Looking for a game similar to Factorio that will satisfy your cravings? Check out our list of the best games like Factorio that will keep you coming back for more.

1. Astroneer

System Era Softworks’ Astroneer is a science fiction sandbox adventure game for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The player may explore procedurally created planets for materials, make goods, and construct constructions. Astroneer’s crafting mechanism is simple and straightforward. Players may use an in-game 3D printer to create bespoke bases out of a range of modular elements or transit networks out of roads, tunnels, and bridges.

Exploration, commerce, mining, and resource collecting are all activities that players engage in. Astroneer, with its distinct graphic design, pleasant music, and compelling narrative line, provides a surprisingly different gameplay experience than Factorio. The game also has a multiplayer option in which up to four people may share the same planet in real time. Astroneer is an enjoyable game that will fulfill your need for exploration and simulation without being too complicated or overpowering, as Factorio may be at times.

2. Fortresscraft Evolved

Fortresscraft Evolved is a 3D block-building game with aspects of crafting, construction, and exploration. The game allows users to explore their surroundings and participate in resource collection, crafting, and building. Fortresscraft Evolved, an open-world sandbox adventure game, also enables you to create your own structures by mixing blocks of various shapes and sizes.

Fortresscraft Evolved is meant to be an entertaining game for both beginner and experienced gamers, with eight playable characters to pick from and numerous difficulty levels accessible. You may also change the atmosphere with your own day/night cycle or weather system. And, thanks to its beautiful 3D graphics engine, you may explore enormous landscapes filled with:

  • Lush woods
  • Steep mountain sides
  • Cacti-filled deserts
  • Subterranean mines containing rare metals
  • And much more!

3. Infinifactory

Infinifactory is a 2015 puzzle game similar to Factorio. In the game, you assume command of an extraterrestrial factory and are entrusted with solving progressively intricate problems. To complete each task and go on to the next, you must construct machines and automate manufacturing lines.

Zachtronics designed the game, which is recognized for creating other enjoyable and tough games such as Opus Magnum, Shenzhen I/O, and TIS-100. Infinifactory has received accolades for its challenge, originality, and stunning aesthetics. It also has internet leaderboards where users can compare their achievements to those of others across the globe.

The puzzles in the game are separated into packs that vary in complexity based on your ability level. If you’re searching for a Factorio replacement that can keep you entertained for hours, Infinifactory is worth a try.

4. SpaceChem

Zachtronics’ SpaceChem is a science-inspired puzzle game for PC and Mac. The purpose of the game is to manipulate the atoms and bonds in the molecule to create automated paths for molecules to go through chemical reactors. It combines features from Factorio and puzzle games to create a one-of-a-kind experience that will have you coming back for more.

Players must learn how to manipulate molecules and atoms in order to develop effective paths that provide outcomes. Players may also operate under restrictions such as energy limits or tight periods, adding another element of complexity.

SpaceChem has three distinct sorts of challenges:

  • puzzles
  • defensive mode
  • reactor mode

Each mode has its own set of levels, which may be completed in any order. When playing SpaceChem, players must think carefully about how to create their paths since each level needs a different strategy. SpaceChem, with its simple user interface and diverse set of tasks, is guaranteed to fulfill your appetites for brain-teasing puzzle games like Factorio.

5. Banished

Shining Rock Software’s Banished is a city-building strategy game. Set in a hypothetical planet, the player assumes the role of an exiled leader entrusted with starting from zero and guiding a new colony to glory. The game’s overarching goal is to manage resources, housing, and food for your community’s residents while guaranteeing development and sustainability.

Players may create various structures such as farms, residences, and granaries, as well as roads to connect those structures and manufacture commodities that can be sold or used to build new constructions. Furthermore, players must carefully manage their people by assigning various occupations and tending to their needs.

Banished has a fantastic sandbox option where players may experiment with constructing their perfect town any way they like.

6. Gnomoria

Gnomoria is a popular simulation game in the same vein as Factorio. In it, players assume the position of a leader of a tiny group of gnomes tasked with constructing a prosperous kingdom in the midst of an unruly wilderness. The game includes a variety of buildings, materials, and equipment that you must employ to create intricate constructions and fortifications.

The game emphasizes resource management and strategic decision making while also including a fascinating tale centered on mystical characters such as castles, mines, goblins, and dragons. Gnomoria distinguishes out because of its demanding gameplay and distinct visual, which help bring the game world to life like no other title available today.

Gnomoria will undoubtedly fulfill your demands for something fresh, no matter what sort of strategy player you are.

7. Eve Online

EVE Online is a space-themed MMORPG featuring a stunningly gorgeous environment. The game provides players with a massive space sandbox in which to explore, construct, and conquer. There are four races to select from: Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, and Minmatar. Each race has its own set of ships and play styles. The game is largely focused on PvP friction and economics, as well as a dynamic player-driven market for interstellar trade and commerce.

Players may form alliances with other players in order to gain power against other players or empires. Mining, Environment vs. Player In EVE Online, PvE missions, manufacturing, and PvE grinding are all available; players may even create guilds and companies to increase their might against opposing forces. While exploring the enormous world of EVE Online, something new may be discovered with each fight fought or transaction conducted.

8. Prison Architect

Prison Architect, from Introversion Software, is a top-down building and administration simulator video game. In the game, players construct and operate their own jail, supervising convicts, staff, and other aspects. Prison Architect is one of the most popular independent games of all time, selling over two million copies and winning multiple accolades.

In Prison Architect, you are responsible with designing, staffing, administering, and maintaining a maximum security prison from the ground up. As convicts arrive, you must allocate them to proper cells, arrange job tasks, and assign guard stations to staff personnel. You are in command from the start, from establishing guard patrol routes to organizing prisoner activities like exercises and education sessions. In this darkly funny management simulator, you never know what will happen next.

9. Minecraft – with IndustrialCraft or BuildCraft mods

Minecraft is a well-known sandbox video game in which players build, explore, and survive in a virtual environment. It is very adaptable, and the possibilities are limitless. However, by installing IndustrialCraft or BuildCraft modifications to Minecraft, you may make the game more like to Factorio, a factory-building simulation game.

BuildCraft focuses on energy-producing constructions like oil processing facilities and quarries, but IndustrialCraft includes equipment and tools that enable you to create an automated factory. Both modifications operate in tandem to give you with all of the materials you need to construct a large, industrial-style infrastructure in Minecraft. With these modifications loaded on your server, the options are almost unlimited, ranging from building enormous factories with multicolored conveyor belts to unique research laboratories and power plants.

In summary, Minecraft transforms into a tactical strategy game akin to Factorio, ideal for any ambitious manufacturer.

10. Factorio

Wube Software created Factorio, a single-player game. It’s a computer game about constructing industries, managing resources, and doing research. In Factorio, you play as an engineer tasked with constructing an industrial base from the ground up. You will be in charge of developing efficient production lines, discovering new technologies for your firm, and other duties. There is also an online multiplayer feature in the game that enables users to compete against other players in the same session. Space Engineers and Automation Empire are two of the game’s spin-offs.

Factorio has been acclaimed for its depth and intricacy, which encourages long-term strategic thinking. If you want a game with a comparable degree of intricacy to Factorio but a different environment or subject, there are various options available.

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