Ready for Dead Cells 2023? Get the best weapons! Our top 10 picks will help you build the perfect arsenal. Time to grab ’em and slay every enemy! Ready to make your next run a success? Let’s do this!

10. Alchemic Carbine

The Alchemic Carbine is a powerful weapon. It’s featured in Dead Cells 2023. Shots from the carbine explode on impact. They cause area-of-effect damage, able to hit multiple enemies. The carbine needs time to heat up before it starts firing. Upgrading the weapon increases bonus damage taken by enemies.

Plus, chemical solutions cause extra effects on impact. They spread fire, poison, and slow down enemies inside the blast radius. This makes the carbine great for crowd control. You can augment it with various skills during the game.

9. Assault Shield

This ordinary-looking shield? It’s so much more! Its purpose? To take damage for you. It’ll absorb bullets and melee attacks, so you can focus on taking out enemies without all the damage distracting you. Offensively, you can use it to slam into enemies or propel yourself. Versatile and powerful – the Assault Shield is the go-to weapon for Dead Cells 2023.

8. Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt is a powerful weapon. It has medium spread, great accuracy and slow fire rate. But it can damage a wide area. It works well with Dead Cells’ fast action. If you time it right, you can defeat multiple enemies at once!

The lightning bolt shots are awesome against midair enemies, and if they’re 10 tiles away or further. Its shots even reflect off walls, so you have many targeting choices. With the Lightning Bolt, your opponents won’t have a hope!

7. Marksman’s Bow

The Marksman’s Bow is a long-range weapon, based on the standard bow and arrow. It’s great for those who want to take advantage of multiple enemy encounters, without relying solely on physical attacks. This bow can precisely target enemies’ weak points, inflicting maximum damage with one arrow. It has high speed, fire rate and reload speed attributes, which makes it more efficient in combat than other ranged weapons.

6. Hokuto’s Bow

Hokuto’s Bow is a top tier weapon in Dead Cells 2023. It works like other bows, but its attack speed and range make it great. Arrows fly out rapidly, hitting multiple enemies at once due to the broad area of effect. The arrows can break through walls and other obstacles, so you can reach targets that would be otherwise hard to reach. Huge amounts of damage can be dealt, and it has one of the highest crit chance levels among the weapons available for Dead Cells 2023. This makes it a perfect choice for building their ultimate arsenal.

5. Symmetrical Lance

The Symmetrical Lance is a powerful, yet slow-hitting weapon. It boasts long range and great crowd control. Perfect for ranged attackers who want to keep enemies away! Works best mid-to-long range. Its reach lets you hit foes more often. Plus, higher damage on critical hits makes it a great alternative to dual daggers.

The Lance’s small area of effect specials can quickly finish off small groups. Mobility allows you to dash away or zigzag behind walls. Making it tricky for close range foes due to unpredictable movements. Master usage of dashes and strafes to maximize attack efficacy and reduce risk of taking damage.

4. Sadist’s Stiletto

Sadist’s Stiletto is the fourth most popular item in Dead Cells 2023. This weapon has a long-reaching thrust attack. It can stab swiftly and lethally, allowing you to hit multiple targets with one lunge. The Sadist’s Stiletto has great base damage and increased critical chance on its secondary attack.

When paired with the Talent “Lethal Fluidity”, this weapon works well with fast and agile playstyles. It lets you chain multiple attacks together for powerful combos. Plus, it deals bonus damage when used on enemies with Bleed or Rust status effects. So, it’s perfect for players who need to clear out groups of enemies fast.

3. Ice Bow

The Ice Bow is a powerful ranged weapon coming to Dead Cells 2023! It fires 6 ice-arrows of 10 damage each. These arrows bounce off walls, and the second hit will freeze enemies in place. As a bonus, collecting the frozen enemy will almost completely reset your stamina bar. This makes it great against hordes of enemies. Plus, it can chill multiple targets at once – ideal crowd control!

2. Infantry Bow

The Infantry Bow is a great choice for Dead Cells players. It gives you the power to attack from a distance, while dealing massive damage. Plus, it can fire up to three arrows at once! With each upgrade, the arrow damage gets stronger. That means you can rain down arrows like an archer in no time.

Crowds won’t stand a chance against this versatile weapon. It’s no wonder why the Infantry Bow ranks so highly. It’s quick, effective, and packs a mighty punch!

1. Frantic Sword

Dead Cells 2023’s top pick for a lethal weapon? The Frantic Sword! This sword-wielding powerhouse has long range and wide sweeping combo attacks. Reach enemies from far away, and master its finesse and agility to fight in tight spaces or against groups. It has the highest damage rate of any melee weapon. Clear out hordes of mobs or even bosses with one go! Equip this trusty sidekick on your journey – you won’t regret it!


Dead Cells 2023 is coming! To make sure you’re ready, think about the best arsenal. It depends on your skills and likes, but if you want big damage, great crowd control, and a higher chance of living, try these 10 weapons. Don’t forget armor and potions – they’ll help you make the most of your weapon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the top 10 best weapons in Dead Cells 2023?

A1: The top 10 best weapons in Dead Cells 2023 are the Broadsword, Ice Bow, Kriss, Runic Blade, Shield Splitter, Flame Hammer, Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow, Scimitar, and Machete.

Q2: How can I build the best arsenal possible in Dead Cells 2023?

A2: To build the best arsenal possible in Dead Cells 2023, you should focus on weapons that are versatile and have high damage output. You should also consider weapons that give you a bonus to your health and armor points. It is also important to choose weapons that are good against different enemies and can be used in multiple situations.

Q3: What are the advantages of using the Broadsword in Dead Cells 2023?

A3: The Broadsword is one of the most versatile weapons in Dead Cells 2023. It has a high damage output and can be used against multiple enemies. It also has a bonus to your health and armor points, making it the perfect weapon for any situation.