Looking to get an edge in Bannerlord? Check out our guide to the best armor, weapons, and equipment in the game! From the best shield to the best sword, we’ve got you covered.

Best One-Handed Weapon in Bannerlord

The longsword is the greatest one-handed weapon in Bannerlord. The longsword is a quick, versatile, and lethal weapon that demands a tremendous degree of expertise to master. The longsword is useful for both offensive and defensive reasons.

It can deflect assaults and fire devastating thrusts against opponents. It has amazing reach and can slice numerous adversaries at once, making it a good option for close-quarters fighting. When used correctly, the longsword may be very lethal, especially against highly armored opponents.

If you’re searching for a versatile one-handed weapon in Bannerlord, the longsword is the way to go.

Best Two-Handed Weapon in Bannerlord

Two-handed weapons are among the finest weapons available in Bannerlord. They need two hands to handle and utilize, but they do a lot of damage and provide excellent defense against opponent strikes. Swords, axes, war hammers, and maces are examples of two-handed weaponry.

The greatest two-handed weapon for your playstyle is primarily a matter of personal choice, although there are a few standouts worth noting. The Falx is a two-handed curved blade with strong damage output and armor penetration, whilst the Bec De Corbin is a polearm with greater reach and attack speed. Finally, the greatest two-handed weapon for you is determined by your battle style.

Best One-Handed Polearm in Bannerlord

The Winged Mace is the greatest one-handed polearm in Bannerlord. This weapon has a two-shot range and significant damage, making it ideal for wiping down adversaries at a distance. It has a 0.9 second attack speed, making it particularly powerful against quick moving foes. It also has a 4x multiplier on crushing damage while hitting from behind, making it ideal for dispatching fleeing opponents.

The Winged Mace also has a good weight balance and requires less energy than other one-handed polearms, enabling you to wield it efficiently without soon becoming fatigued. The mace also has superior defensive numbers than other polearms in its class, which allows it to participate in more aggressive combat without surrendering much protection.

Best Two-Handed Polearm in Bannerlord

Two-handed polearms are among the greatest weapons in Bannerlord. A two-handed polearm is a long, heavy stick that ends with a sharp tip or blade. This sort of weapon is an improvement over the one-handed spear in terms of reach and damage.

The Lochaber Axe is without a doubt the greatest two-handed polearm in the game. This weapon has a staggering attack power of 22, making it one of the most powerful weapons in Bannerlord. It also has a sluggish swing speed, although this is compensated for by its long range and great damage output. It is also a fantastic option for infantry formations since it offers excellent protection against horse charges.

Best Thrown Weapon in Bannerlord

Bannerlord has a range of throwable weapons at his disposal that may be utilized effectively in combat. The Javelin is perhaps the finest thrown weapon in the game, since it is light and simple to handle while yet packing a tremendous blow. It can kill numerous adversaries with a single toss, making it one of the most effective weapons on the battlefield.

Throwing axes, spears, and stones are all common thrown weapons that may be used for crowd control or long-range ranged battle. Thrown weapons can provide additional damage and strategic possibilities for players seeking for an advantage on the battlefield when coupled with an Archer or Crossbowman troop.

Best Bow in Bannerlord

The Longbow is the greatest bow in Bannerlord. It is a very strong weapon with a rapid rate of fire that can take down foes in one or two shots. It also has a long range, enabling you to pick out opponents from a long distance. The Longbow is also lighter than its heavier predecessors, making it simpler to handle. The Longbow should be the first option for archers searching for the greatest weapon to use against their opponents.

In terms of armor and protection, it’s always a good idea to invest in some tough leather cuirasses and helmets to keep arrows and swords at bay. While this equipment may not give as much protection as metal armors, it does provide an outstanding combination of mobility and defense, which is particularly important for archers. Also, make sure you have enough additional arrows on hand for when you’re fighting huge groups of foes or fortifications.

Best Arrows in Bannerlord

Bannerlord’s greatest arrows are strong and precise, striking targets with more force and precision than any other arrow in the game. The best arrows in the game are made from high-quality materials like steel, and may do catastrophic damage with a single shot.

When looking for the best arrows to equip your troops with, you should look for these items specifically:

  • Steel Arrows are made of high-quality steel and have a strong penetrative power.
  • Bodkin Arrows are lighter than Steel Arrows but still retain their penetrating power when fired great distances by archers or crossbows.
  • Crossbow Bolts have immense stopping power when employed against fully armored opponents at short to mid-range distances.

Each of the three kinds of ammo has distinct characteristics that make it perfect for the various combat conditions experienced in Bannerlord.

Best Crossbow in Bannerlord

The Varangian Crossbow is the best crossbow in Bannerlord. This potent weapon is an improvement over the classic bow in that it has longer distant shots, faster fire speed, and stronger penetrating ability. It has a good accuracy rating and can readily take out targets at long range. It also has a big ammo capacity for maximum sustained firing, enabling you to easily dispatch swarms of foes. Its tremendous damage, huge weight, and slow rate of fire make it perfect for long-range sniping or defending locations.

The Varangian Crossbow is the finest weapon for Bannerlord gamers that want to conquer from afar.

Best Shield in Bannerlord

Shields are one of the most crucial pieces of equipment in Bannerlord, so choose the finest shield for your playstyle. Shields come in a variety of forms, sizes, and materials, with each delivering a distinctive blend of protection and mobility.

