For the esports community in the United States, a new era is dawning. The U.S. Esports Federation (USEF.GG) has unveiled an ambitious plan to seek out and attract elite gamers from across the country to form a team capable of dominating prestigious regional and global tournaments. This large-scale initiative signifies a shift towards an active strategy of increasing American presence and influence in the rapidly evolving esports arena. For the first time, there is a unique opportunity for the best domestic talents to make their voices fully heard.

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Multi-profile Talent Search

As part of this grand project, the federation does not limit itself to a narrow focus on a single gaming discipline. Instead, the strategy involves establishing an extensive scouting network focused on a wide range of the most popular esports disciplines, including Dota 2, CS2, PUBG Mobile, eFootball, and Mobile Legends. Thanks to such a broad, inclusive approach, the best talents from the USA in various genres – from MOBAs and shooters to mobile games and simulators – will be comprehensively represented. This ensures the identification of the brightest stars in each specific sphere.

Stringent Selection Criteria

To break into the elite lineup of the U.S. national team, candidates must impeccably meet a series of strict criteria set by both the International Esports Federation (IeSF) and the Global Esports Federation (GEF).Image1


Key requirements include being at least 18 years old, having citizenship or permanent resident status in the USA, and possessing a valid passport. A crucial aspect is the strict adherence to anti-doping rules, emphasizing the federation’s unwavering commitment to the principles of fair play and competitive integrity.

The selection process is led by the special player selection committee from USEF.GG, involves a multi-step comprehensive assessment of potential candidates. It includes exhibition matches, special “combined skill trials,” recommendations from peers, and in-depth analysis of candidates’ historical competitive statistics. Only by flawlessly passing all stages of this rigorous selection process will esports athletes earn the honor of representing the United States of America in the prestigious national lineup.

Prospects and Opportunities for Selected Players

Successfully overcoming all stages of the most stringent selection, the chosen fighters of the U.S. national team will have the opportunity to participate in a series of grand international esports events of the highest level. Among them are the prestigious Pan American Games, as well as championships of a global scale, such as tournaments of the International Esports Federation (IeSF) and the GEF Global Esports Tour. These unique platforms will not only give selected stars the chance to win coveted medals and titles but also to gain the broadest international recognition and open up new horizons for developing their professional esports careers.

According to Bethany Pyles, a specialist at USEF.GG in player development, the federation’s ambitious vision involves a comprehensive multi-plan development of esports athletes’ potential. The innovative training program aims to improve a whole range of skills – from fine-tuning individual mastery and enhancing resilience to strengthening team synergy.


Such serious systematic training is designed to maximize the training and toughen the fighters for successful performances in the extreme conditions of competitions at the highest level.

In addition to the sporting component, this grand initiative also opens up broad prospects for professional growth and networking for elite gamers. National team players will have access to unprecedented opportunities to establish connections with influential industry representatives, leading experts, and exchange experiences, which will have a tremendous impact on the development of their careers.

Chance for Universal Domination

The application process serves as a loud call to the best esports talents in the USA to step forward and compete for a place in the national team lineup. After the bitter disappointment of just one bronze medal at the last IeSF World Championship, the United States seeks redemption and the opportunity to fully demonstrate its dominant position on the global esports stage.

The esports community eagerly awaits the culmination of this massive selection initiative, inspired by the vision of a new generation of American esports heroes ready to elevate national colors to previously unreachable heights.