Many players have been asking how to store items properly in their stash in Bannerlord, so here is a quick guide!

Set Up Your Stash

The Stash in Bannerlord is an excellent place to save resources and stuff you’ve gathered while exploring the globe of Calradia. It may seem difficult to set up, but it does not have to be. Stashes are an important aspect of resource management, so taking the effort to arrange them early on pays return.

You will need a few things to properly set up your stash in Bannerlord:

  • An Estate, which will define the size of your Stash
  • Some form of storage container, such as a chest or barrel
  • Some stuff to keep
  • Other tools that enable you to manage and protect access to your Stash

After you’ve gathered these necessities, you may begin categorizing your resources inside the Stash. Begin by categorizing them, such as food, tools, and weapons, and then decide which objects should go where. Depending on their size, weight, and intended usage, goods may be placed on shelves or in barrels.

Finally, take the time to ensure that each item has appropriate access privileges. Only those with access privileges may collect stuff from your stash, providing added security when required.

Acquire a Stash

You must first earn one before you may properly keep goods in your stash. This involves turning to two separate characters in Bannerlord: the Miner and the Geologist.

The Miner may be found at mining camps and will get you a Stash in return for some gold. A Geologist, on the other hand, may hold the secret to genuinely investing in your organization’s security.

The services of a geologist are not inexpensive. They come at a high cost. Having said that, they do provide an outstanding bundle that includes more storage space and increased security features. Furthermore, with a bigger inventory size and customizable features like enhanced locks or secret compartments, it makes sense to invest in a real Stash from a Geologist rather than depend on an inferior one from a Miner.

Equip Your Stash

Stash is a permanent storage place on the battlefield in Bannerlord. You may access and equip your Stash at any moment, even when fighting or in an enemy camp. When not in use, important things like as weapons, armor, and other equipment may be safely kept in the Stash.

It is simple to stock your Stash with stuff. Simply go to your inventory on the left side of the screen, choose an item from the list, and then click “Move to Stash” to securely store it for future encounters. Any things stashed in your Stash will stay there until you return them to your inventory or sell them. As previously said, you may keep practically any item in your Stash, from swords to shields, so make use of this ability.

Storing Items in Your Stash

In Bannerlord, keeping goods in your Stash is an essential component of the game. It’s an excellent approach to ensure that you have access to all of your essential supplies, from equipment to meals. Containers are required for correctly storing stuff in your Stash. By hitting the ‘O’ key and choosing an item from the ‘Contain’ menu, containers may be opened. Each Container may thus hold up to ten things.

You should strive to put all of your important stuff inside Containers since they are safer than putting them loose in your Stash. This is because if you are assaulted, any unsecured objects will be seized by the assailants and you will not be able to recover them. A Container, on the other hand, considerably reduces that danger by keeping all of the objects safe and secure until you open it again later. So, while keeping objects in your Stash, always utilize Containers.

Store Weapons and Armor

Storing weapons and armor in Bannerlord might be crucial while attempting to win fights. To correctly store stuff in your stash, first open the stash option from the top toolbar. You may then choose whatever item you wish to keep in your stash. When you pick it, you will be invited to specify where you want it kept. Many players choose to use the inventory tab at the top to readily access their weapons and armor during combat.

Following that, ensure that your things are appropriately put in the right spaces based on their size and weight. Place heavy goods in the lower slots and lighter stuff on top. This will keep anything from toppling over during storage while also making it simple to grasp when required during combat preparations. Finally, group related objects together, such as swords and shields with other swords and shields, or bows with other bows, so you can easily discover what you need.

Store Food and Supplies

Having enough food and supplies to keep your army nourished and healthy is an important aspect of the Bannerlord strategy. The most effective approach to handle this is to have stuff in your stash that you can readily reach when needed. This covers a wide range of commodities like as food, medical supplies, arrows, steel, armour, and so on.

Food should be kept apart from other products in order to avoid spoiling. Some foods, such as salted meats, have a significantly longer shelf life than others, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, which deteriorate over time if not properly preserved. Check the expiration date of each item and make sure it is kept properly to preserve its freshness whenever it is used or eaten.

Correct supply storage will allow you to better manage your resources and boost your chances of success on the battlefield.

Store Horses and Carriages

There are a few of options for rotating the furniture in your Stardew Valley home. The first thing you should do is keep your horses and carriages in a stable or barn. This is one of the simplest options since all you have to do is choose your mansion and pick the option to keep a horse or carriage. All that remains is to rotate the furniture by dragging it on top of another piece with the mouse after it has been put in storage.

Furthermore, storing a horse and carriage outside your home will take up less space inside, giving you more area to add furnishings without having to move anything else. Finally, if you have access to a blacksmith’s shop, which is normally located near your farm, employ their skills to make better things that may be put within your manor rather than taking up important room on your farm.

Managing Your Stash

In Bannerlord, managing your stash is a key component of maximizing your resources and overall success. The Stash is an inventory system that enables you to manage and store things or resources for later use or sale throughout the game. It is critical to ensure that your Stash is correctly maintained since products held in the same location for an extended period of time might become obsolete, lowering their value or utility to you.

