Many Stardew Valley players are unaware of the blacksmith’s location. In this blog post, we’ll uncover the blacksmith’s location and provide some useful tips on how to find it.

Who Is The Blacksmith?

Stardew Valley is a popular role-playing video game in which you take on the character of the protagonist. The blacksmith is one of the people you will encounter and must engage with. He will repair your weapons and grant unique enhancements. But what does this entail for your gaming experience? What is the location of the Blacksmith?

The Blacksmith can be found on the outskirts of Pelican Town in Stardew Valley. He is usually seen at his workshop, which includes a massive anvil and two furnaces. The blacksmith’s shop is open all day, not only during regular business hours like most other establishments in town. Weapons, armor, accessories, and other tools needed to improve or build new things are among the products he sells.

This is the place to go if you need to repair or enhance an item in any manner. Furthermore, if you have certain requirements that cannot be met by other merchants, such as Jared at his general shop, here is the place to go.

Main Purpose Of Blacksmith

In Stardew Valley, the Blacksmith is an NPC (Non-Playable Character) who is the local authority in forging, metallurgy, and weapon creation. The Blacksmith, located in the town, has access to a range of supplies and equipment required to make weapons, tools, furniture, and other goods. The artisan also offers a variety of modifications for current equipment such as swords and shields. He also provides high-quality ore, which is required for weapon creation.

The Blacksmith’s main goal is to supply players with weapon upgrades, repairs, and custom-made weapons produced from ore mined from different areas across the game world. He also suggests enhancements that are exclusive to certain locations or mines and are useful for explorers facing the game’s more tough places.

Aside from his blacksmithing skills, The Blacksmith is a valuable source of guidance for specific missions or other activities connected to the game’s plot.

Blacksmith: Open Hours

The Blacksmith can be located in the little settlement of Pelican Town in Stardew Valley. The Blacksmith maintains a store where he sells various products and upgrades, such as weapon and tool improvements. They also sell a wide range of ores that may be utilized to craft weapons and enhance tools.

The Blacksmith is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Gordan will work on special orders for any weapons or tools you bring him at specified times of the day. If you want his assistance, you must prepare ahead of time since he is only accessible during certain hours and will take up to 24 hours to fulfill one bespoke order. The shop will be closed during non-business hours, so plan ahead if you need Gordan’s assistance with an upgrade or repair task.

Where Is The Blacksmith Located?

The Blacksmith may be found in Stardew Valley’s northeast corner. To discover it, climb the mountains and then follow the trail that leads to a massive structure with smoke billowing from its chimney.

The Blacksmith is a crucial place in the game since it allows you to not only buy weapons and armor, but also enhance them by bringing scraps to Clint, the blacksmith. He will utilize these scraps to improve your products and increase their value and strength. Furthermore, if you bring him rare metals such as copper or iron, he may make special equipment for you as a reward.

The Blacksmith is a fantastic resource for anybody exploring Stardew Valley.

Clints Unusual Timetable

Clint’s Unusual Timetable is a feature in Stardew Valley, a popular simulation game. It entails tracking down Clint, the game’s blacksmith, and providing clues to his location. You may find this strange schedule by interacting with the sign of an abandoned minecart in Pelican Town.

Clint’s Unusual Timetable has five entries and offers an approximate timetable of when Clint may be found in different areas across Pelican Town. Sunrise, noon, sunset, dusk, and midnight are among the entries. Using this schedule as a reference, players may find Clint on each day and fulfill particular activities or buy stuff from his store. Furthermore, if all entries are satisfied within one day, Clint will award you with an Iridium ore–a rare item required for creating recipes and furnishings. The ore of iridium may also be sold for extra money in Pierre’s shop or elsewhere.

Tuesday Winter 16

The Blacksmith will relocate to his new location in Stardew Valley on Tuesday, January 16. While he is on the move, his furnishings that may be put on the farm or in a player’s home can be found temporarily at Pierre’s General Store. This set of furniture includes a variety of crafting materials such as an Anvil, Furnace, and Skullfire Chalice.

Because this chance only occurs once a year, it may be beneficial for players to identify this furniture before visiting Pierre’s store so that they know what to look for when trying to acquire the things from him. Furthermore, knowing where the components are situated may assist players in saving money overall, since the placement goods cost more at Pierre’s store than they would if acquired straight from the Blacksmith himself.

Friday Every Week (Post-Community Center)

Once the Stardew Valley Community Center is constructed, there will be a weekly event in which furnishings will circulate around the village. Furniture may be found at surprising places including Pierre’s General Store, Marnie’s Ranch, and JojaMart every Friday. The Blacksmith’s shop, in particular, is included in this furniture cycle.

It might be tough to find his whereabouts on any given week since he appears at random around Stardew Valley every Friday. As a consequence of this weekly event, gamers will be able to swiftly and easily determine where he is. Furthermore, owing to the furniture rotation, unusual things may sometimes appear in unexpected spots, providing some pleasant surprises.


Finally, locating the Blacksmiths in Stardew Valley may be a fun and gratifying experience. You can quickly manufacture strong weapons and armor with a little knowledge of where to search and the correct equipment for the task.

To begin, go to the bus station east of Pelican Town and look for the Coal-cabin. Miner’s Inside, you’ll discover a mine entrance full with mysteries and clues that will lead you to the Blacksmith’s shop. With patience and thorough investigation, you will soon get access to formidable weapons and equipment that will aid your Stardew Valley travels.

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