The professional Dota 2 scene is known for its dynamism and constant changes. Waves of reshuffles, transfers, and the formation of new teams are an integral part of this industry. However, behind the scenes of these rearrangements often lie stories of fallen stars, once bright players who are now forced to fight their way back to the top. In 2024, several top players are experiencing serious difficulties, finding themselves far from elite tournaments and struggling for a place in the sun. Just last year, bettors were placing their bets and were confident that these players would secure solid victories for their teams, but the situation has changed somewhat now. To place safe bets on esports with a reliable bookmaker, you can always download Melbet App Apk.


David “Parker” Nihoo Flores was one of the brightest carry players in 2023. His Templar Assassin and Shadow Fiend consistently delivered stunning highlights while playing for beastcoast. The community enthusiastically dubbed Parker the second Pakazs, comparing him to the legendary carry player. However, the triumph was short-lived – South America’s failure at The International 2023 led to the disbandment of both beastcoast and Evil Geniuses.

Since then, Parker has found himself in a whirlwind of instability. He tried to rediscover his game by joining various mixes and teams, but it didn’t bring him success. His short stint with Mad Kings ended in failure in two qualifiers, after which the team disbanded. The situation worsened during the DreamLeague Season 22 qualifiers when one of the team members was banned during a match, resulting in a technical defeat and elimination.

After this comical episode, Parker’s team fell apart, and he embarked on a journey through mixes and open qualifiers, far from the elite Dota 2 scene. By mid-March 2024, one of last year’s brightest carries found himself without a single slot in major tournaments and without a stable team.


Rafliya “Mikoto” Fatura rightfully earned the title of one of the best mid-laners in the world in 2023. His outstanding performance was one of the key factors behind Talon Esports’ bronze medal at the Major and Riyadh Masters 2023, as well as their respectable performances in other top-tier tournaments.


However, after a disappointing 9-12th place at The International 2023, the team left the Talon organization and moved under Aurora’s wing, but without Mikoto. The Indonesian mid-laner joined Bleed Esports – a roster that notably lagged behind his previous team, especially in terms of support.

Despite Mikoto’s efforts, occasionally delivering impressive individual performances, the team failed to achieve significant success over the course of two months. Bleed’s last official match was in mid-February 2024. After that, Mikoto was left without any game practice.

Currently, the talented mid-laner remains inactive and is presumably awaiting more interesting offers from other teams. Placing only 4th in the regional qualifiers after being in the top 3 of a Major the year before is a serious blow to the career of a player of his caliber.


Abed Azel “Abed” Yusop showcased his skills brightly for Shopify Rebellion in 2023. He was the best player in DreamLeague Season 21, where his team secured second place, as well as second on the list of top players in The Lima Major 2023 (Shopify’s fourth place). However, the failure at The International 2023, where the team was eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, foreshadowed impending changes. After the tournament, Shopify parted ways with three players, including Abed.

Yusop decided to return to his native Southeast Asian region and joined Blacklist International – a team that also attracted other stellar players from the region, such as Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte and Mark “Raven” Fausto. On paper, the roster seemed quite competitive.

However, reality turned out to be much more mundane – Blacklist struggled even in regional qualifiers. In three tournaments, the team never rose above 6th place. Abed himself, playing on team-oriented heroes like Magnus, Timbersaw, and Dragon Knight, looked extremely pale.

After this disappointing stretch, Blacklist hasn’t participated in official matches for over a month. The roster has already undergone two changes – swapping positions 5 and 1. Yusop remains in the team for now, but the upcoming qualifiers for the Elite League will be a serious test of his determination not to give up.

Can These Players Return To Their Former Level?

The world of esports is ruthless – any misstep or decline in results threatens to drop one out of the ranks of top teams and into obscurity. This fate has befallen these three talented players in 2024.

However, their journey is not over yet. With invaluable experience and skill gained in tough battles, they won’t give up.


Overcoming difficulties, Parker, Mikoto, and Abed intend to regain stability and prove that they are still capable of playing at the highest level. Ahead of them lie new challenges, reshuffles, and perhaps moves to other regions. But one thing is for sure – the esports world will hear their names again in the near future. After all, true Dota 2 legends never give up.