Animal Crossing is one of the most played games, and the main objective of the game is to earn as much money as possible. While you probably know the most basic ways of making money, like selling bugs or catching fish, there are more complex ways you can make money to become richer, even than the main character- Tom Nook.

To make things even more complicated, the newest version of the game has two currencies. New Horizons also allows you to spend and earn Nook Miles along with the past currency of bells. Once you get used to the new game, though, you’ll find that earning Nook Miles is straightforward. However, don’t forget to keep earning and spending bells!

Not sure how to balance both currencies but want to be richer than Tom Nook? Here are the best tips for making money.

Always Sell the “Hot Item”

Every day there is a “hot item” in the game. Whatever the “hot item” is can be sold for double the original asking price. You can find which item it is outside the Nook’s Cranny shop. Since you can sell the item for double, it’s a quick and easy way to make money.  You first need to make the item, though. To do this quickly, use the crafting ability you have. It will show you the materials you need and give you a recipe to follow.

Sometimes, the items are so simple to make you can do it all on the workbench. To make crafting the hot item easier, always try to have common items with you, so you don’t have to go searching for them or buying them. Some of the materials most needed for making the items include iron, weeds, and wood. You can keep these items in the storage of your home.

Play Online Casino Games

Playing online casinos in Animal Crossing requires a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. After subscribing, you will need to download the Nook Miles Ticket from the Nook Stop terminal at the Resident Services building.  Then, you can travel to the airport and speak to Orville. He will give you the option to use your Nook Miles Ticket to travel to the Deserted Island. Once on the island, you’ll find the casino area with a variety of games such as slots, blackjack, and roulette.

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You can use your Nook Miles to purchase coins to play the games. When you win, you’ll be rewarded with Nook Miles, which you can use to purchase items from the Nook Stop. Have fun! And, of course, for some of you, this can be a start to playing online casinos for real. If you are interested in this online activity, you should always refer to the online guide first and get the best information before betting your own money.

Search for the Secret Money Rock

This is also an easy way to make money. Grab your shovel and go around the island, hitting the rocks. Every day there is a risk with a ton of bells inside. The amount won’t be the same every day, and the location of the rock also changes.  The best way to get money is to hit the rock quickly several times in a row to get the cash flowing freely.

Talk to Special Visitors

There are always days during the week when will special visitors come to the town. You can sell items you have collected for a high price to them. Just make sure the item you offer seems like something they would be interested in, as not every visitor wants the same stuff.  For example, Flick loves bugs and will probably not want to buy fish or other items. So, try to only offer him the best bugs you have.

Convert Miles to Bells

This is a new feature since Nook Miles is still new. If you have extra miles, you can turn them into bells. Just go to the Resident Services Kiosk by walking to the town center. You will get a voucher and then take it to Nook’s Cranny. You should get 3,000 bells per voucher.  As of this time, you cannot convert bells to Nook Miles, so make sure you are only converting if you have excess miles you can’t use.

Catch Bugs, But Only in the Evening

Rare bugs are always around in the game, but the evening is the best time to collect many at the same time. However, not everyone can play the game at night, which makes this money-making tip not possible for everyone. Most shops are closed unless you have been given an ordinance to allow you to shop during the evening. Despite the stores being closed, you can still make use of this time. You can also find certain quests that are only available at night.

Make sure to head out for bug catching at 6 in the evening or later. Tarantulas are very easy to find and are worth 8000 bells each. Not sure how to catch these spiders? Hold your hand out and walk slowly. Never run towards them, as they will scatter. If you see them lifting their front legs, this shows they are about to run, so start moving slower.  Butterflies are also worth a lot and can be traded for 4000 bells each. They like to hang out around the cliffs.

Stay Away From the DropBox

Nook’s Cranny closes at 10 at night. Upon closing, they set out a drop box where you can sell items. If you only play at night, you can use the drop box. Otherwise, you waste money and time by going here.  Every item you sell is only sold for 80% of the trade-in value. You also do not get the payment until the next day. So, if you can wait until the store opens the next morning, you should wait. Try stashing stuff in your house inventory rather than running off and selling stuff.

Wait to Expand Your House

You need to get a base house so you can have storage. Once you have the tent converted into a house, try not to be tempted to expand it for a while. Instead, save some of your money to do quests so you can get more features.  Remember, for each quest you complete, the more features you unlock and the more money you can make. Some people love to get an awesome house, but it doesn’t do much good financially.

Be Wary of the Stalk Market

Turnips go bad quickly, usually after a week. You won’t want to hang on to them for too long. You can turn them in on Sundays for about 90 bells each. Sometimes you get more depending on the condition of the turnip.  Make sure to only sell when you see the price is good at Nook’s Cranny, though. You should also sell if the turnips are about to go bad.

These tips are the best for making money in Animal Crossing. One day you might even be richer than Tom Nook!