When selecting a shield, consider its weight, dimensions, and material composition. Heavier shields give greater protection but may slow you down in combat, whilst lighter shields allow for quicker mobility but less armour protection. Larger shields give stronger defense against arrows and other ranged assaults, while smaller shields allow for more mobility. Finally, the composition of your shield impacts its strength, which determines whether or not it will protect you from strong strikes such as impact damage from heavy weapons or horse charges.

When choosing your shield, you may strike a decent balance between mobility and defense. However, each piece of equipment has benefits and downsides that must be considered while making a selection. Finally, the optimal shield for every scenario will be determined by your playstyle as well as your overall Bannerlord success plan.

Best Helmet in Bannerlord

The Steel Helmet is the greatest helmet in Bannerlord. This helmet offers excellent protection against most assaults and may be made or purchased from a variety of vendors. It has the virtue of being lightweight while yet providing excellent protection, making it an excellent option for all forms of fighting. It also complements any form of armor, making it a fashionable addition to your character’s outfit.

The Steel Helmet provides exceptional protection against arrowheads, swords, and slashing assaults, as well as superb head and facial covering. It weighs just over four pounds on average, making it light enough to not slow you down whether jogging or riding a horse.

Overall, the Steel Helmet is a wonderful option for Bannerlord adventurers searching for a dependable and fashionable piece of headgear to keep them safe at all times.

Best Cape/Shoulder Armor in Bannerlord

A cape or shoulder armor is an essential item for every character in Mount and Blade: Bannerlord. The cape and shoulder armor provide considerable protection against ranged assaults like arrows and bolts, as well as some protection against melee attacks like swords and axes.

The finest cape/shoulder armor in Bannerlord will be determined by a number of variables, including:

  • The material used to build the armor,
  • The degree of protection it offers, and
  • Its overall visual appeal.

Steel, iron, leather, and even more exotic materials like dragon scales or scale mail may all be utilized to make cape/shoulder armor. When it comes to protecting against certain sorts of assaults, each has a different amount of efficiency. There are also a range of alternative designs to pick from, allowing you to further personalize your character’s appearance. Finally, depending on your playstyle and preferences, while choosing cape/shoulder armor for your character, you may choose to emphasize weight over protection.

By considering all of these variables, you may choose the ideal cape/shoulder armor for your character in Mount & Blade: Bannerlord.

Best Body Armor in Bannerlord

Body armor was crucial for war protection throughout the medieval times. The greatest body armor in Bannerlord is made up of numerous parts ranging from chain mail to plate armor.

  • Chain mail and scale mail are lightweight choices that provide protection while allowing for mobility in battle.
  • Plate armor is a heavier alternative, but it protects better against sword and arrow blows.

Helmets are also required in Bannerlord to finish out your body armor, offering better overall protection when combination with other pieces of body armor. Brimmed helmets and kettle hats are the greatest helmets to wear since they give more coverage over the head than other helmet kinds.

Finally, layered garments like as gambesons may assist patch gaps in your armor and provide an additional layer of protection against impact or cutting damage during combat.

Best Arm Armor in Bannerlord

Arm armor is one of the most critical pieces of equipment in Bannerlord since it may be the difference between life and death in a combat. It is feasible to spend extensively on arm armor that provides good protection, but this comes at a high cost.

The greatest arm armor in Bannerlord is the Sutton Hoo Armor set, which offers outstanding protection with minimal to no drawbacks. The Sutton Hoo Armor set includes a complete mail coat with bracers, full greaves, and a gorget, as well as two segments to defend your arms from oncoming attacks. All of these items have excellent stats and a high defensive rating, which will keep you safe on the battlefield. Furthermore, these parts are accessible for each side and may be bought from most blacksmiths or discovered in chests scattered around Bannerlord’s global map.

Best Leg Armor in Bannerlord

The greatest leg armor you may wear in Bannerlord relies heavily on two factors: how heavy you want your armor to be and what sort of protection you desire. Lightweight armor is simpler to move about in, yet it provides less protection than heavy armor. The trick is to strike a balance between the two.

  • Cuirass Maille or Knee High Greaves are ideal alternatives for light and medium armors. The Cuirass Maille offers good protection while being lightweight against arrows and melee weapons, and the Knee High Greaves give exceptional defense against cutting weapons.
  • Thick Bearded Plate or Kneecap Splint Greaves provide outstanding protection from strikes and slicing assaults on the heavier side.

Whatever choice you choose, make sure it matches your playstyle and enables you to move about throughout fight.

Best Horse Armor in Bannerlord

Horse armor is perhaps the most critical improvement you can make when it comes to outfitting your horse in Mount& Blade II: Bannerlord. While your character may wear any sort of armor, up to and including heavy plate, horses do not have the same privilege. As a result, selecting the appropriate horse armor is critical not just for protecting your horse in combat but also for enhancing its movement speed.

Mail Barding is the greatest form of horse armor to get in Bannerlord. It offers the optimum blend of protection and quickness. It’s the lightest sort of barding available, with 10 damage reduction against all sources of damage and considerable protection against arrows and melee weapons. Mail Barding also boosts your mount’s movement speed by 3%. This makes it an excellent pick for any build that emphasizes mobility or cavalry.

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