenshot word-image-10885 When the ball reaches the bridge, throw it into the center of the structure. There is a rover, like the one in the main goal, that he flies over, but you have to get him into the cage.

Find the stuffed rabbit

Screenshot word-image-10886 To get the ball in the cage, you have to give him a toy rabbit to play with. This stuffed rabbit is in one of the mystery boxes that is currently not in use. To know that you have found the right place, see a rabbit sitting on a destroyed puzzle box. Interact with the rabbit and it will start to dance and rise in the air. So of course zombies will appear and attack you, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Beat all the zombies and the rabbit will come down and reward you with a lot of items. Whoever picks up the rabbit gets his or her field improvement, which is exchanged with the rabbit. The effect is very simple: It causes an explosion that takes down the zombies. You are now ready to put the rabbit in the rover, but before you do, make sure you are fully equipped where you need it. This is a point of no return.

Rover support

Screenshot word-image-10887 When you bring the rabbit on the robber, the ball decides to jump into the cage. All your team members should be in the rover with you, and you can set it to cross the bridge into a normally inaccessible part of the map. During this time, zombies will constantly appear and attack you instead of the robber. So, if you are a bum, you should take all possible measures to keep yourself alive. The rover doesn’t move very fast, but you have a circular area that you must constantly stay in to stay alive. Concentrate on destroying all the zombies and don’t get discouraged. Screenshot word-image-10888


Screenshot word-image-10889 When the robber reaches the monument, the circle that protected you falls and you can approach the monument to find the scientists. Surprise, they’re all dead and Omega’s agent set you up. Once he’s done talking, the exfiltration task begins. This is a normal exfiltration option, except the horde is one of the enemies you have to kill. Fortunately, the horde is nothing special, just focus on destroying it and all the zombies in the area in less than six minutes and jump in a helicopter to complete the Easter egg in the second main quest and finish the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a main Easter egg in outbreak?

Zombies have been a staple in the Call of Duty franchise since Modern Warfare, and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was no exception. It was a game that explored the Cold War era with a twist, and it featured an Outbreak mode that put players in the shoes of the outbreak to tackle the main Easter egg. This egg was a Russian Mobster named Vladimir Makarov, who for some reason wanted to try and take over the world. As we all know, the Zombies mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops is a great little touch. It may not have much of a story compared to the main campaign but the zombies mode is the best of all. Having said that, there is one feature, hidden in the Zombies mode that many have not been able to accomplish.  The Easter Egg is available for those that are brave enough and has the following requirements to unlock: Play the game to 100% Have the Undertaker Zombie on any difficulty Have the “Eye Candy” in the Multiplayer Menu (Available after getting the “Black Ops” Easter egg) Play the game in Campaign mode mode and complete the last level, “Apocalypse”. Read the passage (

How do you complete outbreak?

Of course, not everyone is able to complete this Easter egg, and we’re here to help. Just like a number of other Easter eggs, this one is a little tricky to locate. If you’re looking for the Easter egg, start by finding the zombie in the pit near the beginning of round 5. A little over a month ago, I completed the second (and last) main quest in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies for the first time. This quest is called “Quarantine” and it involves completing the objective “Drive The Bus” in the level “Kino Der Toten”. Towards the end of the level, there is a bus that can be driven. To complete this objective, you must drive the bus into a certain location on the map, get as close as possible to the objective marker, then hit the sprint button to complete the objective. But before you can complete the objective, you must locate a certain safehouse in the level, because the bus doesn’t start moving until you get there.

How do you do the zombies easter egg?

The zombies Easter Egg in  Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies is an interesting feature. It’s a little Easter egg that’s not as well known as the one that gives you the gun and the first zombie you kill is a zombie! This easter egg lets you start the game on the second floor of the Police Station in the Mall, and play through the entire main storyline . This easter egg is very difficult to find, as it requires you to go to the roof of the Police Station and search the top right corner of the roof. After searching for awhile, you will find a ladder that you can climb up to the roof. Once you’re on the roof, you need to search around in the top right corner This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy.

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