Check out our list of the best Rimworld mods of 2020. These mods will help you get the most out of your game and improve your experience.

Guards For Me

For anybody wishing to strengthen the security of their colony, the “Guards For MeRimworld mod by Yay and Asmodeus is a must-have. Players may add guards to their colony using Guards For Me, who will concentrate on fending off thieves, monsters, and other dangers. The mod includes completely customisable guard outfits as well as special guard-related rewards for colonists who follow certain career routes.

The Guards For Me mod also adds specific things that guards may get when recruited by a player’s colony. Among these artifacts are numerous guns and armor parts. They also come with pre-selected ammunition types that are crucial for certain scenarios. This guarantees that guards always have access to the necessary equipment at all times while defending the colony from threat.

Vanilla Expanded

Vanilla Expanded is a RimWorld mod collection that seeks to expand on the original game’s content in a balanced and meaningful way. It is made up of numerous independent modifications that all work together to offer new material to the game. It contains anything from new weapons, animals, furniture, houses, and other objects to more sophisticated additions like modifications to AI behavior, battle mechanisms, and even the underlying principles of the game.

The goal of Vanilla Expanded is to add depth and complexity without sacrificing balance or gameplay. It works best when combined with other modifications like Survival Essentials or Medieval Times. The best Rimworld mods of 2020 are all part of this collection making it one of the most popular modding collections available.

EdB Prepare Carefully

For gamers who want to personalise their characters and colonies, EdB Prepare Carefully is a crucial Rimworld mod. Users may create bespoke characters, outfit them with custom equipment and stuff, and choose how much food, medicine, clothes, tools, and weaponry are available in the colony.

A complete tutorial on how to use EdB Prepare Carefully as effectively as possible has been been created by the mod’s authors. They’ve also incorporated a randomize option, which enables players to produce various sorts of initial colonists in their colonies at random.

EdB Prepare Carefully is one of the top Rimworld modifications of 2020 because it allows players to experience a variety of situations with fresh people and colonies with each load of the game.

Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering

Expanded Prostheses and Organ Engineering is a Rimworld mod that includes a variety of prosthetics and cybernetic implants. It also includes organ harvesting, which enables you to take organs from both animals and humans.

One of the most intriguing features offered by this mod is the ability to create customisable prosthetic limbs, enabling users to further personalize their character’s appearance. Players may create bespoke prosthetic limbs and legs, as well as additional organs such as eyes and internal organs, utilizing in-game technology.

The mod also contains new sophisticated medical and surgical instrument recipes, providing players additional choices when treating colonists or wounded animals. It also includes extensive research branches for prosthetics and organ engineering, enabling players to investigate new technologies that will improve the capabilities of their colonists.

Tilled Soil

Tilled Soil is a Rimworld patch that makes it simple to maintain the soil and boost productivity. The mod enables users to create a tilled field where they may grow and harvest crops at any time of year. It also has multiple soil types that provide different advantages for different crops, allowing for more crop management options.

You can also speed up crop growth and increase agricultural production with this Rimworld hack. Tilled Soil also offers more efficient methods of irrigating your crops, making farming more productive in dry seasons or on arid terrain.

This patch has received much appreciation from Rimworld players for making it simpler to manage the land and maximize harvest profits.

Color Coded Mood Bar

To locate the greatest Rimworld modifications of 2020, utilize the Color Coded Mood Bar. Each mod is categorized by how it impacts the mood of the game using the Color Coded Mood Bar. This assists gamers in locating modifications that will provide the desired impact for their gaming experience.

Mods are classified into five mood categories:

  • Relaxed (Green)
  • Joyful (Yellow)
  • Intense (Red)
  • Exotic (Blue)
  • Dark (Black)

A mod that can enhance your Rimworld gaming experience may be instantly found with the Color Coded Mood Bar. For example, if you desire an intense and exciting game, you may explore the Intense category 🟢 hue and choose a mod that meets your needs.

Wall Light

A Rimworld mod called Wall Light makes it easier for players to light up their dwellings with wall-mounted lighting fixtures. It comes with a broad range of distinct styles, offering gamers lots of choices for lighting their cities. This mod is highly recommended for individuals who wish to add a touch of luxury to their houses with elegant lights because of its straightforward installation technique.

Wall Light is also compatible with a number of other Rimworld modifications, including the Architect’s Toolkit mod and the Lighting Expanded mod. Players may further personalize their lighting system with these extra tweaks for optimum efficiency and aesthetics.

RPG Style Inventory

In the Rimworld modding community, RPG-style inventory modifications are quite popular and are often the first mods players upload. These addons enable you to manage your colony’s resources in a more orderly manner, similar to the typical RPG inventory system. You may browse all available things at a glance, observe how each item is utilized, and even search for particular goods with this sort of mod.

You may also restrict how much of each sort of resource your colonists can carry, monitor long-term resource consumption patterns, and more. This sort of patch adds an additional degree of depth to Rimworld and greatly simplifies resource management.

While Youre Up

While You’re Up is a popular Rimworld mod that was released in the year 2020. The mod provides players with a variety of features, including more content, updated game mechanics, and different game upgrades. The addition of additional characters to the game is the mod’s most noticeable feature. The player may control these characters as they traverse Rimworld and fulfill different activities such as resource collecting and battle.

The update also adds additional customization choices to the game, enabling users to change the look and gameplay style of their character. Furthermore, While You’re Up optimizes the game’s fundamental engine, resulting in increased performance on a variety of devices.

Finally, the patch features several bug fixes that make the experience of playing Rimworld more enjoyable for everyone involved:

  • Optimized game engine for increased performance.
  • Additional characters and customization choices.
  • Bug fixes.

The Best Rimworld Mods in 2020

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