To effectively manage your Stash, it is advised that you:

  • Designate various storage places for each item type – this will assist make goods simpler to discover when required and ensuring they are as fresh and useful as possible for future usage.
  • Keep track of the things in your stashes on a regular basis; check their expiration dates and re-stock those that are about to expire.
  • Keeping track of your stash will save you time and money; enabling you to make the most of your resources while playing Bannerlord.

Manage Your Stash Capacity

One of the most crucial things you must do while playing Eve Online is control your Stash Capacity. This is the number of things you can keep in your Stash, which varies each character. Knowing how to correctly store stuff in your Stash will help you to utilize it more efficiently, allowing you access to more resources when required.

Calculating how much space each item takes up is the first step in controlling your Stash Capacity. Varying goods take up different amounts of space, therefore knowing what takes up what amount of room is essential for effectively storing them. After that, make certain that all goods are kept in a manner that keeps them orderly and simple to discover when required.

Finally, assess which sorts of products are taking up the most space in your Stash and if they are required. If you don’t need them on a daily basis, consider keeping them outside of your Stash or even selling them. Correctly managing the size of your stash will guarantee that it always has enough space for the critical stuff.

Manage Stash Access

In Bannerlord, controlling access to your stash is critical to maintaining a successful jail. Properly keeping objects may help decrease contraband, lessen the chance of escape attempts, and even boost jail morale. Individual stashes for various parts of your jail should be created to appropriately regulate access to stored objects. Make one stash for medical goods and another for workout equipment, for example.

You should also install security cameras or hire guards to monitor the area surrounding your stashes and, if necessary, limit access using locks or keycards. You may also implement a regulation that allows convicts to swap stuff inside their own stash, rewarding them to be orderly and avoid contraband hoarding.

Finally, make careful to examine individual stashes and evaluate their contents on a regular basis for anything that may be utilized in an escape attempt or to cause a fight. You may maintain a safe and secure jail by taking the time to carefully regulate access to your stashes in Bannerlord:

  • Install security cameras or hire guards to monitor the area surrounding your stashes.
  • Limit access using locks or keycards.
  • Implement a regulation that allows convicts to swap stuff inside their own stash.
  • Examine individual stashes and evaluate their contents on a regular basis.

Manage Stash Security

Properly maintaining the security of your Stash is a vital aspect of Bannerlord. To modify the security settings of things in your Stash, you may use any Console Command. You may choose whether an item should be secured by an unlock code and which characters have access to it based on its kind. This will assist you in preventing robbers and other gamers from stealing your resources.

Console commands may also be used to backup your things in case one set is lost or destroyed. You may also utilize Console Commands to easily move vast numbers of stuff between sources without having to hunt for each item separately. Finally, you can use Console Commands to build bespoke degrees of security for specific locations such as trade routes or limited-access towns that are off-limits to most players unless they have express permission from their administrators.

Selling Items from Your Stash

Selling stuff from your stash in Mount& Blade II: Bannerlord is an excellent way to gain money and get rid of clutter. If you’ve been playing the game for a while, you’ve probably gathered quite a few stuff in your stash. To optimize your income, you must understand how to properly store and sell your things.

When selling stuff from your stash, take in mind that certain merchants prefer specific kinds of commodities while others are more ready to acquire a variety of goods. It also pays to shop around for lower-priced vendors. Furthermore, if you get sufficiently committed in the game, trading with other players through third-party sites or sieges may be more lucrative than selling it to merchants item by item. Remember that perishable foods may deteriorate if kept over an extended period of time, so keep an eye on them.

Set Prices for Your Items

It’s critical to keep the cost of each item in mind while determining pricing for your products in Bannerlord. Consider the item’s rarity as well as its monetary worth. If you have a hard to find and desirable item in your inventory, it may be worth charging a premium price for it so that you earn more for your money. If, on the other hand, the item is in high demand, establish a lower price to compete with others offering comparable things. This may help you attract more consumers while also ensuring that you earn a profit.

It also ensures that your stash is always loaded with goodies, providing your visitors something new to purchase each time they visit.

Sell Items to Merchants

Selling things to merchants is one of the most effective methods to store stuff in your Bannerlord stash. You may earn money by selling something and then using the proceeds to purchase the identical item at a lower price. This works particularly effectively with items that merchants supply on a daily basis, such as food, beverages, and animal resources.

You may also stash items by haggling or trading with other lords and groups. This is accomplished by trading objects of comparable worth without the use of cash. If the things have no use or value to anybody else, you may opt to give them or just store them in your stash.

Understanding how to appropriately store stuff in your stash will allow you to efficiently and successfully utilize both your resources and money in Bannerlord.

Sell Items to Other Players

Selling things to other players is a crucial component of maintaining your stash in Bannerlord. This may be done in-game or through internet markets such as Steam and G2A. When selling stuff, consider the item’s value, what other players may be seeking for, and the price you’re asking for.

When trying to sell products, you should also consider any limitations linked with your account or server. Before you may trade with another player, you may need to submit evidence of identification, and certain servers may have limitations or restrictions on how many goods you can trade at once.

Finally, it is important to be wary of any frauds while dealing with other gamers. Before giving up your valuables, always make sure you know who you’re working with.

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