The weapons in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart are one of the most interesting parts of this reboot. They feature some familiar weapons, but also some new ones, including the KFM, the Anti-Aircraft Rifle, and All Terrain Incinerator. The best weapon in this game is the KFM, which is Ratchet’s version of the Plasma Repeater that we saw in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time.

On an average day, I play over 100 hours of games. This is not including all the time I spend shooting and inching my way through Ratchet and Clank: and the 3D platformer R&C:A, which I usually beat in just under 3-4 hours. I often play games with a precise set of rules to follow, which is why I’m often asked what I think are the best weapons in R&C &A, and the answer always depends because there are so many factors involved in any game’s design. There are only a handful of weapons that I feel are absolute and unarguable, like the Swooping Claw which is essential for most of the game, the Overcharged Boltcaster which is

In Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, you will come across a wide variety of weapons. From pistols to rocket launchers, you can take on any combat with a unique approach to the most formidable enemies you come across in the game. While every gun has its best uses and will not be applicable in every situation, there are some we believe stand above the others. Here are the best weapons in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, ranked.

10. Pixelizer

Screenshot by word-image-9172 The Pixelizer has a cool effect but is not particularly that useful until you get it to level five. It is a shotgun that will pixelate enemies, which is a fun effect, but there’s another shotgun that we highly prefer. If you earned the weapon through pre-ordering the game and put some time into it in the early game, it could be helpful. Non-pre-order users will need to wait until Challenge Mode to use it, but we don’t recommend it at that point. You will get upgrades that give a chance for it to drop health and ammo, but the damage output on it is pretty disappointing in the early levels.

9. Blackhole Storm

Screenshot by word-image-9173 The Blackhole Storm is a mini-gun that you need to spin up before being able to fire it. When ready to fire, this weapon puts out a ton of rounds in a short period of time, making it particularly useful for when there is a cluster of enemies together. Pressing R2 halfway down can help you begin to spin it up to make sure it’s ready for the fight, but the amount of times it will need to cooldown puts it near the bottom of this list.

8. Negatron Collider

Screenshot by word-image-9174 The Negatron Collider is the coolest looking and one of the best feeling weapons to use in the game, thanks to the DualSense controller. Firing it requires a slight charge up, but then it unleashes a massive beam of energy that can travel through enemies to hit ones behind them. Unfortunately, it does not quite put out as much damage as it appears to and has a small ammo reserve. Regardless, it is the best weapon in the game for taking out enemies that line up together if you have some distance between you.

7. Ryno 8

Screenshot by word-image-9175 Ms. Zurkon describes the Ryno 8 as the “ultimate weapon,” but while it puts out the most damage in the game, it simply does not have enough shots in it to make it something you keep coming back to. You also get it so late in the game that your other weapons will be more upgraded and helpful once you hit the credits. We recommend investing in your other weapons unless you are going to play through Challenge Mode. However, we will say that the Ryno 8 is brilliant purely based on its ability to pull in creatures from other PlayStation franchises.

6. Shatterbomb

Screenshot by word-image-9176 The Shatterbomb is a grenade that you toss out that explodes on contact. It puts out a ton of damage for the few throws you have with it and is excellent for quickly taking the health down on bosses. Pull the trigger halfway to see the arc of your throw and essentially lock-on to an enemy. Even with that lock-on aiming, though, the Shatterbomb can be accurately thrown at any close enemies. The only thing that holds this weapon back from being higher is its range and ammo.

5. Warmonger

Screenshot by word-image-9177 The Warmonger is as simple as weapons get in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. It’s a Rocket launcher that puts out a ton of damage on any enemy it hits. Consider it a Shatterbomb with more range, ammo, and damage that can also be upgraded to have homing rockets. The firing rate on the Warmonger is not the greatest, but that is not particularly that important with the giant explosions that have the ability to temporarily stun mini-bosses.

4. Headhunter

Screenshot by word-image-9178 The Headhunter is Rift Apart’s sniper rifle, and as you would expect, it puts out quite a lot of damage with the best accuracy in the game. Halfway pulling the aim trigger gives you a first-person view, and a full press will slow downtime to help you land those headshots even better. The downside of this weapon is that it has a slow firing rate, meaning you might need to come out of your scope to protect yourself.

3. Buzz Blades

Screenshot by word-image-9179 The Buzz Blades have a ton of ammo and the potential to obliterate tankier enemies after upgrading it. The saw blades you fire out will bounce off enemies and the environment to dole out consistent damage and make it one of the weapons in the game that doesn’t necessarily rely on accuracy to be useful. Just get your aiming reticle in the vicinity of your target, and they will be sliced and diced in seconds.

2. Glove of Doom

Screenshot by word-image-9180 We absolutely love the Glove of Doom for when you get into battles with multiple enemies or one big tanking enemy. When you throw one of these capsules out, little chomping robots appear and attack nearby enemies. This will distract some enemies, and the more you throw out, the more lethal damage will be doled out. If you upgrade them, you can deploy more and add an explosion effect for when they go away. The robots have a long life, allowing them to stay in the fight much longer than Mr. Fungi and can quickly chomp down any enemy they can reach. The only downside is they can’t hit flying enemies.

1. Enforcer

Screenshot by word-image-9181 The Enforcer is the best shotgun in Rift Apart by a large margin. It puts out a ton of damage and will push back enemies when they are struck by it. It has two firing modes, with a single barrel being shot per half-press of the trigger, and both barrels unloaded with a full press. Once you get it upgraded, it puts out even more shots per press, only helping expand on its excellent damage output. The Enforcer is an early game weapon that will help you dispatch anyone who comes in your path throughout the entire game.

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