Here’s a look at the 10 best weapons in Dead Cells for 2022 and how you can build the best arsenal possible!

1. Alchemic Carbine

In Dead Cells 2022, the Alchemic Carbine is a versatile weapon that can be utilized for both close-range and long-range combat. Its mix of strength, broad range, and ability to produce bleeding damage makes it powerful against a wide spectrum of foes. Both poisonous bullets and burning shots may be used with the Alchemic Carbine. Both have distinct advantages over their respective adversaries.

The Alchemic Carbine can instantly demolish opponents at any range when used wisely and with the appropriate ammunition. The main disadvantages are its limited ammunition capacity and poor reload time, which may make keeping up with certain speedier foes difficult. The Alchemic Carbine is still one of the most powerful and sought-after weapons in Dead Cells 2022, despite these disadvantages.

2. Assault Shield

The Assault Shield is a weapon in Dead Cells 2022 that ranks #9 on the Top 10 Best Weapons List. This item has three separate evolutions that may be utilized for various reasons, making it one of the most versatile weapons currently accessible.

In Dead Cells 2022, the Alchemic Carbine is a versatile weapon that can be utilized for both close-range and long-range combat. Its mix of strength, broad range, and ability to produce bleeding damage makes it powerful against a wide spectrum of foes.

  • The initial evolution color grants a +20% armor boost, letting players to take greater damage from foes.
  • The purple second evolution boosts movement speed by +5%, which is useful for avoiding opposing assaults during combat.
  • Finally, gold evolutions boost damage reduction by 20%.

Because it covers your character’s whole body, this shield also decreases damage from ranged attacks. This makes it an excellent defense weapon when confronted with ranged opponents or incoming bullets.

3. Lightning Bolt

The Lightning Bolt is a ranged weapon that may be acquired from random treasure drops. Due to its ability to fire bolt-based projectiles at foes, this is regarded as one of the greatest weapons in the game. This weapon is very handy when dealing with groups of adversaries since it can target numerous targets at once from a safe distance. The Lightning Bolt has a limitless supply of ammunition, thus you won’t run out of ammunition throughout a combat. The Lightning Bolt also has a slightly enhanced chance of stun, making it effective for slowing down circumstances when time is of the essence.

4. Marksmans Bow

For long-range fighting, the Marksman’s Bow is an excellent weapon. Its main firing mode fires a barrage of arrows that penetrate through walls and terrain, allowing you to take down adversaries from a distance. This bow can also fire explosive-tipped arrows at your opponents, doing heavy damage across an area of impact and causing knockback. Furthermore, the Marksmanship bow can fire numerous arrows at once, enabling you to easily dispatch swarms of enemies while stunning them all at once. The Marksman Bow is a strong and adaptable tool for any build, making it one of the greatest weapons for taking out Dead Cells 2022 when combined with additional weapons like

  • Twin swords
  • Long bows

5. Hokutos Bow

One of the deadliest weapons in Dead Cells 2022 is the Hokutos Bow. It possesses a very strong assault that will dispatch practically any adversary in its path. The bow’s long range and ability to latch on to numerous targets at once make it ideal for efficiently killing swarms of opponents. It also does not need reloading, allowing you to fire constantly until your magazine is empty. The Hokutos Bow also has a unique passive function in which it begins to increase its damage after each successful hit as you shoot quickly without missing or reloading, making it very lethal if used correctly.

6. Symmetrical Lance

The Symmetrical Lance is one of the top ten best weapons. It is the fifth most powerful weapon in the game and has a wide range of strikes, making it an excellent addition to any armory. High attack damage, a good range, and a quick attack speed are all characteristics of the Symmetrical Lance. It swings outward in the form of a lance, allowing it to attack numerous adversaries at once if they are all within range.

The disadvantage of this weapon is that due to its poor penetrating strength, certain defenses may be able to prevent its assaults. On the bright side, its swift pace means players can quickly get it back up and running again. The Symmetrical Lance is a powerful weapon against even the most formidable opponents and a vital item for any player aiming to develop the greatest armament possible in Dead Cells 2022.

In Dead Cells 2022, synergies are combinations of weapons and other things that may be employed to increase the efficacy of your arsenal. The Lightning Bolt synergy, which comprises of two electrically charged weapons, The Lightning Bolt and The Hangman’s Electric Twins, is one of the most powerful weapon synergies.

7. Sadists Stiletto

The Sadists Stiletto ranks fourth on the list of best weapons. This is a longsword with a significant damage output, but its major benefit is its mobility and fast attack speed. The Sadists Stiletto’s range and damage may be charged up, letting it to pierce foes or conduct large-scale crowd control. Because of its range, you can swiftly slice through adversaries, making it one of the greatest weapons for the fast-paced fighting in the game.

This weapon’s unique feature is the ability to create two little bats upon dealing enough damage with a strong assault. These bats will fly about and do further damage. The Sadists Stiletto becomes one of the most powerful pieces of equipment in Dead Cells 2022: Building the Best Arsenal Possible when coupled with other weapons that have high attack speed or area of effect damage capabilities.

8. Ice Bow

The Collector or the Hand of the King may acquire the Ice Bow, a ranged weapon. It encases an arrow in ice and launches it at your opponents, freezing them in place until they break. Because you can pick out one opponent while freezing numerous others around them, it’s perfect for both crowd control and single target damage. It also has a reasonably large range compared to other bows, as well as a modest attack speed, allowing you to avoid getting too close to your adversaries before doing damage.

Furthermore, its penetrating skills let you to take down numerous adversaries at the same time. The Ice Bow is particularly useful when fighting big groups of weak foes or bosses with a huge number of minions assisting them, enabling you to freeze and shatter them all at once.

9. Infantry Bow

The Infantry Bow is a very flexible ranged weapon. It is one of the most lethal weapons in the game because of its customizable size and broad range of ammunition compatibility. The Infantry Bow has the unique ability to fire two arrows at the same time, causing double the damage of a single arrow.

This makes it very effective against giant bosses and challenging opponents. Its minimum attack range is modest in comparison to other bows, but its tremendous damage may compensate for this constraint. Furthermore, it uses less energy each shot than conventional bows, enabling players to fire more bullets without soon running out of stamina. Aside with its strength and effectiveness, the Infantry Bow is also highly attractive in-game.

10. Frantic Sword

The Frantic Sword is one of the top ten best weapons. This sword is a short-range, quick weapon with a high critical chance and attack speed. It has a modest basic damage, but when all of its stats are maxed up, it may do severe damage. It also has a unique ability that gives each strike a random chance to do additional damage.

This sword is good for destroying adversaries swiftly without taking too long to kill them, making it suitable for individuals who like an aggressive playstyle. The attack speed makes it difficult to strike adversaries at afar or escape oncoming attacks, but with its lightning-fast swings and huge critical hit chance, this weapon can rip through even the strongest enemies.


Dead Cells 2022 needs great thought and preparation to build the finest armament imaginable. There are several weapons to pick from, each with its own set of objectives and tactics. The perfect loadout should be suited to the player’s gameplay style and battle preferences. Some weapons, such as the Flurry Crossbow, Boomerang Knife, and Sword of Conjunctivitus, excel at crowd control, while others, such as the Homunculus Mace, Flaming Sword of Simoom, and Spore Saber, excel at taking out single enemies from a distance.

The efficiency of each weapon is ultimately determined by how they are employed in-game, as well as the Loadout discovered by players. Any player may discover their own ideal loadout that works best for them with a little practice, patience, and expertise.

Top 10 Best Weapons in Dead Cells 2022 | Build the Best Arsenal Possible