In this guide, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about how to get past the rancor in the sewers on Kashyyyk in Knights of the Old Republic.

The Rancor in Kotor

The Rancor is a terrifying beast located in Kotor’s sewers that may provide a problem to players aiming to finish the game. The Rancor is a massive reptile-like monster with razor-sharp claws, strong jaws, and a terrifying growl. It will use lethal force to attack any character that approaches it.

As they go through the sewers, players must exercise care while approaching the Rancor and avoid getting too near or they may suffer its wrath.

Players must utilize their surroundings to get past the Rancor without receiving harm. To begin, they should scan their surroundings for things like barrels that may be thrown towards the Rancor to keep it at distance or expensive artifacts that can be used as bait to divert it from attacking them. Additionally, players may equip weaponry such as blasters or rockets to assist them destroy the beast before it does any damage.

Players should have little trouble dealing with this nasty resident of Kotor’s sewers if they keep these suggestions in mind:

  • Scan surroundings for barrels and expensive artifacts that can be used as bait.
  • Equip blasters or rockets to assist in destroying the beast.
  • Avoid getting too near the Rancor.

Using the Synthesized Odor

In KOTOR Knights of the Old Republic, using the Synthesized Odor is an efficient strategy to avoid the Rancor in the Sewers. You must first engage with the intercom on a door on the north side of the sewer to receive the Synthesized Odor. Once inside, use a Stealth Field Generator to sneak about unnoticed. Continue on to the next region by passing through another doorway. Take one of the two containers that contain synthetic scents.

Return to where you found it and speak with Garo Bennet; he will provide you knowledge on how to get past the Rancor. He claims that spraying him with Synthesized Odor would draw and confuse him long enough for you to sneak by unnoticed. Equip your Synthesized Odor and aim it towards Garo; this will create a distraction, allowing you to escape down another secret tunnel that goes to your objective.

Using Grenades to Kill the Rancor

Getting through the Rancor in the sew in KOTOR Knights of the Old Republic might be difficult for those unfamiliar with this portion. Killing the Rancor is normally a challenging task; nevertheless, using grenades is one of the greatest methods to finish this objective successfully.

 Grenades are accessible objects that may be employed to rapidly and efficiently eliminate any threat. Thermal detonators or Sonic detonators are suggested for killing a Rancor. These things are thrown and quickly explode when they come into contact with any surface, causing massive quantities of damage in a single blow and destroying an otherwise tough adversary in an instant.

 These weapons’ efficacy makes them ideal for scenarios like these, allowing players to get through a difficult stretch without fear of being overrun by their powerful opponent.

Using Mines to Kill the Rancor

When battling the Rancor in the sewers, using mines to kill it is a useful approach in Knights of the Old Republic. To do this, you must first equip your character with a set of mines and then strategically position them across the landscape. When the Rancor approaches, they will explode, doing huge damage and considerably weakening it.

These mines are ideally placed right before spots where tight paths force or enable you to funnel the beast into your traps. When using this tactic, have lots of heals and potions on available in order to regain health during fight with the Rancor. Once vanquished, you may go unharmed into the sewers.

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